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  1. The devs have mentioned the English Channel previously. They mentioned it in the USS Constitution launch announcement, back in January 2014. Here is the thread, it also contains screenshots. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/487-january-news-uss-constitution-launched/?hl=english+channel Not only that, the admin confirmed that the current open map prototype was the English Channel, in this thread. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/531-real-world-map-or-not/?hl=english%20channel Seeing this information, I wonder why did they scratch that map, and moved to the Caribbean.
  2. Hello! I remember seeing old screenshots regarding Open World, in which the English Channel was featured. I really want to know what happened to it, was it put away? Or is it still in development? Are the developers thinking in expanding the map beyond the Caribbean in the future? On a side note, I wonder why the Portuguese nation isn't available in Naval Action. If Europe, or India is available, would the Portuguese be available to play? Thank you.
  3. That is all I wanted to know. The NA devs avoided the odd sail to make the ship more aesthetic, and avoid the pain of graphical bugs such as sail clipping? How often was that sail used anyway?
  4. Thank you for your in depth replies, it explained a lot to me. Even though using both sails at the same time could be cripling to the cutter's sailing performance, most european designs did use both sails at the same time. Is the NA model an european design? Or did the devs choose not to incude the mainsail because of performance reasons? Cheers
  5. So, to get this straight. A cutter is a vessel, a bit longer and larger than a sloop, with a square rigged sail plan, in which there is a square course and a top sail? Being the ship still classified as a cutter if it only has the top sail deployed? Wouldn't the ship lack thrust power without the square course? Thank you.
  6. Hello Game Labs! Glad to see this masterpiece moving along this quickly! Although I have one small question regarding the basic cutter in the current Naval Action. The cutter is a ship that has a square rigged sail plan, with a big mainsail and one smaller on top. Though the in game cutter is lacking the main sail, only having the topsail. Why is this? Thank you.
  7. That's an admin feature, to speed up the trip. No way the general population will sail that quick.
  8. Hey guys, here's the video released in the Naval Action facebook page! Oh it looks to be a lot of fun!
  9. I wasn't aware of these two ships, thanks for enriching my general knowledge. I would certainly enjoy to sail a Portuguese ship in game! Cheers
  10. Oneironz

    Portuguese Poetry

    That is awesome! Hope you suceed on your goals!
  11. Oneironz

    Portuguese Poetry

    Indeed, and each character is totally different! Ricardo Reis and Alvaro Campos are opposites, yet they will be in the same test -.-Why are you studying Fernando Pessoa? Are you Portuguese? 200th post
  12. Oneironz

    Portuguese Poetry

    I am Portuguese and I can confirm this, Portugal has a lot of poetry, lyrics and texts about the discovering of Brasil, the path to India, among other discoveries. Although Fernando Pessoa is a bit of a pain in the ass with all the made up characters such as Álvaro Campos, Ricardo Reis, Alberto Caeiro, etc. I have to study them for my first language subject. I just can't get the exams right when it's about Fernando Pessoa. Oh well.
  13. I have heard that the person who modelled the Leviathan also modelled the Agamemnon, we could find the guy back in Potbs forums, shame they were closed months ago. I quite enjoyed to read what happened on Antigua and Roberts, there were some funny threads back then.
  14. Bom Natal para todos e um bom ano novo!
  15. Oneironz


    Welcome to Naval Action Spyboy! I'm sure you'll enjoy hanging around Cheers
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