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  1. I've probably played solo about half my game time since moving over from the PvE server last Spring. I don't have an opinion on the PvP aspect of this. The economy is another matter. Maxing out on outposts is really the only way at present for a single-account player to get around transaction stove-piping caused by not being able to see other players' contract activity without visiting a port. The restriction has the effect of concentrating player-to-player econ inside of populated ports. Reducing the number of outposts WITHOUT providing some sort of global contract visibility wil
  2. I'm talking about compared to the old UI. There was no live calculation. But opening the production in the old UI tab displayed what the building produced and what it required. Of course you had to do your own math to get to a per unit cost but at least you could get at something to work with.
  3. Sorting out what stuff actually costs may be unnecessarily difficult for newer players. It used to be possible to tease this out of the old UI without actually having the building in port. The blueprint window calls the resource collection window. It currently shows labor hours available but does not display any calculations unless a building is present. My suggestion: Allow this to display calculations even if collection is not available. This will allow players considering contract offers to readily look up what the resource actually costs in both Reals and labor without havin
  4. Like I said, the East/West coast US doesn't really matter. The three hour spread really doesn't mean much. But there is at least one Australian in my clan. How does this work for someone in THAT time zone?
  5. I doubt that's intentional for a game that's dependent on new sales to pay the bills for the server. Encouraging alt accounts is self-defeating in a stagnant PC market. They make the game much more difficult for single-account players. The PC game market isn't going to get much bigger than it already is. The universe of potential buyers within that space who have time to run 2nd and 3rd game accounts is likely a good deal smaller. Some of us actually do have lives elsewhere.
  6. More yes. Total no. Air-locked monopolies suffocate economies by denying entry to new participants. Econ 101.
  7. Won't affect US west as only a three-hour differential. But locking out folks further west might be a problem for a game that is dependent on new sales in a stagnant PC market.
  8. Depends on what sort of game you want. Monopolies are never a good idea if you want a self-sustaining player-to-player economy. Yup. And it would be unlikely to every break into four digits after release. Essentially what this does is kick the ladder down from the tree house for new players. Would be pretty much at the mercy of whatever clan recruited them. If an incompetent one that can't hold a port, or get along with others, they would be pretty much hosed. Not a good plan for new player retention. More control yes. Probably some granularity in allowing
  9. I'm US west coast. I could adjust to this but doesn't locking the map this way mess with folks further west?
  10. @admin, here is why my question matters, and what is at the root of my reservations about having more than one medium of exchange. At present, the purchase of labor contracts yields a production cost for stone block that frequently approaches the Euro Trader cost. Stone is the worst of them but running the math out on other production resources shows meager possible returns. The best of them are well below that of dropped trade goods. Which means that to participate in the player-to-player economy you have to ignore the labor hours. Which works until you run out of hours and have to c
  11. @admin, so a follow-question that might speak to my reservation. What would be the mechanism for converting Reals into Doubloons? And what are the other possible ways Doubloons are generated? Specifically, how would a merchant acquire Doubloons to buy labor to extract production resources and build ships?
  12. In general I am in agreement with this. As it happens I am not anti-alt. I just want a bit more level playing field. I also am not actually opposed to your original suggestion. I don't have any context for it having never played EVE. My comment about throttling has to do with my reservation about having multiple mediums of exchange, which is currently what we have. Gold and various forms of marks are used for purchase. This is simplified somewhat in the coming economy but it still remains. I am not sure relying on the money supply to limit labor in the coming economy is a good
  13. This is beneficial as labor hours are one place where alts provide rather too much leverage in the economy vs single-account players. It does need to have some sort of throttling, however. Production facilities can efficiently handle only so many people in a process flow. And a cities only have only so many people. No limits at all might be an inflation mechanic.
  14. Well then. Let's get some shipping on the water. Let's stop treating upgrades like they have no mass and put them in the hold where they belong. Then all the raiders with the upgrades can chase each other around the resource drop ports. A good bit of the current green zone argument might away. Oh wait a minute. I forgot about this.
  15. This is the problem. But the warehouses might be the wrong lever. I'm not saying it doesn't aggravate things but its not the core of the matter. Several Econ 101 structural issues. Which appear to be an afterthought in patch design. This is not exhaustive. 1) Game mechanics compete DIRECTLY against player production. This is most obvious in ships and repairs. Thank you to @Jean Ribault for pointing out the latter item. Crafters for sale build ships. And buy resources to do that. If they can't make money selling ships, resource purchases are limited to what they need to build
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