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  1. I’m guessing there will still be passenger delivery.
  2. If you are on fire, sail towards your opponents. Maybe they will run from you? I’ve seen it before when fire used to be a thing.
  3. Come back to the dark side Shrouded. 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️
  4. Imho, there needs to be more to do if you only plan to be on for 10 minutes, something to keep you hooked in game (for example, in Atlas, I might plan to go on just to make sure my animals have food, but end up staying on for an hour). Not sure what that would be.
  5. I may just be old school, but the longer ROE just seems to benefit the lazy. For example, a trader snow gets attacked. Given the low BR of traders, they can call and ask for help for twenty minutes. Were they afk sailing, not watching for potential enemies? Why didn’t they have their friends escort them? I prefer the ROE to benefit proactive PVP not reactive PVP.
  6. I’m all for getting rid of trade goods, people can make money selling manufactured goods. But do not get rid of AI supply of basic necessities: basic ships, cannons, repairs.
  7. No, but I did play the fully player driven econ of POTBS, with structures and labor hours. With 2 alts it would take a week to build a 5th rate. The low pop doesn’t work with fully player driven econ. Like I said, it’s hard to find player crafted goods now. Find something cheap, like repairs, people buy them and sell them at higher costs. Like I pointed out, look at La Mona, a popular port. No ships above 5th rates for sale. No longs or carros for 6th or 7th rate ships for sale. And no one is selling raw resources anywhere but capitals, yet alone any manufactured goods needed for ship building.
  8. On the topic of patrol zones, I’d love to be able to leave the patrol zone battles if not attacked. Was sailing in the patrol zone Saturday night for 3 hours, only saw other pirates there. I found one battle and hopped into it. It was a pirate in a 5th rate, I believe, attacking a sweedish trader snow. I would have rather exited the battle instead of staying stuck in there until the trader was captured. I’m all for 2-3 min ROE.
  9. Full player driven econ with this low pop wouldn’t work. Just look at free ports now, only a few people have ships for sale and none are those that can’t be captured on OS. And I cannot find carros for my Snow for the life of me Take away AI sold ships and AI sold cannons and you get over inflation and killing of casuals on a low pop game. Even POTBS realized this towards the end when the pop was low and had AI selling raw materials. And that was a free to play game where you could have as many alts as you wanted.
  10. I think the largest drop was during the first fine woods patch, but could be wrong.
  11. No. You lose your ship, you may go to a port where you don’t have a ship and then buy a ship off auction. Then cross fingers someone is selling medium cannons? Please no, do not get rid of ai selling medium cannons at port. If you want more selling of player made medium cannons, then just raise the selling price of the medium cannons sold by AI. But please do not get rid of AI selling them.
  12. When the wipe does come, can we possibly get the ai traders lynxes and cutters back on the sea? It would be nice to capture them to use for trading when everyone is starting fresh.
  13. Last night I was sailing back from a few delivery missions. While watching for other ships, I had YouTube playing some Guns N’ Roses.
  14. I just hope when the full wipe comes they allow PvP in basic cutters, at least temporarily.
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