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  1. Sure, it's insignificant, but it's still annoying. Should this be prioritized over more serious and game-breaking things? Not at all. Should it at least be looked into? I think yes.
  2. Either allow foreign traders to place contracts in all ports, or don't. The fact that foreign contracts are allowed to remain active after port national ownership changes reeks of lazy programming, not an intentional mechanic.
  3. Agreed! It's easy for previous occupiers to jack the price of sought-after resources up to ridiculous amounts as a final 'fcuk you' to the new occupiers. If you can't place contracts in an enemy port, you shouldn't be able to keep contracts in an enemy port. I suggest that during maintenance following the hostile takeover of any port, all buy/sell contracts should be wiped. This would cut back on price gouging, something that we currently can't do anything about, other than to let their orders fill and wait for prices to reach a reasonable level again. @admin @Ink
  4. You will drop sails and disappear after two minutes.
  5. None of my American friends are having connectivity issues, dunno if they're using the same lines to europe though... They're Alaska, Washington, and Texas. I just think that if it was a connection problem to the server I shouldn't even be able to see the shards list. Have I been banned?
  6. We've been culled, we're just too damn good.
  7. Who's your ISP? Mine's Charter Spectrum (100% garbage)
  8. So far my troubleshooting attempts include rebooting computer, rebooting router, and turning off windows firewall. None of these actions have fixed the issue. I think this is on Game-labs end.
  9. Nothing has changed, I'll kill the firewall and see what happens.
  10. This error message pops after a few minutes.
  11. I've been disconnected from the game and can't seem to re-connect. @admin @Ink plz fix thx No ping on shards list, and if I hit "select" it just stays on "connecting to login queue..." What is going on here?
  12. Danemark - to demast, decrew, and leave your opponent at 5% structure. Context example - Keep trashtalking and I'll Danemark you.
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