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  1. Now, as then, there are some worthy of the status of gentleman, and others are just brigands 2 things that have been annoying me, and do not really benefit the alpha test. 1) "This aint fun for me" The latest round of players introduced don't even give a battle a chance (my trin + brig vs const ) and say something like "this is no fun for me" and drop. Even when the big ship players on both sides are encouraging them to stay, and make it a learning experience for them, or put another way to help ALPHA TEST NA!. There should be some penalty for early exit from a battle with other pla
  2. No problems yet (still installing) but as a side note.. Noticed the VC redistributable. I'm a 20 year veteran coder/project manager, Most projects these days are C#, however, cut my teeth on ANSI C and C++, including some work on DX8/9 based projects. If you ever need help with the debug of something.. I'm an very experienced spare set of eyes.
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