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  1. Galt

    The Steam Awards 2018

    I voted Naval Action in the "Labor of Love" category for the fall sale. I love to play this game but damn if it isn't a part time job at times.
  2. Galt

    Naval Action Meme collection

    This used to be the admin's photo, this is not oc!
  3. Galt

    Naval Action Meme collection

    I think this was an attempt at an alt-right meme? I am not really sure. If so, there is some incredible irony there.
  4. So, by your logic an Indianman should be able to take out a req easily; it has all the same advantages you laid out but I still sink them left and right. Skill is the most important thing in this game, to try and remove that is asinine. You can not take player skill out of the equation when assessing an enemy. I feel, aside from its easily availability, the herc isn't that great of a ship. The reason it's OP is because when you lose one, you can just get another one for free. That, imo, is what makes it overpowered. Otherwise, it's just a good 5th rate. Anyone who is familiar with both a herc and a surp can achieve near identical results in either.
  5. Let's go then, you in a herc and me in a surp and we will see what happens. I'm confident that this isn't an actual issue.
  6. Galt

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Jesus man, you're making us 90s kids look bad. He's just especially repressed. Anyone worth their salt knows this movie.
  7. I wouldn't want to see this disappear but I would like to see it revamped a bit. Why not make it so it's more of a log book. you have to visit the port for any pricing information to show up but prices might change over time so you would have to continue to return to the ports to keep your pricing information updated. This would allow us to keep some sort of trading tool in the game while getting people to run to the different ports more often. It would also be nice to see if good would change according to the nation that owns the port and if we could see a concentration of goods in specific game regions. just my $.02
  8. Galt

    Vote for Const classic and old one

    While true, it is the more accurate model for the actual ship; which is why it's called the "classic."
  9. Galt

    Open World Sailing

    The devs have said that they intend to increase your speed while you are out to sea. This will make things like trading faster but still make sure that it doesn't remove any PvP opportunities.
  10. Galt

    A way to reward the loser.

    As far as I am aware, xp from battle already has damaged factored into it. If no one dies, but you do damage, you still get xp and some reals (I think.) My recommendation is don't use it if you can't lose it. Also, "don't suck." - KoC
  11. It's a lot less useless clicks and I like that materials are gone. makes it a lot easier to build what you need to build. It is dumbed down but I think that is for the better.
  12. I don't agree at all. The fee to tp is entirely negligible if you are actually sinking ships and as for outposts, I have my FOBs set up to PvP anytime, not just around PvP events. Nav is always open and there are always people around to sink. If you want instant action, go play WoW. I much prefer the system of how it is now.
  13. Galt

    Make Safezone safe again

    No PvP zones on a PvP server lend it'self to abuse from players who don't want the risk that come with sailing on the PvP server. A better solution, I think, would be to create a rookie zone again that is separated from the rest of the general population and applies only to the first few ranks for captains. They can join the rest at anytime, or complete the tutorial for the boost, but once they hit Post Captain they must join the PvP side. This will help to ensure that new players are not the only victims but that they also have a good foundation to begin playing competitively. What a non PvP zone will do is cater only to traders and PvE players that will refuse to leave the safe zone. The reason capitals are so hunted right now is because there just aren't enough people going out to fight, or at least they aren't all in the same regions. But I know I am almost guaranteed a fight at KPR because that's where the British PvE and where other hunters go. You already have capital zone, and you already have reinforcements. Besides, if people would actually patrol their waters, then hunters would probably look for easier prey elsewhere.
  14. Galt

    tow to port

    New season of House of Cards hit but I have had Red Dead II up on my TV for the last week, I have moved back to my laptop for NA.
  15. Galt

    tow to port

    That's about round trip from KPR to Willemstad. Sail all the way there, tow on the way back. That's with fully laden indiamen there and back.