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Found 7 results

  1. The ships have been proposed in Player ship selection 1st Half 2016. Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Portuguese, German built ships were encouraged. The time line was 1670-1825 acceptable, 1730-1790 preferred. 10 ships have been selected from their popularity, and 5 more selected to bring more choice. 2 ships will be selected by players votes (1 vote per player). Also 1 ship will be chosen by a developers wild card. You can check the previous player selections here: Player selected ship 2014 / Player-selected ships 2015 What ship would you enjoy to sail ? Mars (1781, Dutch 18-gun brig)Mars was built at Amsterdam to prey on British shipping during the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War. During her first campaign, she was captured by the frigate HMS Artois off the Yorkshire coast. Renamed HMS Orestes, she was taken into the Navy and became an effective anti-privateer vessel, capturing several prizes. HMS Orestes served in the West Indies and departed for the East Indies after time spent on the French coast. She is presumed to have been caught in a hurricane in the Indian Ocean. Mars was built with unusually sleek lines and as such she was a very fast vessel. Plans / 3-Decks / Wiki -Unnamed- (1700-1750, Venetian 22-gun corvette)Those plans are part of a collection in the University Library of Padua. The decline of Venice in the 18th century was due to the wars against the Turks and to the influence of Genoa, Venice's old rival, and of other trade ports such as the Tuscan Livorno, chosen as staging-post for British trade in the Mediterranean, Ancona and the Habsburg Trieste, a free port since 1719. The presence of pirates from the coast of Maghreb worsened the situation. Those corvettes were a solution to deal with the agile and light boats of the pirates that threatened the security of the trade. Pictures Descubierta (1789, Spanish 16-gun corvette)The Descubierta and Atrevida were twin corvettes of the Spanish Navy, custom-designed as identical special exploration and scientific research vessels. Both ships were built at the same time for the Malaspina Expedition, a five-year maritime scientific exploration. The two vessels sailed from Spain to the Pacific Ocean, conducting a thorough examination of the internal politics of the American Spanish Empire and the Philippines. The military version of the Descubierta carried 26 guns. Pictures / 3-Decks / Wiki Christiansborg (1758, Dano-Norwegian 24-gun frigate)The Christiansborg was designed by Michael Krabbe, launched in 1758 as a 12-pounder frigate, broken up in 1786. Krabbe submitted this plan after returning from the obligatory European study trip (1752 - 1756, visiting British, French, Italian and Dutch shipyards) and a certain French influence is clearly visible. Pictures / 3-Decks Diana (1792, Spanish 32-gun frigate)Diana was one of the six Mahonesas-class 12-pounder frigates built at the Mahón shipyard in Minorca. Her designer Julián Martín de Retamosa, Ingeniero General of the Armada, perfected the English and French construction techniques that had influenced the Spanish shipbuilding during the 18th century. Diana participated in the evacuation of the Spanish forces at the Siege of Roses during the French Revolutionary Wars. She was the fastest one of her class and was reputed one of the best frigates built by the Spanish Royal Navy. Pictures / 3-Decks Freja (1793, Danish 40-gun frigate)Freja was built at Copenhagen, designed as a 18-pounder frigate but carrying 24-pounders throughout her career. Escorting a convoy off Ostend, she was captured in 1800 by a Royal Navy squadron for opposing the British-claimed right of search, suspected of carrying stores to be used by the French. The negotiations resulted in the British agreeing to return the Freja, but this incident ultimately led in the next year to the British attacking Copenhagen. She was captured by the Royal Navy at the Second Battle of Copenhagen. Sent to the Leeward Islands, she participated in the destruction of Roquebert's resupply expedition during the blockade of Guadeloupe. Plans / 3-Decks Venus (1783, Swedish 40-gun frigate)Venus was built following the Bellona design by Fredrik Chapman, the first frigates to carry 24-pounder guns. She was captured by the Russians in 1789. She retained the same name in Imperial Russian service and participated in the battle of Reval and in the battle of Vyborg Bay. She was sold to the Kingdom of Naples in 1807 to avoid capture by the British. Venus and her sister ships sailed exceptionally well, doing 13-14 knots with a good wind. Pictures / 3-Decks / Wiki Princesa Real (1819, Portuguese 50-gun frigate)Princesa Real was a large frigate built at the Lisbon shipyard. Her spacious and sheltered natural harbor at the mouth of the Tage had helped Lisbon to become the center of the first global empire. Princesa Real participated in the Battle of Cape St Vincent during the Portuguese Civil War, where a naval squadron commanded by the British officer Charles Napier, on behalf of the Emperor of Brasil, defeated the navy of the proclaimed King of Portugal. Princesa Real was built for the open sea and probably carried 24-pounders. Pictures / 3-Decks Dordrecht (1739, Dutch 54-gun ship)The Dordrecht was a 4th rate ship of the line built at the Rotterdam shipyard by Jacob Spaans. It was named after the Dutch city of Dordrecht, a major trade port well known to British merchants. The Dordrecht was almost the length of a frigate but heavier, carrying 2 full decks of guns. Pictures / 3-Decks Wasa (1778, Swedish 60-gun ship)Wasa was built at the Karlskrona shipyard after Fredrik Chapman's innovative drawing. She was powerful enough to withstand line fighting and shallow enough to support coastal operations in the Baltic Sea. Wasa fought at the Battle of Hogland during the Russo-Swedish War of 1788, was sold to the Swedish East India Company for a trip to China, and bought back by the Swedish Navy. The Wasa class comprised 10 ships-of-the-line based on her design. Pictures / 3-Decks / Swedish Wiki Wenden (1706, Dano-Norwegian 70-gun ship)The Wenden was built by Olaus Judichær at the Holmen naval base. Founded in the late 17th century, the base has played a vital role in the history of Denmark as well as Copenhagen. For over 300 years, Holmen was the largest employer of the country. Aside from being one of Denmark’s largest battleships of her day, Wenden was also beautiful as attested by Judichær’s colored design plans of her stern galleries. Pictures / 3-Decks Prinds Christian Frederik (1804, Dano-Norwegian 66-gun ship)The Prinds Christian Frederik was built at the Nyholm shipyard in Copenhagen. Named after the Crown Prince, she was the only Dano-Norwegian ship of the line which survived the Second Battle of Copenhagen, but it was lost at the Battle of Zealand Point in 1808. The Danish naval hero Peter Willemoes was killed onboard Prinds Christian Frederik when he took a cannonball to the head. Pictures / 3-Decks / Danish Wiki Vrijheid (1783, Dutch 74-gun ship)Vrijheid, "Freedom" was commissioned by the Admiralty of Amsterdam. She fought as flagship of the admiraal Jan de Winter at the Battle of Camperdown, the major engagement of the Dutch naval forces in the 18th century. During the battle Vrijheid was engaged by four British ships, and after heavy fighting only the Dutch flagship remained in combat. For an hour she continued her resistance, and when all three masts had been brought down De Winter was the only officer who remained uninjured, standing on his wrecked quarterdeck and still refusing to lower his colours. When British sailors boarded the drifting flagship, Vrijheid had lost almost half of her crew. Pictures / 3-Decks / Wiki Admiraal de Ruyter (1808, Dutch 80-gun ship)De Ruyter was named after Michiel de Ruyter, the famous Dutch admiral who had fought the English and the French during the Anglo-Dutch Wars in the 17th century. He had scored several major victories against them, the best known probably being the Raid on the Medway, one of the worst defeats in the Royal Navy's history. The hull form of the Admiraal de Ruyter is the usual Dutch type, shallow draught, flat bottom, square profile necessary for operations in Dutch shallow waters. Pictures / 3-Decks / Dutch Wiki Christian VII (1767, Dano-Norwegian 90-gun ship)Christian VII was one of the largest ships commissioned by the Dano-Norwegian Navy, and the last beautifully decorated King's Yacht. She was a prestigious symbol of the crown at sea and was to be used as flagship in the Dano-Norwegian fleet. Converted to a 2-decker coastal defense ship, she fought at the First Battle of Copenhagen which is often considered to be Nelson's hardest-fought battle. Pictures / 3-Decks / Norwegian Wiki
  2. We're not allowed to discuss or ask questions in the main posting and voting thread. Yours truly can have a hard time keeping his mouth shut, so I made this outlet Maybe you want to lobby certain votes; explain to other voters why they should vote on a certain ship? Maybe you want to ask questions? I'll start off on a feelgood note: When Malachi posted a Danish SOL called "Norsk Løve" (Norwegian Lion) I simply had to vote for it though I have very limited interest for big ships. In fact, I had a sudden urge to go hug the fuck out of a Danish person for historical reasons.
  3. Hello Captains. Ships from the previous voting's are almost finished, with the exception of the Indefatigable, and will be delivered for testing in the near future. Please propose vessels for the first half of 2016. The process is as usual: This topic will be used for collection of proposals. After some time best proposals will be brought to voting Voting will determine 2 ships that we will do based on player suggestions 1 ship will be selected by developers as a wild card Proposals could include: Wooden (old or new) models of the ship or ships of the same class (sister ships) Drawings (old or new) of the ship or the ship of the similar class (sister ships) Tech drawings if any Limitations: We want to bring ships from underrepresented nations into this voting; thus English/US/French vessels proposals are discouraged. Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Portuguese, maybe German built ships are encouraged. EDIT Please limit the proposals by 1 ship per post - posting a picture of the vessel (or a chart or a drawing). We will judge the popularity of the vessel by player likes of the post.
  4. The ships were proposed in Player selected ship 2015 and Выбор игроков зима 2015 - выбираем корабль. 12 ships have been selected from the initial poll. 3 ships will be selected by players votes (1 vote per player). Also 1 ship will be chosen by a developers wild card. What ship would you want to sail ? Rattlesnake (1780 - American 20-gun corvette)Massachusetts Privateer Ship Rattlesnake was designed by John Peck of Boston, and probably built at Plymouth for a group of merchants in Salem. The Revolutionary War privateer resembled a miniature frigate in style with a raised quarterdeck and forecastle. These features were rather unusual as most small privateers had only a single flush deck. Rattlesnake was reputedly unusually fast. Pictures Amazon class (1773 - British 32-gun frigate)The Amazon class was designed by John Williams and made up of 18 fifth-rate 12-pounder frigates laid up at Chatham Dockyard. The Amazon-class frigates served in many of the theatres of the American Revolutionary, French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. The HMS Terpsichore is famous for having engaged the damaged Santísima Trinidad on her way back to Spain after the Battle of Cape St Vincent. Pictures / Wiki Hermione (1779, French 32-gun frigate)The Hermione was a 12-pounder frigate of the Concorde class. She was designed by Henri Chevillard as a light frigate, fast and maneuverable. She became famous when she ferried General Lafayette to the United States in 1780 to allow him to rejoin the American side in the American Revolutionary War. The replica ship Hermione started her sea trials in 2014, and will set sails for a transatlantic Lafayette trip in april 2015. Pictures / Wiki Amsterdam (1748, Dutch 42-gun Indiaman)The Amsterdam was an East Indiaman or "retour ship" built for transport between the Dutch Republic and the settlements and strongholds of the Dutch East India Company in the East Indies. During her maiden voyage in 1749, she was wrecked in a storm on the English Channel. In 1969, the Amsterdam was discovered after being exposed by a low spring tide. It is the best-preserved VOC ship ever found. A replica (inauthentic) of the ship is on display in Amsterdam. Wiki USS Bonhomme Richard (1765, American 42-gun Indiaman)Bonhomme Richard, formerly Duc de Duras, was a warship in the Continental Navy. She was originally an Indiaman, a merchant ship built for the French East India Company, for service between France and the Orient. Bonhomme Richard was placed at the disposal of John Paul Jones (first well-known naval fighter in the American Revolutionary War, the "Father of the United States Navy") in 1779, by King Louis XVI of France. Pictures / Wiki HMS Indefatigable (1784, British 44-gun razeed frigate)HMS Indefatigable was one of the 7 Ardent-class ships designed by Sir Thomas Slade. Though built as a ship of the line, most of her active service took place after her conversion to a 44-gun heavy frigate. She had a long career under several distinguished commanders, serving throughout the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars. C.S. Forester chose Indefatigable under Pellew as the ship on which his (fictional) hero Horatio Hornblower spent most of his time. Pictures / Wiki USS Independence (1814, American 54-gun razeed ship)Launched in the Boston Navy Yard, USS Independence was a wooden-hulled, three-masted ship and the first to be commissioned by the United States Navy. Originally a 90-gun ship of the line, in 1836 she was cut down by one deck and re-rated as a 54-gun frigate. Independence proved to be one of the fastest and most powerful "frigates" of the Navy. Wiki Wasa (1778, Swedish 60-gun ship)Wasa was built at the Karlskrona shipyard after Frederik Chapman's innovative drawing. She was powerful enough to withstand line fighting and shallow enough to support coastal operations. Wasa fought at the Battle of Hogland during the Russo-Swedish War of 1788, was sold to the Swedish East India Company for a trip to China, and bought back by the Swedish Navy. The Wasa class comprised 10 ships of the line based on her design. Swedish Wiki HMS Agamemnon (1781, British 64-gun ship)HMS Agamemnon was ordered to be built to the lines of the Ardent class designed by Sir Thomas Slade. She saw service in the American Revolutionary, French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, and fought in many of the major naval battles of those conflicts. She fought at the Battle of Trafalgar as part of Nelson's weather column, where she forced the surrender of the Santísima Trinidad, the last ship to strike her colors. Agamemnon is remembered as being Nelson's favourite ship. Pictures / Wiki Téméraire class (1784, French 74-gun ship)The Téméraire class was a series of 120 ships designed by Jacques-Noël Sané. Along with the 80-gun Tonnant class and the 118-gun Océan class, the Téméraire class was to become one of the three French standard types of battleships. The Téméraire type was and remains the most numerous class of capital ship ever built. Their qualities at sea and in combat quickly made them the reference for all the European fleets. Wiki Christian VII (1767, Dano-Norwegian 90-gun ship)Christian VII was one of the largest ships commissioned by the Dano-Norwegian Navy, and the last beautifully decorated King's Yacht. She was a prestigious symbol of the crown at sea and was to be used as flagship in the Dano-Norwegian fleet. Converted to a 2-decker coastal defense ship, she fought at the Battle of Copenhagen which is often considered to be Nelson's hardest-fought battle. Norwegian Wiki Océan class (1788, French 118-gun ship)The Océan class was a series of 16 ships designed by Jacques-Noël Sané. These were the most powerful ships of the Napoleonic Wars and a total of ten served during that time. Sané's masterpiece was considered one of the best sailing ships in the French fleet. The Orient is famous for her role as flagship of Napoléon's Campaign of Egypt, and for her spectacular destruction at the Battle of the Nile when her magazines detonated. Wiki
  5. The ships were proposed in Player selected ship 2015 and Выбор игроков зима 2015 - выбираем корабль. 10 ships will be put to the final poll. Out of the final poll, 2 ships will be selected by players votes (1 vote per player). Also 1 ship will be chosen by a developers wild card. Ships are sorted out by: type guns year Make your choices ! Gunboats 1. Axel Thorsen (1810, Danish gunboat) Schooners 2. HMS Sultana (1768, British 8-gun schooner) 3. Prince de Neufchatel (1812, American 18-gun schooner) Barques 4. La Belle (1684, French barque) Brigantines 5. Vileine (1740, French 12-gun brigantine) Brigs 6. HMS Wolf (1754, British 10-gun brig) 7. Epervier (1788, French 16-gun brig) 8. USS Niagara (1813, American 20-gun brig) Flutes 9. Boullongne (1758, French 20-gun flute) Corvettes 10. Rattlesnake (1780, American 20-gun corvette) 11. Revenant (1807, French 20-gun corvette) 12. Volage (1797, French 22-gun corvette) 13. Shtandart / Штандарт (1703, Russian 24-gun corvette) Xebecs 14. Requin (1750, French 24-gun xebec) 15. Chapman's xebec (1768, Algerian 32-gun xebec) Indiamen 16. Götheborg (1738, Swedish 30-gun indiaman) 17. Amsterdam (1748, Dutch 42-gun indiaman) Frigate Galleys 18. Turuma-class (1771, Swedish 24-gun frigate galley) 19. Charles (1776, French 40-gun frigate galley) Frigates 20. Graña (1778, Spanish 28-gun frigate) 21. Oliphant / Олифант (1705, Russian 32-gun frigate) 22. Amazon-class (1773, British 32-gun frigate) 23. Hermione (1779, French 32-gun frigate) 24. Santa Margarita (1774, Spanish 34-gun frigate) 25. Santa Leocadia (1777, Spanish 34-gun frigate) 26. Vénus (1782, French 38-gun frigate) 27. Venus (1783, Swedish 40-gun frigate) 28. USS Bonhomme Richard (1765, American 42-gun frigate) Super Frigates 29. Gloria Veneta (1794, Venetian 66-gun frigate) Fourth Rates 30. HMS Mordaunt (1681, British 46-gun ship) 31. Amarant (1653, Swedish 50-gun ship) 32. HMS Leopard (1790, British 50-gun ship) 33. Öland (1681, Swedish 56-gun ship) 34. Delft (1783, Dutch 56-gun ship) 35. HMS Centurion (1732, British 60-gun ship) 36. Wasa (1778, Swedish 60-gun ship) Third Rates 37. Fleuron (1729, French 64-gun ship) 38. HMS Agamemnon (1781, British 64-gun ship) 39. Hercules (1783, Dutch 64-gun ship) 40. HMS Indefatigable (1784, British 64-gun ship) 41. Göta Lejon (1745, Swedish 70-gun ship) 42. Konung Adolf Fredrik (1775, Swedish 70-gun ship) 43. Odin (1788, Danish 70-gun ship) 44. Wenden (1706, Danish 72-gun ship) 45. Protecteur (1760, French 74-gun ship) 46. USS America (1782, American 74-gun ship) 47. Téméraire-class (1784, French 74-gun ship) Second Rates 48. Saint Paul / Святой Павел (1794, Russian 90-gun ship) 49. Bucentaure (1803, French 80-gun ship) 50. Carolus Undecimus (1678, Swedish 82-gun ship) 51. Danneborge (1692, Danish 84-gun ship) 52. Christian VII (1767, Danish 90-gun ship) 53. USS Independence (1814, American 90-gun ship) First Rates 54. Soleil Royal (1670, French 104-gun ship) 55. Ville de Paris (1764, French 104-gun ship) 56. Sophia Amalia (1650, Danish 108-gun ship) 57. Frederik IV (1699, Danish 110-gun ship) 58. Océan-class (1788, French 118-gun ship) Erratum: Saint Paul 2d rate has 90 guns HMS Agamemnon and HMS Indefatigable are both of the Ardent class USS Bonhomme Richard was originally an indiaman
  6. Lets have some fun. It is our yearly tradition to try to give our customers what they want, at least once a year. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/535-player-selected-ship-winter-2014/ Last year you have chosen HMS Ontario as first choice, Santisima Trinidad as second and wild card was chosen by us (Ingermanland). We hope you like Ontario and Santisima. Lets do the same this year. pick the ships vote make deliver 1600-1830 hard limit 1690-1790 preferred format name specs drawing link to tech drawings but discussions are also welcome as a result we will pick 3 vessels 2 player selected 1 wild card
  7. Here we go - Final voting Enormous Nuestra Señora de la Santísima Trinidad Beautiful San Felipe 3 decker but.. there are some doubts on its authenticity. http://www.modelships.de/San_Felipe_1690_authenticity/San_Felipe_1690_authenticity.htm HMS Ontario - graceful snow Unsinkable Brig Mercury (Меркурий) Ingermanland (Ингерманланд) Peter the Great designed and participated in construction of the ship Wild Card we pick the ship ourselves.
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