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  1. I haven’t quit but after over a thousand hours, I have taken a break. What I hate — books, mods, and the way repairs are now.
  2. Anne Wildcat

    Remove sextant perk - replace with navigation tools

    No dots showing location, no coords please, anything else, fine. It is a large map, but it is still a game and not real world. If you are lost, sail in a direction you know there is land, eventually you will find something. New players, take time to sail out, in a basic cutter, and get to know the larger area around where you start, then explore other areas. If you see a port, you can sail close to it and see the name (still, I believe). Yes storms can be a pain in the arse to see ports. If you are too aggravated, lost in a storm, log off for a bit, go read a book, then log on later. I’ve made multi game day trips without the use of f11 coords or the trader tool and usually end up close to where I’m going.
  3. Anne Wildcat

    Dynamic Open World PVP

    You made me laugh out loud
  4. Anne Wildcat

    We want outlaw battles!

    How about a weekend event to test? Outlaw battles for all nations, this weekend, or a certain weekend, only. off topic, still waiting for pirate mechanics. Let the nations have RVR, make pirates unique.
  5. Anne Wildcat

    We want outlaw battles!

    I absolutely loved outlaw battles for pirates even though I didn’t participate in them. Having pirate kill on sight lists, being in a clan that was on that list, knowing no where was safe and everyone was a potential enemy was exhilarating. Pirates should be able to attack other pirates imo. If you want to be part of a nation, join a nation.
  6. Anne Wildcat

    Patrol ROE

    I just don’t like not being able to flee a gankfest fight. I like the open world ROE better. Although I haven’t been in a patrol zone, or even played much, in a while, so maybe it’s changed.
  7. Economic sabotage sounds fun. When my clan was active, a few times we would grab trader lynxes, grab all the trade goods near Christenstad that sold high at port there and then sell them there. It was fun. And a few times we got players to come out so we ran to that free town, forgot the name, and got into our battleships. It was fun.
  8. I’ve been thinking of taking screenshots of the different islands for some time. Sorry for off topic.
  9. We have a compass in the game. You can use that to find your way from port to port. If you get lost, head in one direction until you hit land. For the size of map we have, compass works just fine! Back to trading. Will there be some way to know what goods you don’t have on you sell for?
  10. My question is: if I stop at a port, will it show what everything sells for, not just what the in stock item sells for or what I have in my hold sells for, so I can make a list?
  11. Anne Wildcat

    Using basic cutters to deny opponent PVP Marks

    You can get all his loot. Looks like he’s just using the cutter to quickly move his Indiaman fleet.
  12. Anne Wildcat

    Bring back Outlaw Battles!

    Yes. I loved outlaw mechanics. A player in my clan hit pirate traders so we were put on the ‘coalitions’ kill on sight list. I loved having to watch all around for any player ship, even pirates, being safe no where.
  13. Anne Wildcat

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    1) Defensive patrol missions (ie patrol capital waters, get points for sinking enemies) then get rid of green zones 2) Blockade running missions 3) Exploration missions 4) collections to trade for customizations 5) get rid of upgrades or revert to when there were only a few. As a casual player, I don’t even try to PVP anymore, and that’s sad bc that is what brought me to NA. 6) Bring back outlaw battles 7) Raids for pirates to get resources, no pirate conquest. Sorry for for not limiting it to 5 😕
  14. Anne Wildcat

    Pirate Party Tonight

    Too bad outlaw battles are still not in play.
  15. Anne Wildcat

    OP Ships