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  1. Galt

    Port battle alternatives for PvE server

    This is the one thing I would protest. If you want PvP, there is a server for that. If there were to be a PvE server that allowed PvP only on your terms, that would kill the PvP server and really muddle the line between the two. (All this from an only PvP server player) All the other things sound great though!
  2. Galt

    Duch nation doesn't respect deals

    Sorry, you may have misunderstood me. When I say PM French, I mean the night crew. The ones you aren't dicking around with.
  3. Galt

    Duch nation doesn't respect deals

    As PM French, I was entirely unaware of this agreement. Seems like you have also failed to inform your own nations. Though, we go where the content is. I am literally begging you to flip a pm port. We haven't had much content in weeks, expect for sinking a few prussians off Cuba last weekend.
  4. Galt

    blame prussia

    Stolen from FB group
  5. Galt

    Request for compensation

    There is a confirmation page that asks "are you sure?" so I feel like that is enough (Though there is not real reason not to have an "x" button.) Though, I would argue in this case, that the settings should default to "null" until something is selected to avoid this kind of issue. (disconnects)
  6. Galt

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Because that's totally what I said. C'mon man. It's not uncommon to have alts in other clans. Plus, I don't even think we had three hurcs out last night. Two for sure, one with the vic that joined the rest of us. Most of the talk in the ts, when I got on, was "We can't finish this battle, let's drop and retag." None of this "we have (x) in battle, come help us kill it."
  7. Galt

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    @Banished Privateer. Can confirm, made it safely back to Nav with the bellona just now. (@admin, I do feel it's a bug that I was fully repaired though.) Also, you really want to play the "intentional griefing" card? Your alt (Clerk) kept 2 bellonas and a Christian in battle with a pfrig so you could get your russian buddies to come kill us. (which still didn't happen)
  8. Galt

    blame prussia

    It's from a place of love, I swear!
  9. Galt

    blame prussia

    Fun fact; the US captured a German sub during dubya dubya 2, which was relocated to the MSI here in Chicago. They have painted it several times to try and remove the smell, to no avail.
  10. Galt

    Cargo Hold Size

    I don't come to your house and scare away your food now do I?! They will learn, or they will die (maybe even quit. salt for salt's sake)
  11. Galt

    End of action screen

    I could get behind a perk that does this. @admin? I disagree, In engagements at range, where they actually sunk the vessel, I feel like the boats served more a of purpose to save the sailors abandoning ship. In boarding actions, these ships wouldn't be needed at all because a ship that was believed to have valuable cargo would have been captured instead of sunk. So just board and cap the ships if you want to loot. That's the conclusion I would come to with that.
  12. Galt

    End of action screen

    I am against this, be faster or position yourself better before securing the kill. Realistically, if the ship is sinking, you may not always get every last bit of loot.
  13. I agree with Redii here; what we tend to see in zerg nations is an overall lack of skill across the entire playerbase. Numbers are good for RvR becuase you can screen and fill battles, fine. But what good is it if you lose everyone in the process? The Americans have very large numbers but are largely disorganized. Britain is a bit better off with their large organized clans, but any coordination between them seems lacking (as has always been the case.) To my knowledge, most the other nations may only have a few larger clans but that's it. Secondly, coalitions have existed in this game as long as I have played. If anyone gets too big, the other nations will try to cut them back down to size. As it should be. RvR is at a standstill, but everyone knows the yanks are trying to ally up with the Brits to help them get their coast back. The French and pirates took too much land, imo. But, as a French player, I am only concerned with fighting big battles; and if anytime we see a big alliance emerge, a coalition will form which should help drive RvR. That's what I'd like to see, at least.
  14. Galt

    Soft Wipe

    all 5 of them, sure. But I'd come back! I'm all for a wipe, I almost prefer that they wipe now and then the full wipe on release.
  15. Galt

    The Steam Awards 2018

    I voted Naval Action in the "Labor of Love" category for the fall sale. I love to play this game but damn if it isn't a part time job at times.