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  1. Every time you write a comment, I spend 5 minutes just watching your avatar. It's.. calming.. for some odd reason... Do I need counseling? :s
  2. Since there is no real authority yet announced; no one. If you're talking RP wise? Meta-gaming wise it's the developers.
  3. It is your personal thoughts that we're working against the nation. Until there is a legit power and authority in Sweden, you cannot give yourself the right to say who is and who is not working for and against it. Also. Once again. We're not pirates.
  4. As many others already have stated, not up to us to do so. It's your job.
  5. *actually chuckles irl* But this peace treaty between Sweden and Denmark-Norway is yet again, not real. It's not real because you once again have no authority given to you by the developers. It's not even partially real because you havent even proved that actually more than 50% (majority) agrees with the peace treaty. You don't know what Sweden actually wants until there is a solid vote where everyone has their saying. And even people that don't care has to vote "blank" in order for it to be correct. As long as this is the case, you cannot continue to claim that there is a peace treat
  6. I suggest we don't close the topic, as I see progression. Atleast when it comes to talking outside of this forum simply because of the existance of this very post. I am sure there is a lot of officers and leaders who in this post can confirm that I've spoken to them, on both sides. I've actually been thinking about that, but I am affraid it wouldnt really solve it in the long run.. It would just cause more confusion I believe to who did what and why.
  7. You still don't seem to understand the difference between a pirate and a privateer. Let me however help you out so you can understand the difference beetween them. On Steam, Naval Action is described with the following text; "Naval Action is an exciting, realistic and beautifully detailed naval combat sandbox immersing players into the experience of the most beautiful period of naval history - when sailing ruled the seas." Realistic. They want realism. That's why you can only play as the nations that actually had ports in "the new world". If they want realism, they should also have
  8. Thrown in my vote. I do however have to question why so many says yes to cargo? This will decrease the risk of moving valuable cargo, which in my eyes should be risky. Just my thought on the subject really.
  9. What has Silver done you?! He's a gre... alright... cook. Though.. He does not really know how to cook a pig over a open fire now when I think about it.. He's great at peeling potatos though.. Lots of training what I know.
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