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  1. Well its really out of topic what "we" are. But to define things. If u are an naval officer in the navy, you might just be a captain of a ship, as being given the command. This is not your ship, but it belongs to the King. The King (naval command) decide where you go and what you do. This is not our situation. We are "privateers" given the letter of Marquis to attack enemy ships. We decide ourselfs what we do and where we go. Here we own the ship we command and we can use it for trade, etc etc. But most of us owns more then 1 ship. We also own other things. We are a "Company". Ok, as
  2. I have about 30 "idle" ships, sitting around in different ports, doing nothing. It does not really make sense that this investment of my "Company" is not making any Money. When I first came here to the west-indies in my basic cutter, I had both Little experince and not a lot of Money to spend. But as years Went by and war raged, my fortune grew, my fleet grew as well. I got bigger ships, more experinced grew. I even got a plantation, a iron and a coal mine. I Went trading, I Went for to raid enemy-ships. But the lack of able captains/officers forced me to only use 1 ship at the tim
  3. Yes..Lost the Word there. , Just got a hold of this book, amongs a few others by Chapman.
  4. Yes all, you heard me correctly. Fredrik af Chapman (famous Swedish shipsbuilder) have made complete specifications of a "Pirate-ship" (kapare-fartyg) even though the translation of it is not 100% accurate (more "Letter of Marquis holders-ship) I wish I could translate all this from Swedish into English, but it takes a whole while. SO I will provide some Pictures of the text from the actual book (written 1775) But I will tell you breifly what it says: It talks about the size and how it might not be as big as to take on a ship of the line. It should however be fast enough to o
  5. Be able to use diffrent equiptment (Upgrade) for trolling (trawling was not "invented" at the time) like longer lines (to Catch bigger deep-going fish), xtra bars, baited hooks and multihook for smaller fish (like snappers or herring to be caught in a bigger amount at a time and be used as bait to Catch tuna dorado ) Speed should also effect what kind of fish u get. And the ability to bait,, etc etc And I would love to be able to set my lobster and crab Cages outside fort baii!!..
  6. Well,, that was that, Easy catched easy gone. Tells a lot of the player-quality in Pirate-Danish-French Nation. They cant even beat us when they gang up. Epic fail!! muahahahah
  7. Now Another one of my clanmembers lost ALL. How are U guys dealing with this? I Think that "Oh, tough luck" just do not cut it. I will now start to make a campaign towards the F11 report, as it does not benifit the players who get effected by it. As you threw me the glove: I have picked it up!
  8. Realy funny how this whole game is focused on the organisation of the Brittish Royal Navy, not taking to account that there are other nations in the game, The organisation of Swedish navy, for example, makes the whole crew "Marines", as they where pro Soldiers/sailors. Not marooned or pushed to service as Most Brittish sailors. Muskets used in volley from far (within 100 yrds) and just Before boarding. After this moment, the musket becomes useless as a fireweapon. Theres a reason that the navy have diffrent kind of weaponary than the infantery. Swords, rapiers, are shorter, as well as "Mus
  9. No one of you have the athourity to have diplomatics talks with french on the behalf of the Swedish council. There is no diplomatic relations and it will not be any. So, I sugest that you guys just drop it It is just a waste of time.
  10. From the very first day of the Creation of the clan DRUNK: The Danes been the major target for us, as the result of "Black friday" treaty. It was also based on the Historical fact that Swedish nation and Danish nation where arch-enemies until the final defeat of the Danes 1814. Current GAME events, does not make this fundation true anymore. We in DRUNK might even agree with a Peace and a treaty with the Danes. But we will NEVER, EVER agree with a Peace with the French nation. France backstabed us (nation of sweden) as we where agreeing in most of their demands. WE could not a
  11. Now, we have a big problem: U are telling me something can not happen, which did happen. The full description was given in the F11 NAS-279733, And we have Another bugg, where even the F11 crash-report is fubar. How am I suppose to see the contains in the F11 crash-report that is sent and if u recieved it? Selling a basic cutter: (Sailing it without cannons to make it small faster and easy to sell). In port, Selling the basic cutter : Game asks me to confirm to sell the basic cutter. I confirm Again the game asks me to confirm to sell the basic cutter, I wonder why, but maybe there so
  12. In teleporting to capital, from other side of World NAB-42614 Server crashes and teleport reset A new waiting time of 4 hours to next teleport: Seriously? Third time this happens in buggs or during server crash It is getting pretty tiresum now with these severe buggs I lost a pave:l complete with all set of golden upgrades when the game "sold" it in harbour! NAS-279733 Was full guns, all, still the game "sold it" Poof, like that. it will take me months to get thoose upgrades back Lost a 3rd rate when another bugg locked all Controls and ability to sail away, being attacked
  13. It is funny how some players can not see the "Inflation" in things. We start in a basic cutter, struggeling hard every day to finely reach the moment when we can sail around in a victory or a satismo. The problem is: All the players are sailing around in these ships. There is no limit in things (and why would it be?). Im at the Point where I can buy anything I wish for. But I have returned to only sail basic ships, not being affraid of loosing my golden monkeys in a 1 dura ship. My Money stash only grewing higher and higher and I am getting to lazy to trade, the game is loosing challange
  14. Would be awesum to let the first arriving defenders have the option to crew the forts (even sailing in there with a basic cutter).
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