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  1. If he wants to use the custom german language file he has to update it manually
  2. Custom German Language File updated Original language file taken & corrected some grammatical errors. Translated : Chattitles Added some color to the combat news to highlight player, nation and position of sinking/boarding. Corrected some grammatiacal errors too.. Changed "HAFEN VERLASSEN" (Leave Port) to "SEGEL SETZEN" (Set Sails)
  3. The devs have added "USS" to the "United States" because it caused confusion. With "USS United States" you can see exactly that it is a ship's name and not a country or a player called United States. This Topic can be closed
  4. Update 04.03.19 Originale deutsche Sprachdatei übernommen Combat News angepasst Combat -News heißt jetzt "Kampfberichte" Meldungen über Versenkungen sind farblich markiert Statt "Batman hat schwedischer Spieler bei GOTHAM versenkt / geentert" ist es nun grammatikalisch Korrekt. "Batman hat einen Schweden versenkt in der Nähe von GOTHAM versenkt". Chatfenster - Überschriften übersetzt Korrigiert : "Du hast keine „Rum“-Gegenstände, um Crew zu heilen." in "Du hast keinen „Rum“ geladen, um deine Crew zu heilen." Korrigiert : "Du hast keine „Hull Repairs“-Gegenstände, um Panzerung zu reparieren." in "Du hast keine „Hull-Repairs“geladen, um die Panzerung zu reparieren." Korrigiert : "Du hast keine „Rig Repairs“-Gegenstände, um Segel zu reparieren." in "Du hast keine „Rig Repairs“geladen, um die Segel zu reparieren." Korrigiert : "Freicrew: 1400" zu "Freie Crew: 1400" Korrigiert : "Westindische-Inseln-Zeit" zu "Westindische Zeitzone" Ausgetauscht : "HAFEN VERLASSEN" zu "SEGEL SETZEN" Ausgetauscht : "In den Docks" zu "Am Pier" Abgekürzt : "Aktualisieren" zu "Aktual."
  5. New HP updated.. Should work now with Patch 30
  6. HRE abandons Cartagena. We think HAVOC has clearly won the Port Battle and we respect that achievement. Rediii, the next time you and your clan attack Cartagena we will not defend it. We respect the rules of fair play and reward your victory over Cartagena, even if the server crashed 2 tickets before the end. Thanks for the nice fight
  7. Omg If you cant fight a fair fight you have to deinstall the game. Players, New and old players are leaving because of unfairness. The Ganking without a Chance to survive must have an end. You always forget that this is a game, not the reality. I think GPS dots are good for the game!
  8. I love the idea to rework the battle system. To join the weaker side will increase PVP but i think you have to do more. Nobody who is ganked by several people have the time to write in Nationchat or something. There must be a button to Call help and it should be appeared on the Map and in the Chat for other players.. Like this :
  9. https://yadi.sk/d/13s1C62oq65So
  10. Thats a great Idea. Im now using WinMerge for this. Works fine.
  11. Update (17.01) Translated : Clanwarehouse, some other stuff.. Update (17.01) Übersetzt : Clanwarenhaus, ein paar andere Dinge
  12. Update (16.01.19) : Translation of the Knowledge Books Descriptions, Tutorial Update (16.01.19) : Übersetzung der Knowledgebücher / Kenntnisbücher-Beschreibungen, Tutorial
  13. How can I find out which ID belongs to which resource or material?
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