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  1. Ich baue meine Wälder einfach nicht mehr ab, das ist mir zu teuer. Crafting ist tot für mich und über kurz und lang auch das Spiel, glaube ich. Schade, macht mir sonst immer noch Spaß, aber Mal sehen wie es weiter geht.
  2. The new prices are horrible. I don't have millions, I don't like trade every day, so I can't claim my forests in future. A fight gives me 20000 reals... A new frigate cost me 300k - 500k reals, a new SoL 1.500k -3.500k reals. The only way is now to sail only dlc ships. Our new players can't craft useful ships, they have no money for that. And what is the idea behind that. Only build one ship a week or month? But with dlc ships you see only them in future. The "normal" ships are bad enough vs the (s) ships , or the new wood ships. I can't see the sense of these prices..... really! Greetings fury
  3. Can we have a bit more positive bonus for locust. Perhaps 2% more speed, or a bit more hitpoints. Only 1% für Armor and hull is no big motivation for -2.5 less thickness. And pls give mahogany (s) a bit thickness. Teak is so much better.
  4. But a HDF is done in 30 - 60 mins... Same as hostility. I think in the moment the total motivation is bad. I know we have flags, but no idea for an important target.
  5. Frag mal im Nation Chat nach HRE und wenn du hast, nach den TeamSpeak Daten. Sonst schreibe mich im Spiel unter fury an. Wie ist dein in-game name?. Gruß Ralf
  6. Sell Ships: pls add the possibility to get some Dublones for ships. So i can sell bigger ships for reals and dublones. There aren´t much ships in the shops which needs dublones for crafting. Nobody can use to much of his dublones for crafting and only get reals back. Thx Fury
  7. Salute, I was in sealords in aos2 and here first too... greetings
  8. Wir nehmen gerne neue Spieler auf und zeigen ihnen die Grundlagen des Spieles. Als Nation Schweden sind wir an allen großen Schauplätzen des Spieles vertreten und sind aktiv in Portbattles, PVP, aber auch im Handeln und Schiffbau. Bitte im Spiel kurz nach uns fragen im Nation Chat. Gruß Fury
  9. Make a Russian 1th rate as dlc, between Christian and victory...hehe will be a good running dlc
  10. And so you decide to give him a chance and set only one ship against him in the portbattle. That's the right honor. Congratulations
  11. This is normal... A player come out of range, the ship stay some seconds, not shortly, at the horizon and suddenly disappear.
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