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  1. I think there s a reason why pirate players never complain when they got ganked. Pirate sails alone & been ganked: " Oh well, that s how it should be, I m pirate scum that s normal they hunt me, next time I should be more careful and build up team to get my revenge..." National sails alone & been ganked : " Oh cowards! how the hell they dare to gank me, I m a honorable navy captain, why those people have no honour ..."
  2. Really nice RP you just remind me an old french song "Dieu est un fumeur de Havanes" ( God is a smoker of Havana) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m30O27UBRiM&list=RDm30O27UBRiM#t=39
  3. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/11652-are-3rd-rates-too-disposable/page-3 I still dont like the 12th April land patch that disable capturing ships because the things I already explained before, even if that patch has made me rich as Croesus because I did level up my crafting skill to max level. Some people always want to make the game mechanism change into something that favours them only and dont really care about all others. In my opinion, it could never be good to favour some few elite. I know some players that left the game because they complained the game is a bit slow t
  4. This post amusingly reminds me Charles Caldwell's post few months ago. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/11653-caribbean-painted-black/ Anyway I think one of the reason pirates are successful because pirates chose their leaders on their deeds. "Actions always speaks louders than words", you can say that Lord Vicious is the biggest arrogant guy as much as you wish but if he doesnt have the competence, he wont be able to do anything against you. Personally I have also seen many pirate leaders that have a big ego but no skill trying to take over the pirates but all failed and switch
  5. thp

    Paint it black

    I havent seen any pirate complain anything when pirates were losing ports. They just learn from their mistakes and try to change strategy and fight back. But when Royal Navy are losing, there are alot of complains and ask for changing pirate nation again. This is so typical of yours, blaming everything on your enemy and it doesnt change much since the begin. I still remenber how Royal Navy players blamed everything on russian players, now they just switch target to blame everything on SORRY clan.
  6. thp

    Paint it black

    For being playing pirate since the begin, I would like to say something if you dont mind. The Coalition of pirate was founded and its goal was first to fight against British Royal navy because some old pirates that played before the wipe know that British nation was the biggest threat against pirate because their capital is very closed to Mortimer that allow them regularly come to hunt pirate down. Some of old pirate me included only want to keep the the bahamas against the USA. But the situation has changed alot since one of the USA clans joint pirate, i think everyone know SORRY was that
  7. Actually we didnt chose that song, you guys chosed it for us before but we like it that s why we keep it . http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/11653-caribbean-painted-black/
  8. It s even x10 time better when you listen to Pagan Pete doing his pirate's speech on TS.
  9. I chose pirate because I dont want to serve any king and country as RP perspective.
  10. Posted 03 March 2016 - 04:50 PM Best Answer We focus on important things and important things are determined by the community. Current priorities list (voted by players) will not let us focus on anything related to pirates for quite some time. Shouting about lack of attention to this topic is wrong and will only lead to ruined relationships of the dev team with those players. Some are even threatening to leave the game which for us means complete lack of understanding of what this community voted for to be done first (+ also means that pirates won ) Regarding pirates First will ad
  11. That s exactly what happenned in game, the coalition of pirate got it own law, but not all pirates or pirate clans belong to coalition nor accept the coalition law either. Therefore coalition of pirate didnt force you to do thing if you dont want to. You are pirate and free to do what you want even fight against the coalition of pirate, just expect that you ll be be fought back too if you do so. You still can be a pirate and corsair and work for the british to fight against the french or spanish( like in real in life ). Just make a base in french or spanish water neutral port and hunt their
  12. Henry Morgan, Francis Drake (in the caraibe) and many other pirates over the world did capture ports if you care to make some research. Even Jamaica used to be a pirate bay before it became British posession. Many of those gentlemen were pirate and then retired from piracy when they were rich enought. Libertalia( still not sure it exist ) was a possibly fictional colony founded in the late 17th century in Madagascar by pirates under the leadership of Captain James Misson. Outlaw only meant outlaw of king and country, but some pirates still have their own laws, it s just doesnt work if peop
  13. 1. Pirate shouldnt be able to own Ports : no more crafting materiels to craft ship that lead to point 3. 3. pirate should not able to craft ships : pirate will use 1 duration ship, no more good upgraded( who would like or could really afford to bring very expansive stuff when they can lose everything in 1 battle). Pirate will be condemmed to use basic stuffs when the world is hunting them in gold ship and gold upgraded. This is just another world for nerfeding pirate without really said it. 4."Turning into "Pirate" should be a penalty for players. So they should be thrown out of their "safed"
  14. I think it s a good idea but afther the battle end because if too many are connecting it will make the battle lagguing too badly. I think it will be nice to have replay option that can allow people to watch their battle( like in total war game ).
  15. May I have some questions : Is the time zone for capturing ports will remain like 2h before and can be set at anytime time or there are some specifical time slots. ( time slots could be something like : morning time, afther noon, night time ) ? In my opinon, 2h timer zone will be no longer need it if there s are raidings to open a port for capturing because people will exactly know which port will be attacked and come to defend, there s no more surprised attack. Is the capital port will be also openned for raiding and capturing too ? Thank you in advance for your answers.
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