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Found 20 results

  1. Strength in Unity! That is our motto, and we play to it. You need to play Games like Naval Action together whit friends like us, to get all the fun out of them! All Captains are Welcome to apply to our Squadron! Though we are waiting for the release and are undermanned currently we still are actively searching new members to run our great society! We try to shine amongst other clans by our gentlemen style rules, respect to others, ranking system, wikipedia, out of game rewards, achievements, cooperative actions, training and much more! Squadron has already existed for over 15 years! Hip hip hooray! We only require you to cooperate whit our naming policy at our forums where all the small roleplay and management of the squadron takes place, also we do not accept ingame nicknames that are tasteless, violating or in anyother way seen unfit to the squadron. Ask our officers first, before you decide yourself if its not fit. We will think something for you if you really are interested in our forum activities. APPLICANTS! IMPORTANT NOTICE! There is problem whit activation mails not beign send so i will be personally activating accounts untill it does, please reply to this thread that you want to apply and have registered! Thank you captain! http://www.st-george-squadron.com https://www.st-george-squadron.com/sgs/board/index.php We are rather small yet, but numbers grow again! We do not require you to be hardcore gamer or online most of the day, we have system where you need to be active in our forums only once a month AFTER you have passed Patronage period. We also have our own wiki that is almost its own game universe already! This is great clan for those who are taking it easy on the alpha and just love to explore differend areas of the game! For voice communication we have moved from Teamspeak to Discord, the invitation links to our channel can be acquired via me or our forums. S! Captains! The ‘St George’ Squadron of the White is Society dedicated to Captains of His Britannic Majesty’s Royal Navy. Squadron is already 15 Years old and still going. Oldest members still playing have been in the squadron almost long as society has existed. We are naval enthusiasts, gamers, keen role-players and above all passionate patriots. We will in-game play our parts with good natured professionalism, ruthlessness and chivalry. All qualities that we admire in people who may wish to join this growing Squadron. Our squadron is built on the principles and traditions of the Royal Navy. Our inspiration is of Britains long naval history, great naval hero’s and the doctrine in which they lead their men and fought their battles. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and reputation. Every member of our Squadron from Recruits to Sea lords are important to the success of our squadron, and each are imbued with a sense of belonging to a “Band of Brothers” in the great tradition of Nelsonic philosophy. Our team spirit is second to none, and any member who has joined so far will tell you, the friendships they have gained by joining will no doubt be friendships for life. We are a diverse group, of many nationalities, cultures and ages…..but as a Guild we are one, and that togetherness will be our success. The Squadron was founded in February 2004 by 6 original members who met of the PotBS forums. From the start they decided to build a small guild of friends rather than a large super guild. It was decided to base the squadron on the sprit of the Nelson era as this was a time of courage, honor and allowed captains a level of initiative not seen in the ridged battle lines of the earlier period. We use a 3 stage recruitment process designed to get you playing with us as quickly as possible. The stages are: (Click hyper links, they will take you to right places) Register on our Forums < You must be registered to forums so our application works right! It uses your forum account to post the application. Our motto is: Strength in unity. It will be asked as captcha. Application form < Remember to use the one for Naval Action! Interview and In game invitation -> Officer will contact you ingame or you can contact us. Patronage - 2 Months maximum (4 cycles) Officers Vote for your full membership Short Q & A: 'Why should I choose SGS, and not another Society?' There are many societies out there that cater to different play styles. If you're looking for hardcore play every day, then we're not for you. But if you want a close, friendly society with the chance for character development and opportunities for PVP, PVE and crafting, then we can offer you a varied and fun gaming experience. In addition, we are a well established society, and have been continually active since 2004. How far up the squadron can I advance? As far as you want to. We have had people join as patronage officers and climb all the way to the top! Only the rank of Naval Lord is reserved for the society in founding members, every other rank can be reached through merit. 'I hear you're a roleplay guild. I'm not sure I like the sound of that...' Historical Society would be a better description. It depends on what you mean by 'roleplay'. We don't talk in character on voice or chat. We do roleplay the British Navy of the 18th century, which means we have some standards and character name regulations. We have also created a promotion and award system so your character can develop in the squadron. You are expected to have historically suitable names. We don't enforce role play on our members but do encourage those who want to, although it is not allowed to get in the way of PVP or RVR. To sum up we play in the spirit of the British Navy of 1810, which includes being effective fighters. Do you have to speak in Character on TeamSpeak or Chat? NO. TeamSpeak is very relaxed and we laugh and joke like anyone else. Some members talk in character in chat but it is not a requirement. When it comes to PVP we focus on clear and effective communications. My friends are joining and I'm afraid I will be turned away! Don't be. Although applicants sometimes decide to withdraw their application during patronage it is uncommon to have been membership refused. In PotBS we've had members from closing societies join SGS en mass and all have enjoyed successful careers with the squadron. What play styles do you have? All of them. We regularly PvP, Open Sea PVE, Run missions and have a thriving economy. Whatever your play style you'll find something do at SGS and we try to keep things balanced so you don't get bored. Everything is optional, you won't be expected to run missions or PVP if that isn't your thing. Does SGS have a lot of rules and regulations? Depends on how you look at it. We try to keep it as simple as we can whilst protecting the reputation of the squadron and everyone's enjoyment (even our enemies). Most of our regulations, like Character Names, you only have to worry about once. The day to day rules are based on respect for all players and common sense. SGS Naval Action Constitution SGS Home Page Forums James Thomson Secretary of Recruitment
  2. This guy is attacking FIRST clan of cheating !! He don't care the fact that he was typing in national chat.. and he don't care of creating agitations in chat, and creates divisions between players.. and it's not the first time. So we want to put in evidence to you this incredible thing. Instead of talk with us in a civil way (meaby also using ts) he decides to shoot sentences without thinking.. only for pour hate against us... WITHOUT REASON. We are open to any type of cooperation with everybody, and to speak of everything.. but in a CIVIL WAY. We are not operating against britain, and they are trying to show us as traitors.. but this is the game, we are not doing anything that coulden't be done.
  3. AUSEZ (Australian Colonial Navy) AUSEZ is recruiting on PVP Global for Great Britain We are recruiting Captains interested in all game aspects to swell our ranks (both new and old members are welcome) What We Require -Active players -Voice comms compulsory (we use discord) -Members willing to participate and contribute to the clans direction What We Offer -Numerous opportunities for PVP -PVE -Skilled group of players -Active members We operate in PVP GLOBAL and accept members from all time zones and locations. Feel free to drop into our Discord for a chat: https://discord.gg/UeB8cdf Talk to Fasti or Zealicus for recruitment or post here in this thread! Fair seas! Zeal
  4. Salty Dogs are here to save the day. Join up today and help make the British Empire even greater! Salty Dogs is the offspring of the former TARS clan, a result of redoing the clan due to Gooneybird’s departure. We are a multinational and multilingual bunch of crazy but laid back guys who primarily seek to have a good time in this game. We offer help with trading, PvE, PvP and actively engage in RvR. We also have an active crafting community including several Lvl 50 crafters supporting all of these possible adventures. Requirements: - TeamSpeak - Willingness to occasionally contribute to the clans efforts - A laid back and relaxed attitude - The ability to indulge our jokes!!! If this caught your attention and you wish to join us then contact Grundgemunkey, Batnavo Van Taylor, CdrNexoe, Agent Royal, sparton82, Cabral, Nordmann, james smith, jspr31, SeaEagle ingame or on the Nation TS.
  5. Grupa Rozpoznawcza Orła Morskiego Chciałbym serdecznie poinformować o powstaniu nowego klanu a konkretnie grupy osób grających w nacji brytyjskiej [Great Britain]. Klan zrzesza doświadczonych graczy, którzy nie płaczą bo stracili okręt, nie uderzają w innych jak wielu ślepców dowodzących swymi okrętami. Ogólnie rzecz biorąc klan nie dla każdego. Oczywiście nowi gracze mogą z Nami pływać, przesiadywać na Team Speak. Pomożemy, wprowadzimy w grę, ale do klanu przyjmiemy dopiero wtedy, kiedy dana osoba udowodni iż się nadaje. Nie szukamy napaleńców, nie zamierzamy zagarnąć całej gry dla siebie. Jedyne czego chcemy to dobrej zabawy w grupie aktywnych i wyrozumiałych osób. Jeżeli jesteś "internetowym kaleką", która nie potrafi sama sobie znaleźć zajęcia w grze czy potrzebuje pomocy ze wszystkim zdecydowanie nie masz tu czego szukać. Poszukujemy osób potrafiących samemu zadbać o siebie. Niemniej jednak pomagamy sobie nawzajem w przypadku utraty okrętu podczas wspólnej bitwy. Nie zamierzamy unikać walki w obawie o utratę czegokolwiek. Gra wydaje się rozwijać w dobrym kierunku, zostały wprowadzone pewne usprawnienia i kolejne mają pojawić się w grze w związku z czym wydaje mi się nie być przesadzonym o ile powiem iż z czystym sumieniem mogę zaprosić do powrotu czy zaczęcia przygody z grą Naval Action. Zainteresowanych proszę o kontakt na forum lub na Team Speak ip: deadecho.pl - dział DEAD ECHO MIX (cały ts jest nasz)
  6. Pilatus70


    From the album: FIRST clan

    Thanks to our denmarks friends that every night give us a lot of ships
  7. THE THREE ADMIRALS TREATY By Cpt Pellasgos Prepared for: The nationS of Spain, Verenigde Provinciën and Britain 1) CUBA A ) Creation of a Dutch buffer zone B ) The Dutch buffer zone will include the towns of Little Cayman, Santa Cruz, Manzanilla, Portillo, Guama Sevilla. C ) The Dutch nation automatically becomes the guarantor and the protector of the buffer zone between theSpanish and the British nations. D ) In case an outside nation tries to change the makeup of the buffer zone, then the Spanish, Dutch and the British fleets must join forces and declare war upon the perpetration nation/s. E ) In case a rogue, or unaffiliated group of players, captures any port/s covered in this agreement, the signees must work together to recapture them in order to expedite them back to the original holder/s. Port timers must be confirmed with original holders for ease of recapture operations. F ) Dutch Spanish and British nations are forbidden to craft flags against each other crossed the entire area of Cuba and Jamaica. G ) Open world Pvp between the 3 signee nations is available in every portion of themap. H ) Georgetown will remain under British control unless rogue players or clans attempt to use this port to craft flags against the Spanish nation. IN this case, the Spanish nation is allowed to request intervention by Dutch navy to remove it as a threat. The Dutch agree to add it to the already established Dutch buffer for the remainder of the treaty. I ) The line which connects the Spanish ports of Santa Maria, Cocodrillo, and Corrientes, and all other ports in Cuba which sit north of it, are de- facto Spanish territories. The port of Trinidad will revert to Spanish control per this agreement. J ) The line which connects the British ports of Georgetown, Sant Lago, Puerto Escondido, and all the other British ports which reside south of it, with the exemption of Haitian ports become British territories. Image 1 Map for effect. The boundaries are only defined in text of body. of document 2 ) Yucatan A ) Spanish Territories 1 ) The port of Mugeres and Conttoy becomes parts of the Spanish nation. 2 ) The line which connects Conil, Mugeres port, Alacranes La Bermeja and Tampico port becomes the Spanish controlled zone borders and all the ports within this area will become part of the Spanish nation. 3 ) Spanish nation agrees to cease crafting flags against any British ports (except those within the mutual agreed “gentlemen’s war zone” (see part b, paragraph 4 of Yukatan of this treaty) 4 ) Open world PVP is allowed in the Spanish zone. B ) British Territories 1 ) The line which connects the ports of Xpu Ha, Tantum Cuzamil, Placer, Misteriosa, Santanillas, Georgetown to Montego Bay becomes the British territorial zone border and all the ports southern of this line towards the Dutch ports remain under British control. 2 ) British nation agrees to cease crafting flags against any Spanish ports (except those within the mutual agreed “gentlemen’s war zone” (see part b, paragraph 4 of Yukatan treaty). 3 ) Open world PVP is allowed in the British zone. 4 ) Creation of a contest area, also known as “the gentlemen’s war zone” which includes the 3 ports of Xpu Ha, Tantun Cuzamil and Tulum (see reference map 2) in order to give to both the Spanish and British communities the opportunity to have battles against each other which include all variations of port types (regional capital, deep water medium size port and shallow port) 3) Haiti A ) The British and the Dutch nations are required to change the timers of the ports of Les Cayes, Saint Louis, Jacmel and Sale-Trou upon the signing of this treaty. B ) The British and the Dutch nations are required to set the timers between 16-18 server time as the earliest, and 22-24 as the latest. C ) The aforementioned changes will happen within 48 hours of this document signing. 4) Admirals and Nations By signing this treaty the admirals of Verenigde Provincien, Britain and Spain hereby agree to all as follows: A ) A Peace treaty between Verenigde Provincien and Spain. B ) Spanish and British nations mutually agree to stop crafting conquest flags against each other except the specified mutually agreed contest area, also known as the “gentlemen’s war area”. Xpu Ha, Tantun Cuzamil and Tulum, are set aside for this use. C ) Acceptance of all the parts (1, 2, 3, 4) of this agreement. D ) Open world PVP between players of all 3 nations is allowed in every part of the map. E ) A military salutation from the signing admirals to the flags of all three nations for accepting this treaty providing mutual respect for the bravery of the Dutch, British and Spanish communities. F ) Upon the signature of the three admirals, this treaty will become active and in full effect. G ) Unless mutually agreed upon with treaty resigning, this treaty is null and void 48 hours after the release of the pending political patch. If not signed by all parties before 00:00, 01 sec server time, this treaty becomes invalid. “May the success of this agreement act as a lighthouse for diplomacy amongst nations.” Capt. Pellasgos Signature area VERENIGDE PROVINCIEN x._____Pellasgos________ SPAIN x._____Gavilan______ BRITAIN x._____HMCS Warrior________ Military Salutation Area 07._____Pellasgos________ 07._____Gavilan_______ 07._____HCMS Warrior_______ **THE FOLLOWING MAPS ARE FOR QUICK REFERENCE ONLY** THE TEXT OF THE DOCUMENT MUST BE AGREED UPON VIA FORUM POST BY ALL THREE OF THE FORE MENTIONED PARTIES Image2 For clarity Spanish waters Include most of Cuba minus the Dutch buffer zone south of broken line. Image3
  8. Yesterday upon the stair(Port Morant - Carlisle) I met a man(French, Danes) who wasn't there(hiding in battle results/logging off) He wasn't there again today(randomly people from yesterday log in and pop out around the port) I wish, I wish he'd go away(or start playing an actual PvP game instead of using this exploit) The British nation would appreciate if the ganker fleets in the area of Carlisle would not use the battle result hiding exploits to end the night of PvP after a single attack. If you're short on time Jamaica is the wrong place for an attack and if you're afraid to lose your ship the same applies. Especially a fleet of 22 should not be afraid to actually go for a genuine fight which could've provided everyone with a lot of fun. Personally I see no fun/challenge in ganking but if you do it please be ready to face all repercussions that may come upon you instead of wasting everybody's time and fun after jumping a little clanless cerberus with 22 ships. As far as I and those I can vouch for are concerned we will not be backing away from a fight that we brought on our own and will now be attacking your homeports with fair fights. Please consider doing the same in the interest of a fun game for all. A little further warning: It has come to our attention that some smaller ganking fleets now actively search for an ai ship close to KPR to create such battle result screen situation. WIth the intention of this being the last action of the night they apparently log off so they can have an invisible fleet ready to attack in the early afternoon near our homeports. This goes beyond merely trying to save one's hide and is in my/our eyes an unacceptable misuse of the mechanic. We've started to collect evidence on this and should this behaviour not rapidly disappear I will launch a tribunal about this! To the devs: Please consider reworking the battle result screen asap as it currently proofs to be an exploited hassle for all fair playing folk around the isle and surely in other places as well. P.S.: I used the words 'the British nation' as a lot of people are seriously unhappy about this. Should you however take offense to me representing you here just substitue this for my own persona. Also this is a somewhat serious topic - have fun discussing it but serious forum pvp as some practice it is not desired here! Keep it civil everybody! For those who liked the poem: Antigonish - William Hughes Mearns Yesterday upon the stair I met a man who wasn't there He wasn't there again today I wish, I wish he'd go away When I came home last night at three The man was waiting there for me But when I looked around the hall I couldn't see him there at all! Go away, go away, don't you come back anymore! Go away, go away, and please don't slam the door Last night I saw upon the stair A little man who wasn't there He wasn't there again today Oh, how I wish he'd go away
  9. These photos are a comparison with a recent attack on Sant Iago (Brits attacking Spain) and Trafalgar itself (date of attack: 7-22-2016). Notice how the two British Lines, although angled slightly different, have the same general shapes and are working together the same way. Notice HMS Avenger is even in the same spot as the HMS Euryalus at the side of the HMS Victory herself at the head of the left line and also notice how HMCS Warrior (the head of the right line) is slightly ahead of the second ship in that line. Anyways, the Brits cut into the Spanish fleet and fought them ship to ship. A link to the actual battle (uploaded to youtube thanks to Brit Captain "John Swigglebottoms") is listed below.
  10. British West Indies Trading Company We are looking for new and experienced players to join our growing clan. We have a full team of dedicated crafters who will build the ships you need. We are a friendly laid back clan. We do both PVP and PVE. If you are interested go to http://www.westindiescompany.org/application-forms.php?appid=3 and sign up to the form then fill in the clan application form. Or Mail Roger Churchill in game.
  11. The Royal Oaks [ROS] are looking for new and experienced players of all levels, completely new players are more than welcome. We are a British clan on PVP1 with more than 100 members (at time of writing). We are fun loving and maybe a little less serious than the other clans. All you need is a sense of humour! Message me (Harry Collier), Madjules, Sebo or any other members that you sail by. Happy sailing!
  12. Barrett’s Privateers (PVP-2) God damn them all! I was told we'd cruise the seas for American gold We'd fire no guns-shed no tears Now I'm a broken man on a Halifax pier The last of Barrett's Privateers. Barrett’s Privateers is now recruiting! We are a Naval Action clan that is dedicated to the glories of the King and our Empire. We have a dedicated TeamSpeak and are looking for new members. Barrett’s Privateers is also part of Royalty Gaming, a multi-gaming community with a large member base that plays many different games including World of Tanks, Wargame Red Dragon, World of Warships, and Armored Warfare. Barrett’s Privateers current goals in Naval Action are to establish a secure hub along the coast of Central America and to assist our brothers in arms in the glory of the Empire. Our members are committed to crafting, trading and raiding. And above all cruising the seas for American gold. Barrett’s Privateers Letter of Marque  Team play is crucial  Players must use TeamSpeak  All members are required to be civil and treat each other with respect  Operational Waters Barrett's Privateers is a member of the ISSB Coalition and operates out of Central America. To join contact James Kirk, John Bernard Shaw Cable, or Tsa Volrae in game or on our TeamSpeak: royaltygaming.typefrag.com:6990
  13. [PVP2] Let me tell you a tale, a tale of two brave Frenchmen and their assault into the waters of Port Royal. These were not your typical, ordinary, or average men, they were men of stature, men of experience, men that longed for PVP. They sailed from Île-à-Vache, westwards toward Port Royal. They had heard of a valuable commodity, of the likes of which they craved: glory, from the sinking of Brit scum near their Capital. As they approached the inlet to Port Royal, they could see a large group of British sailors, and they knew the Brits were no match for them, so they attacked. The battle commenced and sails were unfurled! Quickly diving into the British horde, they showed no fear as they went broadside to broadside against the startled Brits. "Stop! I can't lose this ship!", they cried. "We don't have nearly enough ships for an even fight!", shouted another Brit. But that did not stop the Frenchmen. Those two brave souls gave them hell, chasing each and every last one of them until the Brits escaped combat. Let the day of March 21, the year of our lord 2016 be remembered for all of time, as the day Britain was no longer a threat.
  14. Seriously though. We won't tolerate this! The Swedes will fight with everything they've got to claim what is rightfully ours. the Swedes are united against a common foe, are you?
  15. While sailing my Basic Cutter on routine trade interdiction duties on behalf of His Royal Majesty, King George III, I encountered a large American assault fleet just north of Xpu Ha on the Yucatan peninsula. The fleet was sailing south towards British territory, and their bellicose motives were self-evident. As a loyal subject of the Crown, I immediately notified British national chat of my observations and proceeded to shadow the fleet, comprised of three Victory-class 1st rates, two Bellona-class 3rd rates, a Constitution, two Trincomalee-class 5th rates, and multiple Frigates and Surprises. The fleet, aware of my presence, made for Xpu Ha and entered the port, leaving a single Trincomalee outside with sails down to keep an eye on me. After standing off upwind for a few minutes, me watching him, and he watching me, I observed additional USA ships sailing down from the Tumbado area to join the rest of the assault fleet in port. Before long, I intuited that the Trincomalee was waiting for me to sail away so that he could give a signal to the rest of the fleet that it was clear to move out. In a maneuver that I can only describe as somewhat inspired, I spotted some NPC fleets just south of the port and quickly raised my own sails and maneuvered to intercept them. As I sailed in front of an NPC Constitution, blocking my Cutter's view from the Trincomalee back in Xpu Ha, I quickly dropped my sails, confident my small profile would be invisible from the port. Within seconds of this ruse, I was proved right, as the entire US assault fleet spilled out of Xpa Ha and veritably filled the channel with their sails. I immediately raised my own sails and gave chase. The wind had shifted to my favor, so despite the fact that I was south of them, I was able to sail on a comfortable beam reach while maintaining a position well upwind of them, completely preventing them from engaging me as their square rigged ships could not sail up to reach me. And they had no fore-and-aft rigged ships to deal with such a situation. I continued to give position and status updates to my British compatriots in national chat, where a plan of defense was quickly formulated. As the assault fleet approached Chinchorro, the wind was shifting to the east and I moved to the head of the column to obtain a more advantageous position. Due to the nearby presence of land, this allowed one of the Surprises to engage me in battle, though I was able to bear off and ensure that he'd be nowhere near me once the battle instance loaded. Once in the instance, I set off on a close reach and easily sailed away from the Surprise, but while doing so, the captain of one of the Victory-class ships purchased a conquest flag for Brewers - a ways south of Chinchorro. However, because of my shadowing of the fleet, and my reporting to British national chat, it was obvious to all that Brewers was almost certainly a ruse, so one of my compatriots immediately purchased a conquest flag for Asuncion - a USA port nearby Chinchorro - in the hopes of tricking the assault fleet into switching to defense. As I dropped out of the battle instance, none the worse for wear, I saw that a rainstorm had set in. Despite the reduced visibility, I spotted sails in the distance and quickly identified one of the fleet ships I'd seen previously. They had completely reversed direction and were headed towards Congrios / Asuncion for what they thought was a counterstrike. Our plan had worked. I continued to shadow the fleet and found them anchored off the estuary between Congrios and Asuncion, sails down, waiting for a British assault fleet that was, unbeknownst to them, never going to materialize. After sending a NavyBrig to engage me, which I again easily sailed away from, it became clear that they'd fallen for a trick and with the last few minutes of their conquest timer slipping through their fingers, they relented and dispersed. I shadowed the three Victory-class 1st rates to what appeared to be their home port in Tumbado, exchanging a bit of goodnatured ribaldry via PM with the conquest flag holder. Hats off to my British countrymen who, through subterfuge and misdirection, were able to completely stymie a US assault fleet, preventing a British port in the Yucatan from being lost, with no losses of their own and absolutely minimal cost. A lovely evening, indeed!
  16. Dear Sirs! Yesterday a couragous strike against the heart of the shaken British empire was launced. A force with the sole purpose of bringing hope to Jamaica, set sail out of the south of Haiti and landed in Port Morant. Even being greatly outnumbered, and under constand attacks, the brave Danish-Norwegians reached their destination and the battle was on. Just a few weeks ago such an attack would not have been seen as possible. The British Empire, has been chased all the way from English Harbour to El Soco, and into the midst of their home island of Jamaica. Reports indicates that the ports once occupied in southern Haiti have been evacuated in haste, leaving warehouses and goods behind. Free trade and freedom of speech have been introduced, and once again taverns are flooding in Danish beer! Yours truly himself also engaged in the battles that roared outside Port Morant. There is a rumour that the British has put a price on my head, for encouraging free people from all over the world to stand up against slavery and tyranny. Stand up against suppresion, to stand up against an empire that only demands from their allies, and gives nothing in return. An empire that asks even the smallest and most subdued of nations to stand up to prove their worth! To ask something like this from a nation that has proven and given their loyalty even when it lead this nation to it's total anihilation. I say to you, leaders of the British empire, never look down on a man unless you are willing to help him up on his feet! I sadly must admit, after being greatly outnumbered, and after chasing away the British fleets that desperately fought for purse instead of justice several times. You finally got me. You finally sunk me. As my ship went down with my crew still firing deck guns from the topmast, you finally sunk me. But I tell you this slaves of the British Empire! We will not stop coming! We will keep coming, and we will not stop for as long as we have breath to keep fighting. Every day we keep fighting more and more people join our ranks! And more and more nations will open their eyes and join our just cause! yours truly Herminator.
  17. Naval Action - The Battle of Haitian Bay A large armada of British and Pirate forces clash in front of Jérémie, Haiti in what was a day full of PVP Combat. This battle was one of what turned out to be many battles occurring in that region that same day. http://i.imgur.com/RllrAhI.jpg http://i.imgur.com/RqsiWxw.jpg
  18. Ladies and Gentlemen, We hereby announce the first British Council meeting. This is a joint effort between AUSEZ and RGL. The British Nation needs a global strategy. Therefore we would like to organize a Council of all British Fleets. This Council would enable us to unite the British Nation and focus on a global common strategy. We invite all British Fleets who are interested in cooperation to join this meeting. British clans that have been invited directly via other means so far are as follow: RGL - Royal German Legion AUSEZ - Australian Colonial Navy SLRN - Sea Lords Royal Navy SINK - Barely Afloat BWITC - British West Indies Trading Company TRR - The Rum Runners SGS - St.Georges Squadron of White SOGGY - Soggy Biscuits Other clans that have been invited, but have unable to get a hold of; in quick notice are as followed: Relic - Relic Gaming RD - Royal Dogs ZEUS - The Zeus Gamming Community DRUNK - Drunken Sailors The meeting will take place in the Teamspeak of the RGL on Sunday, the 21st February 2016 at 9 pm GMT. IP: PW: 0815 To keep the Council well-structured please sent only two representatives of your Fleet. The council will meet every week at time and place above. New British clans are invited and may join the council. Point of contact: Wang (AUSEZ) Sir James Alexander Gordon (RGL) Saintus Gordon Smith (RGL)
  19. Awesome fight last night guys. Even though we lost it was a great experience. Next time SOL will not be fighting 2:1. Shout out to all the Brits that showed up. And the St. Pavel was sunk ... cant have that falling into enemy hands.... Keep an eye out for more though and maybe you brits can come fight us so we dont have to spend 2 hours getting a decent pvp fight. Capt. Rice aka Riceeater PS: New News article coming out soon If there is a list of brits clans that were involved shoot them my way!
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