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  1. Hey look! Its a profile picture.

  2. Did he say Danes? I didn't hear Danes. I didn't hear any nation listed at all. Why are you accusing the Danes?
  3. No, we should talk about breaking the game. Whenever things are broken in the game, we need to unify and demand fixes, not make excuses and pretend we're morally superior.
  4. They weren't historical when they were made. Trump exists to day as much as "H" existed then, and if you don't poke these people in the eye while they're alive you can't be counted among their critics when we're all dead. So please. Switch the US picture to a God-Emperor Trump meme. Its ironic if you hate him, accurate if you like him, and nobody thinks you're inserting your political opinions into what should be a purely a-political news report.
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