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  1. First off, ain't NA built on Unity? Then we could Point to "From the Depths" by "Brilliant Skies" - they have pretty nice water. But i do not really think that it is better, it looks really bad from the distance. ATLAS/ARK is a totally different animal, ATLAS itself is a really badly executed MOD of ARK, lot of false advertising also. I totally understand @admin's reaction, NA is on a totally different level, i would advise not to take ATLAS in again as comparison.
  2. Good move @Bumsebiene & HRE, i salute you guys. o7
  3. Come back BABAY! :)

    1. BABAY


      Already in the game :) 🍺

    2. sveno


      :huh: :) 

      Welcome back!

  4. Remember the boarding game in "Treasure of Monkey Island"? I would dig that, winning a ship with snappy answers.
  5. Watching this video - OMG OMG OMG... need to get online to teach some groupfighting 1:1. Staun, if you wanna a skrimm, you do not have to excuse that with a fantasy Indiaman, ya know mathey. Just add me in Steam (sveno with a metallic circle on light blue background), i will get some guys for a fun fight.
  6. Dead things get zombie power, so beware of swedish pagan zombies!!!
  7. I would tend to wait until the Herc balancing is finished rather then starting to request all other ships to be buffed. Balance besides the DLC ships aint too bad....
  8. Lucky Strike & Absolut Vodka Edit: Something scary: i just entered "Absolut Vodka" in this post with Internet Explorer; after that started Firefox, on ist splashpage Firefox showed me a link to buy my Vodka. i've never visited that site before nor ever entered the word Absolut in any post/search/email up to now. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!
  9. There are not only sheep and wolfes, there are also lions which prefer nicely grilled wolfes.
  10. Nice WOW effect, but i voted NO. We had battles in storm, they were pretty boring because killing someone is not really possible. 90 minutes of sailing around, getting lost, shooting waves, there is a reason why it was taken out. Historically i would say no navy would have attacked a harbour in a storm..... Default win for the defender - attacker will not be able to generate points, neither by kills nor forts bombardement. Erm, just seen that no big waves are possible, in that case, ignore the above.
  11. There is a record i guess happened at Rosaly PB yesterday. A PB Buccentaure going from pristine condition to no armor at all and sinking in only 1 minute 26 seconds. That is noteworthy! Guess our focus fire improves.
  12. Tonight OW Fight in front of Rosaly France vs Sweden - winner International Shipbuilding Business Was fun thank you for a lot of content! GG WP o7
  13. Tonight France (?) vs Sweden (Pala) @ Rosaly - winner Sweden GG WP o7 french! Video of PB and following OW battle, some of us joining without repairing or restocking.
  14. Tonight Russia (redii) vs Sweden (Havelock) @ Terre de Bas, winner Sweden Fun game, many thanks to the Russians. GG WP o7. Video by @dark lord rediii, thanks for uploading!
  15. @Ink Fighted long time today, not a single issue. I say it was my fault and case can be closed - thank you for your help!
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