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  1. die Flagge ist aber echt schön.....hehe. wäre Preußen gleich dabei gewesen, wäre es ja klar wo wir jetzt ständen. aber jetzt müssen wir mal sehen wie es weiter geht. Gruß Ralf
  2. teleporten in neutrale Häfen geht, also kein großer Vorteil für nationale Häfen
  3. Pls cool down, es ist ein Spiel und alles ist immer in Bewegung. Mal hasst man sich, mal liebt man sich, wie in einer Beziehung...... Was für ein Quatsch. Gruß Ralf
  4. Sorry you compare us with Nazis? Is this allowed in this forum?
  5. Bad is, that most people think, some fights mean total war. We swedes made this mistake with danes in the past and now we see it all over the server. Spain fight britain with total war (or want it), pirats vs usa and sweden and france looks the same. We only attacked some regions in this game, not whole france. Guadeloupe wasn't a save france area, same as Georgetown as British or trinidad as spanish. So we fight and we find a new border. The attack of Roseau was a little much, but more swedish clans want it, as not. But we though france will fight for that, but they can't at this point. Now we have many other places to fight. If you attack we will try our best to defend, but this don't mean total war after that. If you win, we must talk. We don't want lose more in the south. We aren't the devil of france. We wanted to show our strength, but don't want blame you. Without alliances there is no way for a total peace. Somebody will ever attack the other side. Sweden can't hide behind alliances in this area of the map and do nothing. Our players will explode.... We must find some opponents. So first france, only one spanish port (and spain is broken!!??) and now pirats. But we don't hate them all! Really!! We only want to do some rvr. So we will see.... Greetings fury
  6. Can't we close this thread? War is over or lost?
  7. Ist das echt so? Ich kenne das nur wenn die ki kurz vorm sinken ist. Wie war die Situation?
  8. No contracts in enemy ports... So no chance to get this rare resources
  9. My favorite is to sail away in battle distance, spawn there and a bit more invisibility. It must be possible to flee with some efford, and in the same way to catch the gankers, if they are to stupid or arrogant . (mostly the attacker is the ganker and the revenge fleet is the revenge fleet.)
  10. Ok, sweden need 20000 white oak for planks. How much gold you need for furnishings, 2000? Np. But we will meet at hat island. Gl
  11. Make mahogany more like teak. Come on - 2% thickness is so bad, nobody use it. Teak is nearly same speed and much better in many other things. Crew resistance isnt bad, but nobody build it if you can have more thickness. Made mahogany to +2% thickness. So its a good alternative to teak. White oak and sabicu need a bit more output.
  12. Who decides which players are in the portbattle group. So one clan can say, hey only our member join. So its not easy to decide that. And you can forget your hostility system, who join first, or?
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