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  1. 11 year PotBS Anniversary and New Owners (Vision Games) https://forums.burningsea.com/discussion/104075/happy-anniversary-pirates-of-the-burning-sea#latest The latest statement from the New Owners https://forums.burningsea.com/discussion/104142/vision-online-games-status-update#latest
  2. Haven't played in a wee while (maybe for the reasons you state above... maybe not, lol...). I can't like your post due to some error message, so I will quote and +1 it that way. Been saying this in one way or another for a long time, too. +1 from lil ole Kiefer.
  3. In order to have more sheep for the wolves to hunt, the sheep need grass that is worth eating and a knowledge that sheepdogs (real players...) are potentially and capable of coming to the rescue. Econ content/interface is a factor in my not wanting to sail or even play the game. I want to see information that gives me reasonable confidence that my trip to another port is going to be worthwhile. That trip should be made knowing I am supplying or demanding from a player economy, not this npc trade goods- single player game concept... There is zero immersion into this world when I supply/
  4. With a sweeping generalization... could it be said that Country/rural brigades were (are ) better soldiers/fighters than their populous urban counterparts? Was it not for the rural troops of the North, would most battles have been decided by the 'country' heavy brigades of the south... haven't been in a Civil War book for the better part of ten years, but I always got that distinct impression? Were Wisconsin/Minnesota/Michigan troops, Vermonters and Mainers the backbone of the Northern army?
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