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  1. I would buy that if you were even able to pull hostility but often they are soooo far away that this isn't even realistic.
  2. If you find yourself on the French side of the server, hit me up (Galt the Gaul) since we are on hiatus until release we are looking to get some new blood involved for our american timezone group.
  3. Yeah, I did a run last night from Tortue to Ocean Bight, Arthur's Town, Alabaster Rocks, and then Kemp's Bay but I have to wait until I am either back at Tortue or run to Shroud and check so I don't run back completely empty.
  4. I am just curious here, why was the decision made not to allow players to take economic missions from any port? It's incredibly irritating to make your run to an enemy port and then sail, basically empty, all the way back to a base. Why not let us chain missions together? Drop one off, pick up another in the direction I need to go? This would keep traders out to sea for longer and they would be able to make a bit more money in the process.
  5. A fireship perk that only allows you to light a fuse and guarantee that your ship will explode. (add mods are what should dictate the strength of the blast)
  6. I think for everything not specified, the hardcap is 25% but don't quote me on that.
  7. Galt


    So I was mistaken about the size but we have seen every nation crumble at some point in the game's history. As an American, surely you can empathize with that. GB will fall apart a bit when HAVOC goes Danish but we will see the Danes become more relevant across the server as a result. GB is probably the best for new players overall, yes. They aren't the most organized but there are a few clans that have it put together that might be willing to take in new players. Or else I would recommend getting in with an established clan in a medium sized nation because they seem to be the ones getting the most action. WO and VCO OW conflict is up, GB hunting is bountiful right now, I think that the Swedes, Dutch, and Danes are all quiet right now or they might fight each other/the russians from time to time; I am not sure, they keep to their side of the map. Most of the action is in the middle of the map where the French, GB, and Pirates interact and sometimes you can go to where the US or GB run out of for some new seal furs.
  8. Galt


    My bad. To my knowledge, Spain is small (I haven't seen much activity from them lately) I would lump them in with the Dutch and Poles.
  9. Galt


    GB has the most players and probably offers the most for new players, lots of clans (some of which are more organized than others), Russia is also big but they have a lot of important ports. Pirates are mid sized and fairly organized, same with the French and the Prussians. The Americans have a lot of players but are very disorganized. Sweden, Danes, and Dutch are all small and keep to themselves for the most part. I am sure that if you put it out there in nation, whichever nation you decide, that someone will be happy to pick you up. It also depends on your timezone. I will domy recruiting part and say that the French are looking for bodies so if you're new, I am sure that either the am or pm French would be happy to have more people. If you are in the European time zone they will probably need someone who speaks French. pm players are mostly Americans.
  10. If it was meant to belong to the US. It would belong to the US...
  11. Galt

    the biggest ports

    I can definitely get behind this now that the reinforcement zone is gone but I think this brings the big problem of every clan just crafting all their best ships in a port that no one can touch. Make capitals subject to raids and it's a different store entirely...
  12. Galt

    the biggest ports

    I feel like the positioning is kinda good though, it's an attempt to spread people around the map. Although, I think that you should have the option to level up your port which would increase the port points. Capitals can be up to 55, minor ports up to 45, and shallows up to 35. https://na-map.netlify.com/ This map tells you what ports have what points.
  13. Galt

    the biggest ports

    While I think it's garbage that basically one nation owns all the best ports (maybe we, as a server, should get together to do something about that) It's getting a but old that anytime the Russians win at literally anything, it's because the Devs (who are Ukrainian) helped them. This is getting to tin foil hat levels.
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