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  1. f5 work great, and you dont need to enter aim mode to enable it just look in the direction you want to disable
  2. Pretty PLZ, i want the HEAVY storm battle back, I miss them so mutch
  3. since 4h18 am eastern time 14/02 we get many packet lost and high ping 2400 to 96000
  4. Yes on "PVE " server i play just on it since the Wipe And you can ask many people some rare bot fleet engage you (when they target you . they follow you to the end of the world. "LOL") and when they have started a combat with you all player who enter the combat join the bot fleet againts you if you or some dev have the stats of the PVE server from the last 2 day they will surely see some pvp kill on the PVE server next time it happen to me i will report it using f11 Carpe Diem Vander Mitch <<C'est pas l'Homme qui prend la mer , c'est la mer qui prend l'Homme....
  5. On the PVE server If a bot attack you other player can join the bot againt you and create PVP battle this happen 1 time to me and many time to some of my friend today
  6. Plz up the total number of player or unified the 2 pvp , and same when you will have more pve server because people like me who work a lot for living dont like trying to play your captain only to find the server always full for all the time you can play . And plz people dont tell me to start a new one on the other server i got a life :-)
  7. gtx 760 ti ultra setting in ow 30 fps and after removing AA 60fps
  8. I will be the advocate for the player who don't want to pvp (not my case). the server for them in the moment is hell because of the large player fleet hunting them if a 3 way battle is implemented i think they will simply loose the will to play
  9. I Take a trip from the martinique down to the guyana then follow the coast of venezuella all the way to Gilbraltar in the Lake Maracaibo 14 New city lol ! hehe ok for today
  10. select the country you want to ad a port on the left (once selected you will see the left side highlighted) and after in the top use the add marker ,place and name it . Voila !
  11. i put the french but i miss many i do them all by memory lol
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