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  1. I've searched high and low to find a thread like this, but can't seem to and it's such a simple idea somebody must have made a thread before this one. If such is the case, lock this thread while pointing to the real thread please, cheers guys also if this already exists I've yet to find it, I had to take a break around September and came back just as you updated onto steam early access. Shouldn't players be able to create their own group chats, without forming a group? It would be of great help; for example when taking a port and part of the main fleet breaks off to form a scouting and blocka
  2. Arr I gots me one too but have a bunch of ships that turned up as redeemables I need to grind my XP up. I finally found Roger half dead from thirst, turns out he was in such a hurry he forgot to bring any provisions other than his canteen and some weevil infested biscuit, towed the little row-boat up and had her stowed and have my cabin boy now. Staines, my best seaman and my honourable Master Bates are aboard now so the motley crew is together again. These huge queues to get into port are insane, the port server should be building more, or bigger piers.
  3. Why do people get so confused by the 24 hour clock. It's much easier to read and the 24h than the 12h hour clock. Also why call it military time? I'm just a little curious as all a 24h clock does is adds another 12h on for the hours past prime meridian. Once you get used to it it becomes so much easier to read. However, I would say the devs should run with GMT rather than Kiev time since it's the gold standard in timekeeping when it comes to announcing changes to stop people googling kiev time to X time every time there's a change; I know it's only a small thing but it would, in my own very h
  4. I would obviously know that the server is switched on for maintainance, repairs, testing etc; it's just a little oxymoronic to have "This server is switched off, but it's switched on!" Any idea when it's coming back or is it just soon™?
  5. If this were EvE this thread would be filled with people demanding a new ship because they lost it to the servers going down, a new ship because they can't play EvE and a full months reimbursment for a few hours of server downtime. I come in here and see one post about someone looking forward to the servers coming back soon. We need a statistician to work out the size of MMO groups crossed with the amount of whining. I bet it will be an exponential curve if put on a graph. Anyway, looking forward for you getting the servers up, though one thing I don't understand; if a server is off how come
  6. Ahar, anyone seen Roger?? That little scallywag's gotten into a rowboat again after last night's navigational readings and work in the chart room, he says I've gone way too far south of the equator for his liking then hopped in a rowboat and started paddling like a peuvian after having too many of those leaves they chew. I could swear he could have towed me to the coast of Ireland if I'd roped his boat. I'd be in your debt if you come by him and return him to me, in one piece mind you, no snippy snippy eunichy eunichy now. He is a masterful cabin boy and ensures all my needs are met, I see go
  7. It is a mistake that will happen once. I mean, why should ships come with cannon? You're buying the ship, not a full armament. This runs especially true with the different gun types in game. Possibly you could make an order (not a purchase, someone has to fulfil this order by getting the ship and guns together) on the market for a ship with the right gun layout for you?
  8. We all know that pirates hold ports but many a pirate ship (and some other nations, far from a safe port) would have their ship essentially beached on a shore where at low tide the ship's lower hull would be accessible for repair, naturally some shores were best suited to this and other shores were useless and you'd end up completely stuck, run aground if you tried to careen. So what I propose is that if you are far from a friendly port and need your ship fixed and just so happen to come across an island you can careen your ship and order your crew to gather the required materials needed for
  9. Spare the rod spoil the child Though the better cabin boys such as Roger wouldn't need so much whipping, unless the cap'n desired it.
  10. Ships should inherently patch themselves up slowly when lightly damaged as a few holes can be plugged and parts of the ship that aren't completely necessary to the ship can be sawn off and used to patch the ship up by about 25% of it's total health. Of course things like losing a mast are going to be permanent and you won't have the materials to replace one of those with. Larger ships even carried smaller ships (such as a cutter) inside as cargo so that could be broken downand used for further repairs. Naturally simply plugging a few holes is not the same as having your ship careened or put in
  11. I would say 10-20k would be the better number since then you aren't lynxed when your ship runs out of durability (a silly system, ships should have 1 dura and the option to insure the ship in port) As well as keeping money in reserve do not sail what you cannot afford to lose.
  12. Since there are 'hidden' islands I'm against it as it gives you a risk free way to find them. If you want to free roam grab a basic lynx. However they need a fast travel system that is better than teleportation.
  13. PvE ships; especially ones outmanned or outgunned should definitely strike colours, if you look at it historically; Roberts sailed into a harbour and all it took was the sight of a black flag to make the entire harbour, of 20 or so ships (many armed) to strike their colours in panic. As far as PvP goes, you should be able to fight to the death as there are also many accounts of captains nailing their flag to the mast (and some humourously having to run back up the rigging and tear it down under massive losses) sure if your crew were sustaining heavy losses and you have officers aboard you may
  14. Ahoy Pete nice to see you on the forums. I think they should come in varying levels of quality, such as the quality being in their names: James the cabin boy wouldn't keep the cap'n and crew happy all that much John keeps the cap'n and crew happier than James Peter the cabin boy keeps cap'n and crew happier than John Jake the cabin boy keeps the cap'n and crew very happy Roger the cabin boy keeps the cap'n and crew at their highest spirits possible
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