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  1. yah ur right i used him a little bit.
  2. Charlie is my brother and he played in CL Watch And Black with me He changed his named to illicit and hasnt been playing http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=877659277 he hasnt been on in 28 days.
  3. Proud to have never had an alt
  4. except the navy brig doesnt have more health 8(
  5. I suggested they give the navy brig something to make it viable and i think the suggestions section is probably the best place for suggestions,.....
  6. I remember when i first got the navy brig. I was so excited to have what some told me was a kind of rare blueprint. I thought the ship must be worth something even though everyone told me that the mercury was better in every way. I crafted and sunk about 4 of them before I finally caved in and accepted the truth... the navy brig is only a mistake to sail it has no perks over any other and I'd love to see it have at least one unique aspect or advantage that another of it's class does not. And maybe not as important but I'd like to see the Essex have some type of buff to make it a competitor to the Trincomolee. :]
  7. some people on here i swear are just venting their own off topic slander.
  8. I was merely addressing how you said it was a minority that wanted great brittain an enemy. Not sure you read my post before you responded or you might have had a different response. I never said the vote didn't matter because it was close. You said a minority of rabble rousers were behind the push for war.
  9. You do realize the votes to make great brittain our ally were like 51%-49%?
  10. aLTHough I don't agree with how people are voting I think the system is strong and simple which is good. I spent some time and energy campaigning for people to vote the way i thought would be best and even though I didn't get what I want I still think the system did a good job. Ideally I would like the vote amounts to depend on something that might limit alt accounts being used giving some people 4 times the votes as others. Maybe have a decaying amount of votes per player that gets boosted by some type of measurement of activity. Maybe a 1 vote for getting atleast 1 kill this week 1 vote for sailing atleast 1 hour maybe another vote depending on how much experience you generated that week. Makes it a lot harder on the devs but might please some of the players.
  11. we have the highest population on the server we don't need or want any allies.
  12. I'd be willing to debate the logic of this situation on teamspeak and upload it to this thread to address any counterpoints in this logic. just let me know and we can do it.
  13. you just making posts to get your number of posts up?
  14. pvp2-USA server I feel it's important to keep Great brittain as an enemy. We've always had a good amount of pvp because we have been able to attack Great Brittain, them being one of the larger nations also being in close proximity to USA. There would be an unhealthy imbalance to the pvp situation if we allied with one of our best sources for PVP. We are the largest population on the server and in no need of an official alliance. If people don't want to attack Great Brittain players it is always a choice they can make as long as we do not have an Alliance that limits us from that. I fear an alliance with Great Brittain would lead to a situation where larger nations are working together to wipe out smaller nations which leads to a decrease in population which is arguably the biggest problem on pvp2 usa server. So I emplore you to spend your every vote on voting to keep Great Brittain as an enemy where as again you always have the choice to negotiate your own private negotiations/alliance/treaty. Do not take away the freedom of your fellow countrymen to fight who they see fit.
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