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  1. I would wait until they actually release. the population is really low right now after the wipe they just did. I would say give it a few months and I expect the population to be much healthier and I think the game, even though it's a bit faster pace now, is, overall, more fun.
  2. Now do you mean that an AI will take over your ship and run away or do you mean that if you have AI for your fleet, then they will run away?
  3. The pm French are probably good for your tz. WO/BLANC/Me all work during the day so we cant be on until quite late. Feel free to reach out if you're thinking about a switch. However, I am not sure what the playerbase will look like post wipe.
  4. Sure, but what I'm saying that I don't think that this particular instance is much of an issue. Good ships should be costly and good materials should be rare/expensive. Especially with these new battle timers, sailing a lower quality ship isn't going to matter much unless you are against a similar or bigger opponent, in which case you have already failed. If you get a fair fight, it's because you hello kittyed up somewhere. Always get the advantage, that being said, I would be happy to show you how an O/O could beat a T/WO or LO/WO. Name a time and place, you choose the ships.
  5. I agree with the rest of your points but this one is a little odd, I think. Of course an O/O isn't going to stand up to the rare woods, that's what makes those woods valuable. This game does have a problem with everyone having an "only sail the best" mentality (Which I feel stems from the inherent hardcore nature that only people who play this game have. To be competitive in RvR, you do need the best; but I feel with the new damage model, that cheaper ships may actually be the way to go. You're going to be losing a lot more ships so maintaining that mentality is only really going to handicap you. But I guess that's your choice.
  6. I'm not even rp-ing here. Gt is the crafting hub of gb, you sit out there day and night to catch everything and they will have to move or they will eventually run out of resources. Same principle with KPR; it's a very busy port that most brits use to trade/craft/whatever. An effective blockade of that port would make it difficult for anyone to do business. This is especially the case with the new wood systems. People will constantly be moving their outposts for the resources and shipping them to a main base. Camping that supply line would royally hello kitty them. This is a valid tactic, no rp needed.
  7. But you already said why, to hit crafters and traders. There is no way to determine what level an enemy player is. since capitals are almost a sure fire way to get any kind of reliable content in the game, it makes sense for people, friend and foe alike, to flock to them. I have sailed around the PvP zone several times and never see a soul, but I get close to KPR and there are kiddies everywhere. Hitting national traders and crafters is a form of the warfare in this game; you hit their economy. That's a valid tactic. The point of the war server isn't only RvR (as you eluded to earlier.) It's an overall arena for all forms of player v player conflict. You have more than enough protection in the r zones as it is. Either your nation needs to help you, make a better bargain with whoever has tagged you and pray they are merciful, or become a more competent player that can win fights (even with the AI you get to help you.) Plus with the new damage model, towers and forts are way OP. Word to the wise, the guns on an indianman have saved me numerous times. Even Herc captains can have a hard time with them if you play it right.
  8. It's almost like that's how naval engagements occurred in the real world (which is why the 3rd rate was the most prevalent man o war)
  9. I am also in favor of this. I think the wood build of the ship should also factor into the statistics for the masts. LO/WO that demasts just as easily as a fir/fir is not a good thing, imo.
  10. I think, that being said, I sailed with HAVOC for a few weeks when they were Dutch because I supported their king building. I think they are a solid group of gents and I support their agenda; Making the weak into the strong. In the spirit of competition, I am happy to more enforce the Clan v Clan format that I want to see in this game; rather than take out a vendetta against the nation they leave behind, I am happy to oppose the clan and the nations/clans that support them. In the name of Content, of course . I am certain that there are other that would take up the same platform as well.
  11. sure, but you have to admit that they basically built GB. You think anyone else could have kicked WO out of Nav? They won on solid strats and not through force of might. Soon as HAVOC is gone, Nav goes back to the French. I bet my fortune on that.
  12. @admin, did we every get confirmation as to whether the three hardcore nations (Prussia, Poland, Russia) are here to stay? Some people keep saying they are going away and the rest say they are here to stay. Can I get something from the horses mouth?
  13. Taking bets! I got 2:1 on USA and 10:1 on Polish Commonwealth.
  14. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea. My only hesitation is with the current game population. GB is really the only nation with several large clans. every nation pretty much has one to three that all work together. The US doesn't really have any (that I know of) so this would kill the PvE heavy nations (GB and US) Only exception should be the pirates. They should be able to attack other pirates (even AI)
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