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  1. Few minutes ago i saw in combat news the notification that player [RNON]LilLamp sank swedish player near Fort Baai. I was near Baai and decided to have a look. About 5 minutes later i arrived there, saw a battle and joined in the last seconds before battle closed. When i joined there were the players: [HHAS] Herr Nilsson [RNON] LilLamp Bothe where next to each other and had sails down. I thought it was boarding, but wondering how this could happen so fast. But ok i set sails and sail towards them. But both set sails and while the danish rattlesnake sails straigt away the swedish cerberus sailed in my direction. The swedish player rammed me and pushed to my side over minutes until the rattlesnake could escape. I wrote them, that i think i got them alt-farming and LilLamp wrote: "We´re testing what you get sinking bigger ship, not necessarily farming." After leaving battle i saw that Herr Nilsson was recently killed, so i think he was the player who was sunk by LilLamp 5 minutes before ... edit: sorry screenshots are not chronologically ...
  2. Trino

    Tutorial feedback 2

    The problem i see: the tutorial rewards are promoting alts. Doing the tutorial, get rewards, delete character and repeat is probably the best per hour income of the game. If i remeber right you get 1500 rig and hull repairs, 1 x rattlesnake notw, 1x hercules note, 1x naval clock. I guess of this rewards on the market will be around 10 mio, far more in the first time ... for about 2 hours (lesser with practice) of PVE ... It would be even a good method to get repairs to a far away harbor, i sailed often more hours to supply an outpost with (lesser) repairs and tutorial has no risk to lose sth. I seriously suggest to make tutorial repeatable (incl. rewards) for everyone, reduce amount of repairs you get and reduce stats of naval clock to +2,5 % speed. This will also make it possible to get the attention of recruiting clans more than only one time (what if its 4 oclock in the morning if you pass the final exam and no clan in your time zone is online.).
  3. Trino

    Green on Green

    Sidenote to the clantag [awox]: awoxer, awoxing are words from the eve online community for characters that kill or help to kill their own clan/alliance members, pretty close to green on green in NA
  4. I suggested it once: 1 Port = 1 VM per week for the owning Clan (Not for every member!) How many ports are in the game? I guess about 300. Make a 1st rate cost 3 VMs and a 2nd rate 1 VM. Adjust prices if needed. you get worthy 1st rates, meaningful rvr and 3rd rates as working horse. But its too simple i think ... edit: alts are Not useful to exploit this 😁
  5. Trino

    Kitting Thorn - Pinal Colada

    You remember our meeting at Cul de Sac some days ago? You where in Fir/fir P-Frig and your Buddy in a Surprise ... you said you will hold us in battle for the whole 1,5 hours ... you did it for 30 Minutes and then you had to leave because your buddy get trapped between us and the land. This was no griefing? I dont complain, i had fun and i knew you where annoyed because we saved the noob in 1st rate XD
  6. Trino

    Kitting Thorn - Pinal Colada

    Pro tipp: never show that it annoys you
  7. Trino

    Reinforcements update

    Question: what is the intend of this change? I think it´s not so difficult to fend off an attack while a buffed escort ship helps you, so it wont change the live for experienced players. But an unexperienced player will probably die. So you want to reduce safety for noobs ? strange !
  8. Trino

    Patrol Area ROE

    Winning team joiners XD
  9. I only have 2 VMs, but bet 2 VM against Dutch!
  10. Trino

    Improve RvR

    But why should the nations fight for ports that grants crafting boni if they refuse to fight for ports that grants rare and powerful upgrades (Cartagena)?
  11. Trino

    Marines gray to gold.

    You tell us about cowardness and dont have the balls to say us your character name in a video game ... sry but this matters for this topic 😋
  12. Trino

    bottles from global

    Bottle content got buffed, so i assume bottle drop chance got nerfed. Maybe just an ill theory, but i think you cant fish up a bottle near to land ... i think all my bottles i found on high sea...
  13. Trino

    Improve RvR

    I often read "ports have to be meaningful" but this game is about sailing ships, what could be more meaningful than to make big ships depending on portownership? Everything else is just cosmethic ... maybe im wrong, but i think nobody who dont do PBs now will do it if you give him some paints, chests or other just nice to have stuff, not in the long terms ...