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  1. Your day time friends have timers available to them, Buena Vista and Plymouth (it's ok, I hear you've been very sick so I can understand the confusion, though Plymouth was just retaken so it doesn't have a timer yet.) But every swedish port that can be pulled from Charles Town and Ponce both have EU timers on them. You have plenty of targets, you're just bitching about nothing at this point. My favorite part was you crying about the WO no-show at Santa Marta two months ago, but you all decided just to take a vacation for Corojo and Casigua; #DenyContent or whatever it is, it's blatant hyp
  2. I've complained a lot as a vexillophile that we should be able to customize the pennants and banners we fly from our top gallants. Custom clan flags that can be created from pre-designed templates and maritime signal flags allowing players to designate specific roles to ships. Bravo/Juliet being fireships, Zulu to identify fleet perk, Mike for floating battery, and Kilo for boarding fit. Things like that. They are things that wouldn't be difficult to implement, just add tabs to the flag selection screen and give six slots for the masts. Two flags per top gallant which I am pretty sure the ship
  3. Denying the enemy your ship is basically a skill, do whatever you can to be sunk if you want to make sure they don't capture it. Or just don't sail valuable lineships alone...
  4. I bet it gets pretty lonely on that hill. PvP is the only thing that matters in this game, the devs have admitted that.
  5. So long, and thanks for all the fish NA. o7 -Galt the Retired
  6. WO: "hello kittying try it again VCO. I double dog dare you!"
  7. Just shrink the map. Make it Jamaica, Haiti, southern Cuba and Navasse. The map would still take a good while to get around, there would be no need for nations (just clans,) and you would get battles of more than 50 ships, which would be nice. KoC and I talked this through months ago.
  8. When the Russians try to flip Les Cayes and WO gets the ships together to kill them all. (Really bummed I missed it)
  9. Me, every time I see the Russians have set a Cartagena PB
  10. CST? But I am also the type of person that has plans since I work every other weekend. There just isn't a reason for me to log in during the weekends, which is when I can actually play games.
  11. Granted numbers now are higher than they've been in a long time, but this kind of drop off was predicted but only anticipated by the players. These devs, man. Aces, all of them.
  12. Who are you again? You clearly haven't been paying attention. I think you also forget that the Daytime and Nighttime are drastically different games. To my knowledge, the pm playerbase doesn't go above 500. There just isn't enough content in our timezone, not for large clans.
  13. This isn't "spice," this is just annoying. PvP players want to kill as few AI as possible and as many players as possible. Now we are forced to fight AI ships because little nations couldn't be hello kittyed to worked together to stop the big ones, and granted, the big ones aren't fighting like they should be. Not only that, but by beating the AI, we don't really have anything to gain other than "we didn't lose our main crafting port." No rewards = no benefit. "Not losing a port" is a really shitty incentive.
  14. How does the AI decide what the top nations are? Is it based on PvP activity and leader-boards? Number of ports? Population? Will nations like GB, which is largely irrelevant in RvR get hit, because they have a lot of dots? Will the Pirates be targeted because of the high player count, even though they have relatively few ports? And since this is RvR, will players be able to capture the AI ships in the pb?
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