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  1. I'm aware of the similarities, but so far, it has not been confirmed if the devs used those plans or if they just looked at several model ships or their plans and came up with their own design. If they had build the brig to truly resemble the Fair American, they would have surely named her as such. Somaybe she was loosely inspired on by the Fair American, but we simply don't know. Keep in mind that there were a lot of brigs sailing these days; it was quite a popular rig. So she could just as easily represent some other brig. The Fair American is a nice model though. ~Brigand
  2. The cutter has the cutter rig. The difference between the cutter and the sloop* is that a cutter typically has more head sails; at least more than one, typically three. All topsail from the 18th century were still almost invariably square (the gaff top was only introduced very late in the 18th century) In addition to the main sail (which is a gaff sail on a cutter rigged vessel), cutters of old typically also had a yard to fly a square course from. As Maturin already observed: it would be unlikely that a cutter would fly both square course and the gaff mainsail at the same time. ~Briga
  3. I don't know an ETA, but I can tell you that the Player ship selection 1st Half 2016 has not been forgotten. ~Brigand
  4. The topic of this thread is now being discussed within the moderation group. In the mean time, I'm closing this topic. Thank you all for your replies. ~Brigand
  5. There is a confirmed chat bug, the development team is working on a solution. ~Brigand
  6. No problem. Closing topic. ~Brigand
  7. Please report bug in-game using the F11 key. This way, the developers have access to all the information they need. ~Brigand
  8. The port screen actually means you are in port with your ship. If you want access to this screen, you need to sail you ship back to a town and click 'enter port' (or something close to that) once you are really close to the town. ~Brigand
  9. Ships will be awarded later. If you logged in, created a character and played around a bit, you should receive it later. ~Brigand
  10. I'm guessing (but I don't know, I'm just a volunteer) that you will miss out on the extras: But nobody other than admin can make the decision. ~Brigand
  11. Welcome to the open seas and good luck! closing topic, ~Brigand
  12. Of interest: Protecting your underwater hull: Cleaning, graving and sheeting. Cheers, Brigand
  13. Thanks for the comments! I've clearly been away too long. I was under the impression that, our current snow is loosely based upon the HMS Ontario, while there are plans to include a more faithful representation of the HMS Ontario in the future. I'm however not sure about this. The "Pirate Frigate" is simply in the wrong category, I'll move it. Do you know if it is simply a variant of the Cherubim? What is the 74 / 3rd rate you speak about of which ship is it a varaint? ~Brigand
  14. The OP has been updated (finally). I'm likely to have made mistakes, so please(!) point them out if you spot them. Cheers, Brigand
  15. Ignorance is not an excuse. Let's not pretend otherwise. We've had this discussion before, those who did not agree at first, changed their minds later and learned to play by the rules. ~Brigand
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