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  1. I'm aware of the similarities, but so far, it has not been confirmed if the devs used those plans or if they just looked at several model ships or their plans and came up with their own design. If they had build the brig to truly resemble the Fair American, they would have surely named her as such. Somaybe she was loosely inspired on by the Fair American, but we simply don't know. Keep in mind that there were a lot of brigs sailing these days; it was quite a popular rig. So she could just as easily represent some other brig. The Fair American is a nice model though. ~Brigand
  2. There is a confirmed chat bug, the development team is working on a solution. ~Brigand
  3. Thanks for the comments! I've clearly been away too long. I was under the impression that, our current snow is loosely based upon the HMS Ontario, while there are plans to include a more faithful representation of the HMS Ontario in the future. I'm however not sure about this. The "Pirate Frigate" is simply in the wrong category, I'll move it. Do you know if it is simply a variant of the Cherubim? What is the 74 / 3rd rate you speak about of which ship is it a varaint? ~Brigand
  4. The OP has been updated (finally). I'm likely to have made mistakes, so please(!) point them out if you spot them. Cheers, Brigand
  5. Ignorance is not an excuse. Let's not pretend otherwise. We've had this discussion before, those who did not agree at first, changed their minds later and learned to play by the rules. ~Brigand
  6. That looks like a mightily heavily armed ship. I guess either lots of artistic freedom or not an Indiaman? Nice painting anyhow. ~Brigand
  7. Thanks. I've updated the list and incorporated the data from the links listed, except for French frigate Républicaine française (1794), because I thought the ship in the game was La Renommée (1744)? Cheers, Brigand
  8. Thank you so much! I'm extremely short on time (and I hardly have access to the internet) at the moment, so this information is most helpful. I'm certainly still trying to stay connected to the forums, but too much is posted every day for me to keep up with. I do try to keep especially this topic up to date, but I think that by now, it shows that I'm not succeeding very well. I've added the updated the list based on the information you guys posted in this topic. The newly added ships could do with some more details. If you guys could add the missing information (and any other errors) i
  9. updated Hmm, so for naval artillery I should not use the 1 pound = 460 gr ? I'm looking for the Spanish pound as used for the weight of a cannonball. So, for example, a Spanish 18 pounder cannonball would nominally weight ?? grams. ~Brigand
  10. There is a topic (IRL: big ships go faster than little ships!) dedicated to this rule. It doesn't really seem hold all that well for ships in the time period the game is set in: the theoretic maximum hull speed was seldom (if ever) achieved by the larger ships (due to various reasons). ~Brigand
  11. It may be nice to note that 'bloedvlag' mean 'blood ensign'. In its earliest form it was a plain, blood red flag. It was hoisted to signal 'engage the enemy in full'. ~Brigand
  12. I wouldn't mind seeing the mystery snow being raised, preserved and then rebuild as an accurate replica. edit: The actual wreck, as she lays on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. ~Brigand
  13. The Dutch colors and, more importantly, building shapes need to be different: references: klokgevel, dom toren Utrecht. ~Brigand
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