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  1. I've searched high and low to find a thread like this, but can't seem to and it's such a simple idea somebody must have made a thread before this one. If such is the case, lock this thread while pointing to the real thread please, cheers guys also if this already exists I've yet to find it, I had to take a break around September and came back just as you updated onto steam early access. Shouldn't players be able to create their own group chats, without forming a group? It would be of great help; for example when taking a port and part of the main fleet breaks off to form a scouting and blockade fleet while a port battle is in process. Currently I'm seeing lots of chatter when it comes to port battles in the factional chat windows, which can be used for many things other than PBs. So shouldn't a player be able to open his/her own chat channel and invite other players involved in an operation, a group of friends, etc so they keep the main channels a little less full. Naturally this is not an issue now but if the amount of players per server increase national/factional channels are going to have multiple conversations going on in them, when you could just create a temporary, or permanent chat channel to have a multi-person conversation. There is group chat but it isn't ideal for the reasons discussed above. PS: If I've missed this reach through the screen, bash my head off my keyboard a couple of times and delete the thread. Cheers.
  2. I know, I've been playing since May/June and am a KOTO member. However grudges will soon be held between certain clans given enough time I've been out on ops and sadly missed a port battle due to being in a small ship (took a break in September, came back and naturally the server had undergone a reset and now is out on steam The only issue is that people just starting don't know much of what to do; I suppose in that case I should choose to train them. If I had the spare time I would start training people for use in KOTO and for piracy/'The Bretheren' itself. At the moment I don't though if and when I do I'll try to train new players. I'd love to be able to set up treaties and the like such as non-aggression pacts in times of 'war'
  3. Not sure whether this should be in the tavern or in GD as it has a slight overlap, so if a moderator thinks I've put it in the wrong spot; feel free to move it. I'll get immediately down to business; the Brethren of the Coast would be essentially a loose group of pyrates and pyrate clans who when it matters on a 'global' scale, set aside their differences until a port battle has been won, a blockade crushed with the goal of owning more ports on the map. The major problem with us pyrates is that we have a tendency to shoot everything in sight, even each-other occasionally. This is perfectly fine; I'll go right ahead and say that this is no precursor to a 'carebear alliance' and when no co-ordinated attacks are needed us pyrates can go back to doing whatever it is they are doing. I used to have a nonprofit TS3 server and all the codes needed to keep it running but the drive failed and I'm pretty sure the codes are lost. It just to be that to get a NPL you sent them a message and they emailed you the unlock codes within an hour. Now it has a week+ waiting period and about a dozen checkboxes (as opposed to the singular 'I will not use this for financial or material gain'); however if I fail to find the unlock keys in my emails or my backup drive keeping a voice server would likely fall on another TS3 server owner/renter. To summarize: -The Brethren will be a loose knit group of pyrates helping when things matter on a more 'global' scale - It goes 'above and beyond' clans asking them to drop any differences until a matter has been resolved, after which they can kill each other to their heart's content -It is in no way a 'carebear alliance' -Pirates are currently somewhat disorganised due to not really having one or two common enemies and instead being hated by everyone, this is further compounded by splitting them down into clans and having clannless players -Having voice comms (even for players to listen for fleet commanders to call out primary targets in a fleet battle) such as TS would greatly help. I may be able to dig up my NPL for TS so I can have a big server running 24/7 though this may prove difficult. It may fall on the shoulders of someone else to provide. -Organisation is key to victory on a large scale, even if we are good for nothing scallywags. NB: this was typed up relatively quickly with me being rather sleepy, please excuse any typos. EDIT: If we can effectively take enough of the map, we can start imposing 'tax' on those sailing near our waters. Not sure if there's a mechanic to do that yet, if not we can
  4. Arr I gots me one too but have a bunch of ships that turned up as redeemables I need to grind my XP up. I finally found Roger half dead from thirst, turns out he was in such a hurry he forgot to bring any provisions other than his canteen and some weevil infested biscuit, towed the little row-boat up and had her stowed and have my cabin boy now. Staines, my best seaman and my honourable Master Bates are aboard now so the motley crew is together again. These huge queues to get into port are insane, the port server should be building more, or bigger piers.
  5. Why do people get so confused by the 24 hour clock. It's much easier to read and the 24h than the 12h hour clock. Also why call it military time? I'm just a little curious as all a 24h clock does is adds another 12h on for the hours past prime meridian. Once you get used to it it becomes so much easier to read. However, I would say the devs should run with GMT rather than Kiev time since it's the gold standard in timekeeping when it comes to announcing changes to stop people googling kiev time to X time every time there's a change; I know it's only a small thing but it would, in my own very humble opinion make things easier for everyone since they know that they are GMT -6 for example.
  6. I would obviously know that the server is switched on for maintainance, repairs, testing etc; it's just a little oxymoronic to have "This server is switched off, but it's switched on!" Any idea when it's coming back or is it just soon™?
  7. If this were EvE this thread would be filled with people demanding a new ship because they lost it to the servers going down, a new ship because they can't play EvE and a full months reimbursment for a few hours of server downtime. I come in here and see one post about someone looking forward to the servers coming back soon. We need a statistician to work out the size of MMO groups crossed with the amount of whining. I bet it will be an exponential curve if put on a graph. Anyway, looking forward for you getting the servers up, though one thing I don't understand; if a server is off how come I'm pinging it?
  8. Ahar, anyone seen Roger?? That little scallywag's gotten into a rowboat again after last night's navigational readings and work in the chart room, he says I've gone way too far south of the equator for his liking then hopped in a rowboat and started paddling like a peuvian after having too many of those leaves they chew. I could swear he could have towed me to the coast of Ireland if I'd roped his boat. I'd be in your debt if you come by him and return him to me, in one piece mind you, no snippy snippy eunichy eunichy now. He is a masterful cabin boy and ensures all my needs are met, I see good seaman in him; no doubt he'll rise through the officer's ranks like my mainmast when it's set in a new hull.
  9. Pagan Me ol' scallywag, I say all guns should be able to shoot out to as far as 1000m, as a slingshooter firing round shot has taught me one thing. I can probably shoot a .50 lead ball 300m with just latex rubber (double theraband gold, or double strips of the strongest exercise band for those who don't know what theaband gold is), only the lead ball (unless on a terminal velocity due to drop would do no damage) I'd say do the same with cannonballs (except remove plunging shots because balance, or keep them for experienced naval captains to hit the magazine of a ship, just like with the Bismark and HMS Hood) obviously the heavier the shot the more likely it will be do to anything at super long ranges and odd trajectories. As for chainshot, it would simply just slide down the rigging or sails, possibly causing a temp loss in speed as your crew disentangle it. Grapeshot would be useless unless a plunging lead ball had the immense chance to keep cohesion at that range and then drop on a crew member aka fekken useless (look the word up, it has nothing to do do with a similar word).
  10. Try turning using their sails, or failing that; sink.
  11. So what you're trying to say is it's not been nerfed at all, it's usage is just changed so you can't use it to change the tide of battle by having repair kits when the prey may not? Makes perfect sense. I took a break just as soon as the crafting patch was applied, so yeah; I've probably missed a few patches. I reckon hull repair should come back to the way it was but have a few modifiers that detract from it's efficiency, such as # of surviving crew, if you are currently under fire, the speed of your ship. So a stationary ship with a full crew compliment that isn't under fire should receive the full repair kit bonus, however this can decrease to about 20% effectiveness in the worst of conditions. It would give good reason for one ship to pull out of the line of battle and be shielded by other ships while it performs repairs at a slow speed. Naturally this would require voice chat and plenty of co-ordination to pull off correctly. Oh and if the repair kit is re-introduced in battle it should have a slower effect dependent on ship size. The whole realism argument just doesn't make sense to me since - Ships have five lives -You can repair a rudder (which would be infinitely more difficult) on the outside of your hull but you can't patch up the inside of your hull
  12. Okay, so who brings one of these five ships to your nearest friendly port? When you buy guns do you buy 5 sets of guns as well? The same goes for upgrades. As if I go sailing in a 1 dura ship, surely I should keep my upgrades and guns as I bought 5 of them, right, they should just lose one dura and turn up at the nearest friendly port with me? As for repair kits being useful in PvP, that's about all they're useful in now. Since they only really have one use other than being too far away from a friendly port or keeping your ship intact for PvP you've severely nerfed the repair kits. But they still cost the same. Again, it doesn't add up. Being in survival mode severely hampers your ability to attack, having to use repair kits and having the repair kits taking time to repair (and the amount based on surviving crew) would be much more realistic.
  13. Survival should be a last resort, or if you want to patch your ship up, ships have had damage control (albeit a rather temporary description) teams since they started firing cannonballs at each other. Leaks and fires should be put out at a fairly low rate, unless they are severe, survival mode should be used for exactly that. Surviving the battle and if you want to survive the battle an experienced crew mending your ship quickly with a repair kit, obviously not to it's full potential, but enough to change the tide of battle. My two main points are: - Having repair kits as an open sea resource when you can just dock and repair for a lower cost makes them a somewhat useless item. - Claiming realism with the no repair kit system while still having the magical five lives system makes no sense.
  14. Personally I really dislike the new repair system. Especially since it was done in the name of realism. When a ship is under fire crew members are going to be running around, plugging holes and fixing up the hull as best they can. That is what a repair kit (in battle) should be used for. Obviously it won't make masts appear out of nowhere or fix damage above around two thirds. I'll give two scenarios and let you decide which errs more on the side of realism. 1) and despite having the materials to repair (some of) said ship the captain don't really care about losing the ship and doesn't mind his crew drowning, so they let her go to the bottom of the ocean. You know, because you'll respawn in the nearest port with all your guns and upgrades still fitted and X number of lives left. Like crash bandicoot online. Or 2) A ship is under fire and is taking damage and having the materials and crewmembers to repair the ship the captain orders the crew on to damage control (survival mode) then orders the crew to repair what they can, taking around a minute (more for the larger ships) to do so repairing some of the ship's HP and possibly turning the tide of battle. The captain does this rather than happily going to the bottom because he knows that once he loses the ship, it's gone and so are those expensive items he's fitted to it. Unless he put backup ships in nearby friendly ports in case he sank he's stuck with a yacht. I can't see the logic in removing the ability to repair your ship when under fire (an action widely done throughout history) while keeping the magical 5 lives arcadey ship system. I'd say either both repairs under fire and 5 life ships would have to go to have any semblance of realism, or patching ships up in the heat of battle (with penalties like being stuck in survival mode and possibly a higher risk of crew damage) and maybe having ships with 5 lives. Obviously if ships are changed to have one life then they should have their construction requirements and costs adjusted accordingly.
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