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  1. Sir, U seam to lack knowledge about Historical Swedish naval warefar and for that u are excused (as I guess ur not of Danish nationality). Privateers where used to disturb enemy trade and also to scatter their naval forces, 5 against 1 where normal behavior. Swedish privatters where all the way down in the English channel hunting enemy ships, forcing the Danes to send warships there for protection. As I asked Before: "Do u know the game chess ?" ;P
  2. As I was in the specific battle, the chat message was from the Danes and the French "We came for u DRUNK", cant really be mistaken in this. Pathetic, but funny. Last Days fights have resulted in about lost of 5 basic renommes/smaller ships, while caping 1 Bellona, 4x 3 ds and a constitution. U guys know the game chess? Trade a pawn for a Queen, is a good gain Kaptenslöjtnant Peter Nordtman, Befälhavare på Kapar-huckerten Cupido i Göteborgs Kungliga Kapareskader
  3. I can't access the ingame chat and i would like to know why i was restricted. Ingame nickname: ''Nortman'
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