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  1. Come back BABAY! :)

    1. BABAY


      Already in the game :) 🍺

    2. sveno


      :huh: :) 

      Welcome back!

  2. sveno

    Revised Boarding Mini Game

    Remember the boarding game in "Treasure of Monkey Island"? I would dig that, winning a ship with snappy answers.
  3. sveno

    Pirate Party Tonight

    Actually Voyager 1 collided with the skydome and only the welco-to-earth disc survived, leading to planet X discovery - the pictures published afterwards by NASA were OFC fake, painted by a Disney team to get more dollars from Washington. It's so nice to know it all.
  4. sveno

    Pirate Party Tonight

    Other stars and planets are just holes in the skydome, jeez, somebody slept over creationist class, tsts...
  5. sveno

    Duel/Small Battles

    Watching this video - OMG OMG OMG... need to get online to teach some groupfighting 1:1. Staun, if you wanna a skrimm, you do not have to excuse that with a fantasy Indiaman, ya know mathey. Just add me in Steam (sveno with a metallic circle on light blue background), i will get some guys for a fun fight.
  6. sveno

    New Boarding patch

    Reading this topic, i think we need musket/swivels mechanics to deal with the hugging meta. To fix the hugging meta with a feature (boarding minigame) which is subpar to the rest of the game opens just more issues then it covers. This musket/swivel mechanic could be a simple as 10% crew killed per minute when within 20 metres of a higher rate ship, dont need new animations for that, maybe sounds so you know...
  7. sveno


    Dead things get zombie power, so beware of swedish pagan zombies!!!
  8. sveno

    Surprise Buff

    I would tend to wait until the Herc balancing is finished rather then starting to request all other ships to be buffed. Balance besides the DLC ships aint too bad....
  9. sveno

    Classic Connie--Your Killing Us Here!

    That comment is not particullary helpfull nor constructive...
  10. sveno

    Classic Connie--Your Killing Us Here!

    The Constitution was/is a good ship, but not as fantastic as some believe. It was a ship which fought a lot asymmetric fights and had luck when being "ganked". The Aganemnon should really be reclassed as a third rate, where the Wasa already was moved to. If that happens, the Consti will get back its title as most performant 4th rate. Well, until it meets me in the Wapen that is.
  11. sveno

    Your preferred poisons!

    Lucky Strike & Absolut Vodka Edit: Something scary: i just entered "Absolut Vodka" in this post with Internet Explorer; after that started Firefox, on ist splashpage Firefox showed me a link to buy my Vodka. i've never visited that site before nor ever entered the word Absolut in any post/search/email up to now. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!
  12. sveno

    PvP server

    There are not only sheep and wolfes, there are also lions which prefer nicely grilled wolfes.
  13. sveno

    Port Battle Screenshots (New BR)

    Rattles Hvy? That is intersting mixing those in...
  14. sveno

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Any new invasion news? Kinda bored with guys tossing around halfbaked knowlegde....
  15. Wapen next to KPR is like an all-you-can-eat PvP menue.