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  1. Pirates in the game, along with pirate AI fleets, are completely ridiculous. The playerbase said they wanted it fixed in the vote months and months ago, but that -- as we expected it would from this lot -- has been ignored. Just another corner the Devs have painted themselves into.
  2. Port battles have long been a joke. Adding more rules to the already rickety rules contraption trying to prop them up won't help. Ditch the damn things, they're just strangling the game with their silly mechanics
  3. Combine War Supply drops with attack fleets camping in battle screens and you have the makings of farce.
  4. Perhaps you could post a picture of the volcano at Key West?
  5. Actually -- ignore this. I think it did appear after all.
  6. I went to the missions tab. After I turned them in, I got a dialog window that popped and said I had earned the gold and experience, but the gold was not in my account.
  7. I just did as delivery order to bring 285 gold coins to Mortimer Town. I fufilled iut but then was credited the 460000+ gold I was supposed to recieve. Would appreciate getting it.
  8. Of course the player base is dwindling - they emptied the ocean of ships for regular players to engage. And why did they do that? Because the Rube Goldbergesque set of rules governing Port Battles required the ships gone so they are not used to exploit the hostility mechanic. At some point it might dawn on them that, in light of time zones, Port Battles are the problem. That is the circle that cannot be squared. Trade and raids, in a vibrant Carib that can be sailed, would be a decent game for most. Alas, the clan-wars mindset forbids that.
  9. Gibberish. They are exploiting a design flaw. State that clearly and, in the time before the flaw is fixed, threaten bans for using the exploit. This game has suffered numerous times from exploits being passively tolerated for too long.
  10. The Rube Goldberg port battle mechanics get ever more silly. Now tell us nobody should point this out because it is all Alpha
  11. At Chancellorsville, during the American Civil War, General Hooker was leaning against a wooden pillar that was struck by a cannon ball. Although shaken by the pillar clunking him, he was certainly not killed by a 'pressure wave' from the ball.
  12. Well hey there!

  13. Once again F11ed this. Still waiting for an answer as well.
  14. Well, their is Paga Pete, his privateer, and his cabin boy who is too sore to sit down that keep us somewhat, sorta, kinda occupied.
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