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  1. The clear goal is to make 95% of all port battles to not include any PVP whatsoever.
  2. FTLOG please don't start a god damn fake news debate in a patch note thread for a video game +
  3. throughout most of that time, BR was fairly irrelevant. The only downside due to Wasa having way too low BR was insufficient reward generation for PVP. Only when BR limits to PBs were added, the 250 BR became a problem.
  4. Wasa 290 BR as third rate Agamemnon 300 BR as fourth rate Is this intended?
  5. I'm still waiting for Admin to explain why in his game Naval Action Legends losers get rewarded for losing when their ship gets replaced for pretty much free, but in this game losing a ship means an hour of replacing everything until you're ready again, and you get absolutely no reward.
  6. So 3 victory marks per week for top dog? that's 300 PVP marks per week. That is quite the golden shower of PVP marks you're giving out there, admin. Maybe 100 to 1 is not the proper exchange course for VM given how much harder it is to obtain PVP marks than combat marks. How many players in your game managed to obtain 300 PVP marks in a single week? Is it zero? I'd like to know if anyone ever managed to get 300 PVP marks in a single week. if Sweden stays on top for another 3-4 weeks, we'll have no idea what to do with all those VMs. And if someone else gets to #1, they'll have no idea what to do with all those VMs after a few weeks. Especially with Alt accounts also getting the x3 reward. I guarantee you that we'll start seeing alt accounts in predetermined port battles to get that one Lord Protector on alts for more VM showers.
  7. and five others who want to take part in this insanity. That's basically why we are not doing them anymore, never six players online who would want to do this long PVE dragon raid.
  8. 1) is literally what it says in the patch notes. Literally 2) nowhere it is said that victory marks are required for 2nd rates. Why would 2nd rates and 1st rates both require a victory mark? no one would ever build second rates ever again.
  9. No, if I had been the only person to shoot these ships, I would have just gotten sunk. Getting 50 marks means two first rates sunk all by yourself. How about you post a screenshot of your 50 PVP mark victories before you claim this is possible?
  10. It's 9PM EST now, numbers have dropped to 240. Where are your US players? Meanwhile, let me share this random March 2016 screenshot (ie late enough after EA launch that all the random steam people who had no interest in a game with these combat mechanics have already left). 19:58 CET.
  11. That's 950 BR vs 600 BR. Not exactly a relevant scenario for RVR. Where's the other second rate assisting the first rate?
  12. I will now cast the magic spell "jugular" on that Invincible first rate, turning it from a heavily armored tank into a paper ship that takes bonus damage on every hit! And now I will cast the magic spell Thundering Broadside, to prevent the player in the Invincible from casting any defensive spells that will counter the now upcoming instant damage spike that will destroy a completely undamaged ship in the blink of an eye at a distance of 500 yards! Now everyone else casts the magic spell Ultima Ratio Regum, which will make our cannonballs deal twice the actual damage, completely obliterating the DR mechanic that the FLS Devs had spent so much time to fine tune and balance. Oh no, he survived with 1 structure because he did get off the magic spell Last Stand, and that 1 structure is now immune to damage for 75 seconds! Oh no, he cast another magic spell, Invincibility! Now we cannot hit him at all for another 30 seconds as he starts repairing with carpenter, admirals overhaul and emergency repairs! Oh look, it's three minutes later, and his ship is FULLY REPAIRED! What a shit show that game was, lol.
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