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  1. May I point you towards this here scientific fact?
  2. That Scheer guy needs to be disciplined harshly! Let me log into my other steam account and get right on it.... (just kidding) Alternatively, the Dutch had a random player conveniently buy a flag for Macanao (French occupied at that time) preventing the Dutch navy from taking that port. Stupid stuff like this happens to all nations - trolls be trolls. It is bad for the community, but there is very little we can do at this point.
  3. I happen to know - but I agree with you that Naval Action is not and should not be designed as a 100% realistic sailing simulator. I think the devs have the sail handling worked out nicely - easy to learn, a bit harder to master. And when we get RANDOM WIND (which we will), sailing tactically will become even more interesting. There could be some small improvements to be made that give a manual sailor a slight edge over an automatic sail trimmer- but this is nitpicking and just lol considering all the other parts of the game that need to come together before this becomes relevant.
  4. Good ideas, but why oh why did you not post this is in the appropriate forum section such as "suggestions" or "open world discussions" ? Now, a moderator has to come in a clean this ....
  5. It is scurvy riddled scum like you that makes the eradication of the black scourge a priority for everyone but the most naive lambs. How easy it is for you to bite the hand that fed you - fed you well - all those years. Your treacherous talk should be a warning to all the rat friends out there. United we shall stand - or perish under the rule of the most iliterate of Italian wannabe dictators Lord Vicousolini. (Vicousolini picture removed by evil censorship) Lord Vicious announcing his peace offer to the U.S. council on the main square of Mortimer Town, May 1786
  6. Ich will mal optimistisch sein - folgendes Szenario ist denkbar: Die Entwickler wissen sehr wohl, dass Wirtschaft und Piratenstatus kaputt sind. Aber sie sagen sich "Scheiß drauf, wir lassen das erstmal so - das ändern wir eh grundlegend in 1-2 Monaten. Bis dahin können sich die Deppen, ääh Tester, noch gedulden. Das wäre an sich schon okay, aber ich glaube dass vielen mal der klare Spruch von Admin fehlt, in dem er sagt "Ja wir arbeiten an dem Problem, aber wir lassen das kaputt bis zum Fix um nicht unnötig Resource für kurzweilige Lösungen zu verbraten" Zusätzlich muss man eingestehen, dass das letzte Patch den Nationen einige Features des PiratenLebens gebracht hat: durch die SchmugglerMechanik können wir uns jetzt auch in Battle Instanzen verstecken oder easy Schiffe teleportieren über "surrender" - das ist also ein Versuch, und das Leben unter den Piraten einfacher zu machen, bis sich was grundlegendes ändert. Leider ist meine persönliche Motivation gerade trotzdem im Keller und ich werde erst wiederkommen, wenn sich am RVR tatsächlich was bessert.
  7. You are in the wrong thread, Sir. This thread is not about peace but about war - war on the black plague that is ravaging all over the Caribbean. You just happen to be associated with said plague spreading the disease. So that makes you a rat in plague terms. It is not too late to abandon your sick ways. To see the light and stand with those proud citizens devoted to ridding this world from the black scourge! That is what this topic is about.
  8. I would like to opt out from that list. Thank youP.S. and please, for the love of God - fix the grammar and orthography in your signature, man! ????
  9. Good one haha - protect the ring bearer! Eh... flag carrier!
  10. Praefect, I think his argument was that the British are the majority of whiners in this thread. He was not hinting at the Dutch being threatened by the bigger French nation, to be fair. As flattered as I am by being labelled a voice of reason and a veteran, I stand by my previous point. I have no idea who made the decision for France to attack the Swedes. But, even if you don't like it - the French are the aggressor in this war and for this reason, they don't have the moral high ground this time around. The individual French captain might not like it and not be at fault for the decision taken by the French admiralty. But that is how things are for now.
  11. The war that the French find themselves in is by their own choice. They decided to go for what they tought was the "winning" team by embracing the Black and the Black dressed in Red. And with these formidable allies on their side, they joined in on the gangbang of the Swedes being fully aware that this would trigger the defensive alliance between the Dutch and the Swedes. The Dutch and the Swedes would surely have preferred a greater Antilles alliance standing up to the Black or whoever the big bad bully of the server is at the time to balance out the global power distribution on the server. You chose differently, now sleep in the bed that you made until Lord Vicious comes to save the day.
  12. Since there is a lack of endgame content provided by the game itself, it is upossible to the community to create such content themselves and exercise some restraint in conquest matters. Sadly, this is not happening. You cannot really blame the developers for that. And I am not. At fault are those nations that ally themselves with the strongest player group to imbalance global politics even more. Those of you that played Civilisation at all know full well how this works: keep useful allies until the biggest threat is crushed, then turn your former allies when there is nobody else left to fight. Voila, you have just "won" the game. Unfortunately, "winning the game" in Naval Action means driving away players in the opposing team. And that is what is happening. Can't blame the devs for players being too narrow minded and too focussed on "winning the game" rather than enjoying the game together with their foes. On a personal note: I have zero respect for those nations that gang up with the big bully to roflstomp their opposition - back in the day the French and Spanish allied with the British as the big bad bully, now they switched to the Black - that is as harmful to the player community as the exploiting pieces of steaming cow manure that the pirates are. The pirates can't help it - they are SUPPOSED to be the assholes by design. Nations allying themselves to them, on the othe other hand have no excuse other than being spineless, in my book.
  13. Cross Post from another thread: I think that one of the many problems this gaming community suffers from is the different mindset of players playing the game: 1. The Alpha Tester - accepts the partly broken mechanics and reports bugs - tries to find ways to enjoy what content we have - tends to be more lenient and less toxic towards other testers, even when in the enemy nation - will accept that players sometimes need to make their own rules where the game engine falls short - deciding not to kill off a faction in the game for the sake of community health vs. own pride would be one example. Deciding not to exploit bugs or broken features in the alpha game in order to improve gameplay experience for everyone would be another - look at Hethwil as one such example of a Tester 2. The Power Gamer - plays Naval Action as if it is a done and polished game - as such, he/she uses any game mechanic available, because it is "a feature" and "allowed, because the game engine allows it" - plays to "win the game" - one could argue that wiping off an entire faction from the map can be considered a "win" - favours "winning the game" over enjoying the game Obviously, these are oversimplifications. But I feel that the difference in attitudes towards how Naval Action could/should be played is the largest cause of grief for the player community. The alpha game simply is too broken in too many parts, which potentially allows the Power Gamer playerbase to easily ruin it for a majority of the rest of the playerbase. The result can be seen in ever dropping player numbers. I don't mean to doomsay here, like many people do in other threads - but the fact stands that many players leave the game when their faction is reduced to rubble. We also have seen many old school and competent fleet commanders leave the game because they cannot keep themselves motivated to do port battles 24/7 for weeks on end. So, what can the gamer community do to prevent player loss? Sometimes, the aggressor needs to exercise some restraint and not push over any given faction when they clearly could. Unfortunately, the "diplomats" in the nations aren't necessarily the most level headed people - so, claiming that the victim of a faction genocide could always just surrender and negotiate a good deal for their faction's survival is a kinda lame argument when you look at the big egos of some of the decision makers in factions. I am not pointing fingers here at any individual nation, clan or individual, just explaining the situation as I see it. Right now, Naval Action needs more Testers and less Power Gamers in my eyes. Cheers, Hugo
  14. Off topic answer (delete if too off topic):150 million dollars budget, hundreds of people as staff, three years of development - and they STILL have yet to deliver a combat system that works at least half decent. They keep doing the bling while the core is garbage - Naval Action does it the other way around. With NA we know at least what the combat experience is like. They have that part figured out nicely. (Last time I checked, their forum thread about controller imbalance and the horrible flight model had 1800 pages. One thousand and eight hundred - and counting)
  15. Just wanting to say that I am also taking a leave of absence for similar reasons as Monkey in the OP. 20+ port battles per day, endless exploiting of game breaking bugs by all parties involved followed up by ridiculous bragging on the Forum. It is not that the devs are not delivering. It is the community that often doesn't seem to be mature enough to exercise some restraint instead of ruining the gameplay experience for the other team. But boy oh boy - don't you even dare using that empty promise of shiny bling that is Star Citizen in the same sentence with this little marvel of a computer game Alpha we have here! ☺ I hope I will return to a less broken and once more enjoyable game soon. In the meantime: Safe sailing and fair wind to the true captains that remain out there! Sincerely Yours, Hugo van Grojt Edit: spelling
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