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Found 64 results

  1. We all know boarding mini game is not the best part of wonderful Naval Action. It is a bit difficult to understand, not enough guides or tutorials, too many books and mods to change outcome. Thus leading to frustrations amongs players time to time. Boarding is mostly a game of last second attack/defend/muskets etc. I remember capturing Bellonas, Agamemnons with our 6th rate ships with my mate, when I was fairly new to this game. Only reason those guys did not have idea of boarding game. So developers introduced the fake “Determined Defender” perk to counter these problems, to bypass the boarding game etc. After some time DD perk was also nerfed. I purpose it even to be removed. Remember that time in PVE (or PVP) that second your speed falls back to 3,5 knots for a half second, you already started accelerating but you are pulled instantly ! Your ship still sailing away but you are in boarding game already. REMOVE INSTA-PULLING, it looks weird, feels weird, does not fit into beatiful NA combat. A cheap way to win a battle (hello le req) Bring timers to achieve a succesful grappling, A GRAPPLING PHASE. IDEA is, it requires some time which ships are at or below a certain speed, inside grappling distance. Only after this conditions, grappling is successful and boarding starts. Easy to grapple a smaller ship, primary conditions fullfilled for 3 seconds. Grapple similiar ship, conditions fullfilled for 5 seconds. Grapple a bigger ships, takes 7 seconds. * Times required to grapple are examples, they can change. * As purposed earlier, musket, grenade damage starts when in grappling range. Bigger ship hurts more. Hugging is punished for smaller ships if long time hugging. * In this system you can increase maximum boarding speed a bit more, as you can avoid now. * You have to really damage that ship, so she can not evade you, so you can grapple. * No more insta-pull by AI ships or Rage Boarder players.
  2. I entered in a fight. The enemy was able to see me during my connection, and to prepare boarding while I was off the fight. When I connected and was able to handle my ship, he just had to press on "G" to start boarding. I got boarded without reaction capability. I think a timer should be added to players coming in fight, so that they can't board or be boarded before 30 secs after having some control of their ships.
  3. We all know current boarding game is not really fitting NA experience. It creates many problems, devs try to make temporary fixes like DD etc. I purpose slight changes to the boarding game to make it a bit better. I think not much of a work needed to implement these changes. 1. Grappling Phase Current instant grappling into boarding in a second is not good. Looks weird, happens weird. Purposal: Make grappling phase longer. Need 5 seconds to achieve successful grappling, in which maximum distance is maintained with boarding speed during 5 seconds. A ship can steer away, accelerate in that 5 seconds to get away from boarding. Pulling bigger ships requires more time like 7 seconds, pulling smaller ships require less time like 3 seconds. A boading prepared enemy can cut ropes with a long cool down. edit: Muskets starts firing when enemy ship within 50 yards, higher deck, more muskets having advantage. Few men dies with each volley. When hugging grenades starts. I feel like this will be introduced in future patches. 2. Boarding Mini Game Current game sometimes requires last milisecond commands, which is very unrealistic and silly, ping related. In real combat you order your man to attack, first you order them to get ready, than you give them the attack command. This can not happen in 0.1 seconds. But may be in 8 seconds. Order them to defend, may be 6 seconds? Fire muskets, aim, fire, needs 4 seconds? Brace needs 3 seconds? So what I mean, all these actions need some time. If you order “get ready to attack” and give “attack” order only 2 seconds later, it will be uncoordinated, not a good attack, ineffective one. Attack command requires preparation and 8 seconds to be executed effectively. Attack order given 3 seconds before round ends, very ineffecive and preparation is wasted. Attack command given exactly 8 seconds to round ends, a perfect attack. But if defender selects defend at 6 second before round ends, a perfect attack against a pefect defence. Now what matters is crew numbers and boarding setup, killed crew decided on the facts. So it is what it should be in real life. No one can attack in 0.2 seconds or fire muskets at 0.1 seconds. So we have selected musket fire at defending enemy 4 seconds before round ends and enemy braces 3 seconds before end, etc. What matters now is preparation and morale . Bad decisions cost preps. makes you lose morale. Morale system revision: %100 morale needed to execute commands at preset times. Every 20 morale lost adds 0.5 seconds to your base times. So a defend requires 6 seconds to be executed perfectly, now requires 6.5 seconds with 60-79 morale. 6+1=7 seconds with 40-59 morale etc. So when crew loses morale, actions are not executed perfectly anymore, gets worse with low morale. Your morale is low, you are defending as your enemy is attacking. Enemy selects muskets at 4 seconds before round ends and you brace, as you have 55 morale = +1,5 seconds, your brace time is 4,5 seconds. Your brace is not well executed, you lose more man to musket fire. So whoever has more crew, more boading stuff, used preparation well, did not make bad decisions, managed to keep morale high, will win the boading game. This can be further improved as this idea is just a sketch. But much better than last milisecond boarding game also using the current interface. Just add required seconds and prep next to commands like ATTACK (8 seconds/20 prep.) , 79 morale —> ATTACK (8.5 seconds / 20 prep] This revision to boarding may have problems, so let us discuss if it is positive, better than current mini game, how to improve or correct this idea. Main idea in this post is to make a better boarding game with little resources until the final boading game arrives.
  4. Roronoa Sensei

    New Boarding patch

    So, the patch was released and devs wanted us to test it, i did. First of all i like the other changes, DD and hammocks nerf is ok, but to pull at 8 kn? pls not. I just had a 1v4 me in a Bellona vs Bellona, requin, Essex and Aggamemnon. Battle was going good i demasted essex and Bellona seems to be soft, so i hull bashed him forced to retreat for repair. After Bellona turned back to fight (i was chained down), he just sailed next to me and boarded me (i think i was even sailing 8.2kn, but thats another topic). Should battles really end like this? You just need numbers and one ship with more crew to win? Its not just this, i was on the other side as well, going with a requin to safe zone, tag inside safe zone board and go, no risk at all even though i tagged someone inside the safe zone. As i said i liked the other changes, but the ability to board at a speed of 8 knots doesnt seem right to me. I suggest to make it at least 5 or so, 8 just seems a bit high. That is my opinion, what do you guys think about it? pls discuss Greetings Roronoa Sensei (just a bit Salty)
  5. Pirate Blackbeard

    New Boarding patch

    There does not seem to be a dedicated thread for the latest hot-fix (boarding mod) to be discussed. So I created this one if its not in the right place please move Background/qualifications I am cowardly Ganking Pirate and so is Ned (wanted Pirate), although he is a bit more bizarre because he hangs heads from his ship......both been playing 2 1/2 years and have over 5000 hours between us. We went out hunting with same setup we always use. (we are despicable cut throats). To be honest we had similar results as we had before but this time it felt more realistic and less gamey. What we did do however was adapt and changed how we attacked and what we carried and what mods we used. He was in a Herc and I was in Le Sexy. (I said we were are despicable .....) Our findings: 1. The Nerf to hammocks, light hammocks, cramped etc seems an over reaction and is unfair on everyone. These mods are pretty useless now for all ships, especially 6/7th rates and that's a shame. 2. I like the new DD rule. You have more crew or you dont. That is fine, most people work a crew down prior to boarding anyway. 3. The new boarding mechanic is deadly against light attackers (6/7th rates) as intended. It stops hugging and stern camping of larger ships (3rd/1st rates) for fear of being boarded. 4. The new boarding speed feels right and seems more realistic, no more silly pushing into wind etc. Thoughts/predictions 1. I do not believe many captains who like shooting, will fit board mods for defense, they are to greedy to balance their ships properly. Consequently they will cry on forum for change/nerf etc because their super shooting stack ship is boarded and killed. 2. Smaller ship captains who liked to hug big ships will cry on forum for change/nerf after big ships board and sink them while they were hugging. 3. Captains who do not like boarding at all, will cry on forum for change/nerf etc and blame Requin and boarding for all evils in the game. 4. Real winners will be Ballona speed fit ships who with careful mod choices should dominate the OW. Consequntly all other captains will cry on forum for change/nerf etc...... 5. Outlandish super plans will be proposed and polls will be published proving that this view or that view is right. 6. Some captains will rage quit for up to 6 hours and others will tell of the 'old days' when NA had 370000 players.
  6. traitorous mctraitoro


    I DEMAND to be able to turn survival on and mostly off when being boarded PLEASE, it automatically turns on and has done since a certain patch early in the year. It is displeasing having my fireship ready to board and blow, then boom survival turns on, I mean on, not off, on.. furthermore and under more consideration in conclusion GIB ME THE ABILITY TO TURN OFF (please). McBaity
  7. Farrago

    Collisions and crew damage

    I know simulating collision damage was tried and failed, but with our current unrealistic boarding capabilities or sometimes lack of (determined defender), perhaps it’s time to relook at some options. First, I don’t know if it is always possible for the game to determine who rammed who. I also don’t if the game can determine the speed of the collision. But... Here are some options: Damage and leaks to both parties, the lighter ship sustains worse damage. Possible immediate rigging shock as well. But even more important and perhaps easier to implement. A use for the BRACE COMMAND. If there is a strong enough collision and your crew is not braced you receive significant crew damage and go in to crew shock.
  8. Angus MacDuff

    Herc and the Boarding mini-game

    I don't seem to be able to "Fire Deck Guns" in the boarding mini-game with my Herc. Is this something im doing wrong? It works with other ships I use to board.
  9. The two images attached are my ship after being boarded and the second image the person doing the boarding, what troubles me about this incident is I was in a basic cutter so no issue with being attacked as its only a basic the issue is that during the boarding of which I had marines boarding parties etc but he out numbered me is that all he did was brace for two rounds of which I killed 5 then 8 to his brace 1 and 1 then all of a sudden the boarding was lost in favour of him even though it showed no attack my moral was above 60 my preparation was at 80 yet the boarding ended I lost and he immediately exited in a split second and I was only able to quickly get a screen shot of his name and a msg I sent of wtf was that in awe of how blatant it was that this was not normal and he must have hacked or something.
  10. It seems this has already been suggested, my apologies. I leave my work here anyway From the Steam description of Naval Action, I quote "Realistic ballistics and cannon performance of the period. Every cannonball is tracked in the air and after it hits the target. One shot can hit the stern, damage the rudder, then hit the cannon carriage, injure crew, ricochet from the floor and hit the opposite side." So, I ask that we might see some ballistics improvement. My suggestion here is a relatively simple one compared to the changes that must eventually come. As Slim McSauce reminded me, boarding needs an immediate overhaul/complete rework, but I feel this suggestion is small and quick enough to warrant its own topic, separate from the massive boarding suggestion to come. I would like to see boarding parties give a better target for grape shot than they already do. For instance, one captain runs up his boarding prep. As it runs above 50, his crew becomes more vulnerable to grape from enemy ships (assuming they have the shot - they must have a clear shot through bulwark or directly onto spar deck.) I would like this to have a more profound effect than it does at the moment. This change might lead to a number of positives. First (and foremost,) this suggestion brings another element of realism to the game and works toward fulfilling the promise the devs have made us. Upon studying the engagement between Speedy and El Gamo, the importance of this feature becomes quite obvious. Under Thomas Cochrane, Speedy would sheer away from El Gamo as boarding parties massed on the xebec's deck to shred them with her cannons, until Cochrane saw fit to board and carried the day (the odds being originally 5 to 1 against Speedy and her crew.) Secondly, there is another way for skillful SoL captains to outmaneuver sterncamping frigates. In order for the frigates to take advantage of their work, they must brave a period of vulnerability for their crews, and the SoL has one last opportunity to save themselves. Not overpowered at all, very counterable, just gives the SoL another route. Boarding parties massed on the deck of Surprise Tasty for cannons loaded with grape!
  11. First i want to congratulate the devs for the new changes. Most of them are nice and improve the quality of life in the game and this shows in the increase of player numbers. Having said that, there are, imo, systemic flaws that needs to be addressed before the game can be recomended to others. 1. Reinforced zone or Safe zone, imo is neither, yeah some ship spawn when u are attacked, but anyone who has done this knows how easy it is to kill the target despite reinforcement. This creates a lot of grief. Has to be addressed! 2. Boarding game, again, imo, boarding game is a joke. U can no longer have this the way it is now. The game costs 35€ and a ship can, some time take up to tree days to craft and all gets lost on a text game that looks from the year 1974. I understand that is a placeholder its just no longer acceptable. Has to be addressed! 3. PvP patrol zone, this can be the perfect place to get pvp, quick. The thing is, what u get is a ganking experience. If u are lucky, u get to gank someone or if u are unlucky, u get ganked, so question is: Do you feel lucky, punk? The fixes are multiple, most of them are easy plus the comunity asks for this to happen, yet, nothing. In the end it will happen like last time. The comunity asks for tweaks in the battle br and devs will completely remove the patrol blaming that players stoped comming to patrol mission. Has to be addressed! Well this is what needs to be fixed fast, imo. If this tree things get fixed then this game becomes a glorious game that i will recomend to everybody i know. But then, as it was pointed out, the game will still have a problem with his veterans which are tired of doing the same stuff. So a lot more ingame content is required both for pvp and pve players. I wish to apologise in advance if i ofended anyone, it was not my intention, and allso english is not my first language, so be nice.😉 With regards, Jack
  12. Let me start this suggestion by reminding everyone how boarding and grappling is done currently. You get your enemy and yourself under 3 knts, press a button and if they're close enough you get an immediate board. If they're a bit far away but still in range you get an immediate grapple and board. Not much of a difference and it's a bit o' silly how fast you can get boarded sometimes. Pressing G almost a game-over button and can disrupt the flow of any battle with little skill. Here's the suggestion; -A new way to grapple, grappling shouldn't be an immediate thing. It should take a bit of time to throw a grapple and more than 1 grapple would be enough to pull a ship. Many grapples would need to be latched in order to get the required force to pull the ship close. The way I suggest grappling should work is everytime you press G, 1 grapple is thrown. This can either be shown visually or with simple texts, ether way you throw 1 grapple, then a cooldown is put until you can press g again and set the 2nd grapple. The grapple lands and you get more pull power. Once a third grapple is thrown then you get the full pull power. The ship being grappled has a few choices here, either try to sail away with enough force to break the grapples before all 3 can be set, or alternatively there should be a counter to grappling. By pressing g once a grapple has set on your ship, you get a chance to cut that grapple and free yourself. It would work the same way as throwing the grapple, except it would be percentage based how likely you are to cut the rope. So to put it in play, an enemy ship grapples throws it's first grapple, you counter with g and the cut fails, you're very slowly being pulled towards the ship. The second grapple lands and you try to cut again, it succeeds and is back to 1 grapple, by this time you've regained speed and with enough force you break away from the last grapple. No longer do you immediately get pulled and boarded by a ship, this is more realistic and imo more balanced that the current system and is a fairly simple addition that would improve the quality of combat.
  13. asuspiciousbear

    PvP rewards for boarding

    I would like to see pvp rewards given for capturing player ships just as gor sinking them. It sucks when the disscussion has to be had on whether or not to capture a ship for re sale/use under a new flag, or sink for pvp marks. admitedly the minigame for boarding isnt fabulous but there seems to definetly be alot to it, and it seems all the books and boarding upgrades go to waste when capturing player ships is at the cost of pvp marks esspecially when it can be just as challenging as out right sinking them.
  14. Captiva

    Boarding Suggestion

    Over the years, many players have wished for a change to the boarding mechanics in Naval Action. Game-Labs already has a combat engine for their Ultimate General game. I'm wondering if something similar could be implemented into the boarding aspect of Naval Action. I've attached a screen shot from a strategy game by the developers of 'Pike & Shot' for illustrative purposes only. Imagine the crude outline around the combatants as representing their respective ships. 1. The boarding battle would be turn-based, with the attacker going first. 2. Each player would have a set amount of time to move his various troops, including their facing, before his turn ends. The timer is needed to keep the pace of the boarding action from bogging down - similar to a timer used in chess matches. 3. The results of each players turn are auto-resolved by the game until one of the players wins the boarding. As they do now, all boarding upgrades will have an affect on the outcome of each players turn (boarding ladders, barricades, muskets, marines etc.). The goal of this idea being, to improve on the current "rock, paper, scissors" gameplay.
  15. Just to clarify the rather brief F11 report I sent earlier. While unlocking knowledge slots on the Herc I noticed that regardless of crew setup befor pulling (Sailing/Guns/Boarding etc) and/or (de)activated broadsides (F5) the 'Fire Deck Guns' option in the boaring menu permanently stayed disabled (greyed out). Boarding preparation also had no effect on it. Is this just me missing something obvious?
  16. Niagara

    Sinking ships after capture...

    Greetings! Recently I was involved in a small battle with some 1 st rates and smaller ships. At the end we (The group nearest to the fleeing ships as the rest left to pursue another battle) was chasing a L'Ocean that managed to board one of our Victory's that sailed to close and to slow to avoid being grappled. This L'Ocean was fitted for boarding actions with plenty of Marines to aid in the capture of our Victory. Despite the rest of us being close we did not manage to separate or in any other way interfere to avoid the outcome. Now the L'Ocean player loots what he/she/it can and then sinks the Victory. I see 2 problems with this scenario. The first being that you need to sink enemy ships to gain the Kill and the PvP marks. The second is that the entire sinking of a ship is instant and despite having several allies close by that could potentially try to save it, once you select sink ship it is irreversible. Now, First off I can only congratulate the L'Ocean player for some smart thinking and strategy and he/she/it should get good rewards for that great move while outnumbered without the need to sink the ship. But, Perhaps have a short timer on ships that are not sinking by itself to allow for players to try to rescue it. To avoid farming for upgrades and PvP marks, Once a Player selects sink, the upgrade is there for looting in hold and the ship is placed in a semi usable state meaning to save it you need to transfer enough crew to repair any damage done in battle that would otherwise allow water to overfill the ship and a min crew to keep it afloat. Several ships could ofc send crew to do this task. It would be unusable in that battle and after a lengthy timer try to sail away to safety or just man the pumps depending on the amount of crew... This could also be used for surrendering ships to give a reason to surrender and to accept surrender. If no one is close enough to try to save it or just don't care to save it then the ship would take in water and sink after a period of time? Any timer should ofc be based on structural damage + set minimum. A undamaged ship that was just boarded should take longer to sink then one with loads of holes in it. Perhaps the enemy lights a fuse and tries to ignite the powder room to get a fireball... and damage any surrounding ships in the process. Or leave ships to lure players to try to save them to divide the enemy forces
  17. It would be nice to have the boarding overlay on top of the rest of the UI so we can see the latest damage dealt.
  18. Fox Proudfoot

    Surgeon Malfunction

    Ok so the screenshot above shows that I have hit repair (5), then surgeon (3), which should being to feed me a few crew each round of the boarding which would show as a negative in the enemies "Ok" section of the boarding; however, I have found the past two times I have been in this situation my crew has not been repaired. You can see the repair is on cooldown and there is rum on board. This bug cost me a boarding last night as the opponent had no problem with his repair
  19. Bronze Republic

    Boarding Timer Malfunction Part II

    So in response to my previous post, I assume there will be no way for me to replace the ship I lost after hours of work and careful sailing only to lose the ship due to something out of my own control? I really enjoy the game but the incident outlined in my earlier post has ruined the game not just for me, but also my friends and clansmen. So I inquire, is there nothing I can do to replace my vessel being an original supporter of the game and following all of the development over the years, through the good and the bad? Here is a link to my earlier post: Thank you for your time, Signed: A dishearted captain.
  20. Bronze Republic

    Boarding Timer Malfunction

    So I went out for a quick mission in my Santisma today unknowing it would be my last. I was doing my normal 1st rate mission Santi vs Santi. Everything was going as planned and he boarded me. After three rounds winning against him, something went horribly wrong. My timer said there were 10 seconds left, then it immediately went to 2 seconds left. Thus, I could not properly coordinate my attack rounds and lost 150 of my crew. Then the next round came and it was even worse. If I remember correctly, it went from 10 seconds to 3 then back to 5. I was doing all I could to select the appropriate defense moves, but I could not work against the clock this time. While I could just very well be bad at boarding action, I know not to counter-attack into an attack, but nothing like this has happened to me before. I have no idea whether this will happen again or how to correct it, as the issue makes sailing too dangerous to try. Needless to say, this is a large loss to my fleet and I and others experiencing the issue find it hard to sail out of port again in fear of this issue happening again. Thank you for any ideas and help!
  21. MasterBurte

    Surrender without losing your ship

    Hi captains, recently i was in a battle, where i was unable to run away/leave battle and i had no chance to fight the superior enemy forces. In this situation i would have loved to be able to surrender to the enemy. But as long as the only benefit from surrendering is to skip an otherwise impossible battle i see no resean to ever use this option. When you look films about pirates and naval battles, surrendering is often the last option to save your own life. If a pirate attacks a trader that has no chance to win the fight, i can imagen that usually the trader would surrender. He might lose most or all of his cargo, but he would be alive and still have his ship with enough rations to make it to another port before starving to death. If we look at big battles between two enemy forces, i could imagine that a surrendering party could get to some agreement with the winner. Maybe the winner would take a hostage to ensure that the agreement would be complite with. I suggest that we can surrender without immediatly losing everything. Instead the surrending party can't fight anymore (to prevent fake surrendering) unless the enemy continius fighting. Then the winner can board the ship, where an interface allows the partys to chat and come to an agreement. The best outcome for the loser would be that he could leave the battlefield unharmed (but unable to fight and can't rejoin the battle), where the worst outcome would be, that the loser has to sail to the next habour with rescue boats (crew still alive). Some rules would be following: 1. If the winner breaks the agreement (fighting the loser), the loser can immediatly fight back. Between the point of surrender till fight has to be aborded can be a time from 5 to 10 seconds. 2. The enemy don't has to accept surrendering and can continue fight (see point 1). 3. The enemy has a timer 30 seconds to decide if he accepts the surrendering. If he negates it or the timer runs out the surrending party can continue fighting. 4. To encourage gentelman behavior the winner get's a bonus money and xp if he doesn't harm the losers ship etc. - regular fight with sinking the enemy = 100% money and 100% xp - surrender/enemy crew unharmed (ship get's sinked or taken) = 125% money and 125% xp - surrender/enemy keeps ship = 150% money and 150% xp
  22. Thomas Boyle

    Crew visualization

    Are you satisfied with current visualization of crew on the deck? Compare our stupid canonniers and sailors of "total war" / "age of pirates 2". Growth in scale, increase the number of sailors, different movements and actions including boarding fights. (don't know actual status of new boarding) Game performance will not change: "disable" option, another quality...
  23. Hammerhaj

    Insta multi boarding

    Well, the insta boarding is just annoying. If playing vs two opponents, you might have a change of fending one off, if boarded. But then the other one board insta after disengage, I get angry. Should be a 1-2 minute timer after boarding where all cannot board, else ppl can just wait in line as of current mech.
  24. Harsh_Winter

    Boarding redone?

    To start with, I practised boarding a lot before wipe. Now something is not working right. We all know that marines+ training+melee buffs + attack/counter attack while enemy use grenades will mean your insta win. As you will slay 1/7 up to 1/4 of enemy's crew. He will get shock and lose next 2 rounds. Hooray vicory and stuff. Tested this on brig vs brig. Working perfectly. But when I came to 5th rates everything changed. Like something went really wrong. Look at the screenshots. Attack versus nades = my heavy losses. Same for Attack versus brace. I tried to use nades vs his attack. Extra heavy losses+ shock + defeat in next round. Tested it on different 5th rates. Let him pulled me and pulled him myself. Impossible. Yet Heavy losses. All the time. Like something really changed. I dont know what is wrong. It`s like my marines are not fighting at all. It seems to be a problem. Ofc charge without any infantry will mean losses. WHat do u think? I am out of ideas.
  25. William Longhouse

    Zombie crew during boarding

    Hello guys, Sorry for the "zombie" title, but recently, I observe a strange thing from my point of view, in the game. During a boarding, against a player, he was able to "repair", to treat some of his crew, probably with the consumable rum. Happenend two time, in two differents fight. How the guy is able to do that? Thanks for your time