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  1. We "had to" do, nothing. We had been talking about leaving since July, and of course childish players exist in every nation. Look in the mirror.
  2. I think by now its pretty clear this is a project in flux, counting 5 years in dev, and passing one year charging retail prices for a beta product via steam. Not the first time we have seen this. The DAYZ standalone product for example, but at least they came clean. Anyway, the monthly goal patches were not a success by anyone's measure, I think we all just gave up on them. Given that road to hell.. ahem roadmap, there is no trust in the community of something better. Over time you have blamed the player base for bad input and general unruliness when you, the business should make calls as it is your destiny; though we thank you for input. Anyone older than 25 can see this is not the bread and butter keeping your lights on, but as lovers of the genre and your basic implementation in tribute to it, respectfully, push it forward. You can call me a tester for sure, but having spent $160 on a pre-release title, you don't get much better a supporter than I. The puritanical enforcement of salty words found in the dictionary and obsession with moderating natural salt in the forums is not what we paid for. You talk down to testers as if they aren't your customers when we are so much more. We are your customers and your advertising and your committed player base. Many of us work in this very field, yet we wait far too patiently for a product that seems to be thrown under the bus. I am linking you a visual and auditory masterpiece as a goodwill visual aid. The initial work you have done is The Band. What we have been getting from you for a long lately is this drunken Van Morrison. Sounds great in the beginning, then oh nelly, it gets bad. Cheesy as shit. Love it again, or kill it. Enjoy. PS: Don't go out like this. Like a drunken 70's Ballmer.
  3. Only thing I can see to do is instead of contention raising via mission (Easy) contention must be raised by raiding that same area during attacking players primetime in order to complete an epic + event. Maybe external breakwater defense fleet AI + breakwater towers (part 1). A win there schedules a fight in crossover hours every saturday or sunday. With a good 4 hours we all cross over we can fight the invasion stage of all these primetime activities. The U.S players would have to play weekend days, but the EU could play in evenings, and we could work to stagger these better. Face it, what you call a nightflip is called a workflip here. They are the same, and I prefer a global server myself. Designed attack when less enemy are online go both ways day or night. Of course an invasion stage (part 2) will bring a demand for the best of port battle pvp'ers, but as in the days where our multi attacks generate a high number of logins, I could see weekend days/nights operate with a higher number of players. Frankly, we would all have to swallow the PVE to get the PVP/RVR payoff, but in a sandbox game lacking content, this could be a mechanic that elevates the port battle experience making them more pivitol. Outer breakwater battle happening in primetimes, with inner breakwater capture happening in crossover time. I believe someone hinted at this during our summit, but maybe there is something to it. The raid system they mention could be deployed against the enemy in their off hours for optional contention. Again, an Epic + event unless enemy chooses to attend.
  4. Requiring people to come home from work mid day is exactly the same problem. Sadly, too many refuse to equate what should be obvious.
  5. I'm sure your not the only one feining sleep. I dont see you on this list, but yet you are here now to forumwhine. The horror. You will just work flip it back. Maybe you want to explain to Spain why you dribble here but cant showup for an alliance defence.
  6. I see you obviously cannot debate my point with merit. Ty for the "I don't want to be left out" filler.
  7. Hilarious. The multi prong attack the other day included zero so called nightflips. The trouble with you people is you cherry pick your outrage. So sick of hearing this. You work flip the U.S as well. Whine somewhere else.
  8. And how do you think a nation gets organized? When it has a strong alliance to help it get there. Smart idea, indeed. How many night flip battles you see us fight yesterday?
  9. 7Up Went to the U.S to not only make the coalition stronger, but also to let the Dutch players lead their nation in there own time zones. Funny how you told me on teamspeak this was a good idea, just to whine about it here. I mean there was you me and Agustus and who else in this conversation? Next time I will take notes of what you say, so you can refer back to them. o7
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