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  1. This is Naval Action. If you sink in PVP, you need to replace your ship, your repairs, your upgrades and your cannons. You need to replace *everything*. And you get no reward. It would be completely frivolous to reward players just for their time spent in the game and replace their ship just for some pocket change that is smaller than the reward of a lost battle so everyone walks away with a profit. I mean what is this, World of Tonks? Nope, it's Naval Action Lege... aw damnit, I almost had it. By the way, I'd suggest that instead of reinforcement zones spawning first rates, battles
  2. If money had value I'd offer my Shipyard for any project. But money is worthless, so I don't.
  3. There is a very easy solution to this: more labor hours, more resources from buildings, more buildings. Dedicated trader with two accounts has 15 minutes of gameplay per day in this game. As if this were a F2P Facebook game.
  4. So much wasted salt... you could refill the dead sea.
  5. I called my buddy who is an expert on experts on experts on age of sail, and best I can do is $20 for Vermin Nerrill
  6. Er hat auch Hostility Missionen gemeint, und die sollen angeblich guten loot werfen.
  7. nothing 5 4 wouldn't fix. It's like super duct tape status on servers is "update" now, so yeah update inc.
  8. Battle sails currently are hardly viable with the new sailing mechanics because your ship loses so much speed, acceleration and manual sail turning that you might as well just surrender. I suggest everyone try to do one PVE battle using battle sails. You'll see what I'm talking about. It is utterly pointless to go battle sails now. It wasn't like this before the patch. Not at all.
  9. You're not even stepping on the ship, all you do is post on the forum.
  10. a recruitment thread without naming any contact? What a hoot.
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