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  1. 11 year PotBS Anniversary and New Owners (Vision Games) https://forums.burningsea.com/discussion/104075/happy-anniversary-pirates-of-the-burning-sea#latest The latest statement from the New Owners https://forums.burningsea.com/discussion/104142/vision-online-games-status-update#latest
  2. Haven't played in a wee while (maybe for the reasons you state above... maybe not, lol...). I can't like your post due to some error message, so I will quote and +1 it that way. Been saying this in one way or another for a long time, too. +1 from lil ole Kiefer.
  3. In order to have more sheep for the wolves to hunt, the sheep need grass that is worth eating and a knowledge that sheepdogs (real players...) are potentially and capable of coming to the rescue. Econ content/interface is a factor in my not wanting to sail or even play the game. I want to see information that gives me reasonable confidence that my trip to another port is going to be worthwhile. That trip should be made knowing I am supplying or demanding from a player economy, not this npc trade goods- single player game concept... There is zero immersion into this world when I supply/
  4. I understand this. Now that we can instantly tell where the pvp action is via combat news. Than providing updated information for traders to confidently set sail is a small price to pay in realism to get them out on the open sea. We want more ships sailing on the open sea. I would rather that this not be another reason for alt accounts, too. We all want more ships on the sea and traders hauling goods, so we have to give traders/market players some more carrot to get out there, the potential punishment for getting caught is harsh enough (a good thing). They not only risk the open
  5. Not 100%, but I like the overall intent of your suggestion.
  6. What if 'zergs' (or any nation) had to actively use (craft, buy/trade, missions from, patrolling nearby) their ports to retain their loyalty or else the ports move into a neutral state or a state of unrest. Activity based ownership would keep bigger nations busy keeping their interior and/or boundaries tended to, instead of just steamrolling outward.
  7. Was it Hethewill that proposed a system of diminishing returns per the number of buildings or players harvesting a resource? If this were the case, it would be harder and harder for a nation to obtain the resource as each week would reduce the harvest rate as the environment would be depleted of the resource. It would (should) cost more for less production as the supply dwindles and takes more effort to find and/or transport to the ports. As that was happening there would be an increase in demand for it as the supply decreases and the war continues. Another element to think about with the
  8. I like the overall nature of it. If real players don't visit, trade, do crafting, or otherwise travel by a port it seems logical that the port's 'people' would begin to wonder if the grass is greener with another nation and start to generate some unrest.
  9. I don't like the suggestion, BUT it could be said that it would be a solid representation of a product designed by lobbyists vs. those that know what they are doing or want. Some modern day military boondoggles as an example... lol.
  10. Nothing quite like a broken window to keep the peasants working (or fighting...) :).
  11. I like it. It would help to keep the population moving, another closer to natural variable for the economy, too.
  12. I don't think there are any perfect solutions. Wesreidau, best threads the needle between the two styles of play. Wesreidau, even affords the ability to hoist national colors. In order for complete immersion into the environment (or earn the national tag), one should assume some responsibility of risk to be a part of that nation. It isn't fair to all the other players that assume the risk of hauling, pvping, trading as a national. True nation membership could be the carrot to draw PvE players into the PvP possibility side of the game, when they are ready for it.
  13. With Wesreidau's continued fine tuning of his suggestion, I find it the most palatable of all the PvE--PvP server suggestions to-date. In particular, the prohibiting of direct trades between neutral and nation players. Though, I would eliminate Neutral player-to-Nation player trades 100%, Freeport or not. Forcing inter-nation trade to be subject to prevailing market prices, made public, and (hopefully with a revamped trading interface) a much more visible trading history in each port/region/server. This nullifies to a great degree the feared Neutral alt/nation main account abuse many (
  14. Since this recent update, I have been having trouble placing and/or tracing routes for the brigades. I can't pick a spot and swivel the facing of the brigade like I did before. Is this something unique to me, or is anyone else experiencing a hesitant mouse to brigade relationship? When I am trying to place units in a hurry this makes it very frustrating to not get the facing correct.
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