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  1. At the top of the crafting screen is a little red circle with your crafting level in it. Hovering over it will show you your exact XP. It took me too long to discover this though, tbf. Also, when you go to craft the item it will tell you the XP gain from it. It should be apparent from the main crafting screen.
  2. This goes to what I was saying before that they need to increase the amount of XP it takes to achieve a specific level, have it as such that repairs generate one or two xp, cannons generate 10s of xp, with upgrades and ships being worth 100s of xp. Shipyard costs are good as they are, but it kinda sucks that now the only worthwhile way players can increase their crating level (which incorporates everyone in a clan, not just the crafters because of labor hours and resource generation.)
  3. Guns haven't provided xp for a little while, though I would argue that anything that is crafted should provide at least some xp. Rum was an issue because captains could reach lvl 7 in a few days just by farming sugar, I think making the exchange more balanced instead of just removing it would be best. My solution (since you asked): increase the crafting xp pool in each level incrementally until we get a good balance. (People should not be max level already) This would mean altering the xp rewards for things like ships to be more proportionate. I would say it should be the best way of leveling; crafting ships.
  4. More flags and the ability to customize the pennants/ signal flags on the top gallants would be great.
  5. Ports belonging to a nation will spawn AI of that same nation. There are a lot of AI of the same nation around the capital in order to protect players (they can run to these AI fleets for some help.) If your intention is to farm AI then you will need to go somewhere to find AI of a different nation. This is intentional to get people away from their capitals and into the open world. If your intention is not to PvP then there is a PvE server.
  6. When redeeming economic missions, would it be possible to allow the API that detects if the item is in your hold or the port inventory to also check the hold of our fleets? It's a small gripe but having to move the item out of your fleet ship's hold and into the port and then redeeming the missions is a few extra clicks that never fails to irritate me.
  7. The purpose behind making them extremely laborious is to extend the life of that part of the game. If within a few weeks we are back where we were pre-release then the game is pretty much over. Making things prohibitively expensive is the best route, imo, to keeping the RvR game a bit more dynamic. Think of Eve Online where it actually takes months of IRL time to craft a ship, a mechanic I also think should be present in this game. If that were the case I think the prices as they are now would be fine. But being able to, hypothetically, craft a full 25 man fleet of first rates in a day is outrageous.
  8. They don't need to nerf them, they just need to tax them on delivery but also increase the amount of profit that can be made from buy-here-sell-there trading.
  9. Galt

    New Traders

    That would be cool if it would just replace whatever the top deck is with swivels or just remap ship gun slots to allow for a few extra swivels which only exist on pirate refits. The refits themselves should be relatively fast but with less HP. Maybe a wood type restriction? IDK, this is all speculative anyways.
  10. I think a fair alternative for capital ports would be to remove the tax on them in order to promote more lucrative trading, but even then trading is still dead.
  11. Safe zones didn't really protect anyone anyways so I am glad they are gone. This isn't a dig at the new players, this is a dig at the experienced clans that literally left them behind to the slaughter. I don't blame them for not knowing the game, there is an incredibly steep learning curve that the tutorial helps with a little. GB has a similar issue to the US in that they get a majority of newer players, what GB has that the US doesn't is established, successful clans that are relatively good at creating a national front when they work together. I just remember a huge paranoia of spies that it kept clans from recruiting new players. The veterans need to either step up or new players will continue to pay the price, at the cost of the entire nation's reputation. It happened to the US and it will happen to GB next if they don't nip this in the bud now.
  12. I'm incredibly surprised in the very high number of British captains I have heard are around KPR but still people are getting cut to pieces. Either organize and defend your waters or Jamaica will become the new East Coast. Wiping everything was the right thing to do. Follow the footsteps of the British clans and move out to form a home base. No one bases in KPR because it doesn't make sense to craft there.
  13. Galt

    New Traders

    I definitely agree, I am reminded of an instance where a French fleet near Singapore fled from a British treasure fleet because the british formed a line of battle, causing the French to assume they were actual men of war. This would be mirrored well in the OW when you see an enemy ship but you can't tell if it's a trader or not. But once you get the ship in battle it should show if it's a Trader (X) or not.
  14. Galt

    New Traders

    See, this is why there should only be two dedicated traders in the game (Indianman and LGV) and you should have a Trader's Trim that would allow you to turn any 5th rate and under into a trader. More cargo space, fewer/smaller gun load outs, less crew, less armor, more speed, etc.
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