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Found 12 results

  1. I'd like to request teleport to free ports back as it was before the wipe, I think this is a good idea to promote more PvP, otherwise to have some pvp sometimes it's sailing for more than one hour to go and another to come back, some of us or the majority of us don't have a lot of time to do that because of jobs or studies. Right now this is killing a lot of pvp which in my point of view is the most entertaining feature of the game, fighting vs AI becomes boring at a certain point and you have the feel it's not challenging anymore. I hope you take this into consideration Thanks
  2. What if, instead of removing outpost to outpost teleport we add a delay. You click teleport and you cannot do anything in the following 90 minutes. 90 minutes is just an example here. It should take anyway at least as long as pirate vs pirate timer.
  3. Can we all PLEASE agree to change after battle teleporting to PVP battles ONLY that last at least 20 minutes. Trader Tears here please. This mechanic is abused to the point of breaking the Open World concept. So much so that sailing a LGV in enemy waters is safer than in friendly....let that sink in for a second.............Now think about how many ships you chased for 10 minutes only to watch them tag a trader cutter just before u can tag them and watch them magically dissappear to a freeport 20 minutes away. Anyone posting on this thread blasting me for even mentioning this change GET OUT OF YOUR TRADE SHIP and enjoy some pvp because if you dont all the trading you do to build all those shinny ships wont be needed because no-one will need any ships as fast as they are being built atm since 95% of the time no-one is in any real danger of losing thier ship unless they try to.
  4. With the announcement of the crew management changes this discussion came up because the devs think about disabling ship-teleports. Different opinions on that issue came up, so I thought it would be interresting to see what is favoured. Therefore I made this poll. Edit: And pls post your opinion/arguments if you want and how the poll can be improved! Edit2: Understand the answers in question 2 like that: Answer1: No cost, no risk, no time. Answer2: Some costs, maybe some restrictions, no risk Answer3: Some costs & risk Answer4: Sailing yourself!
  5. Discussion of possible changes to teleportation! I'd like to suggest a rework of teleporting in game. 1. Eliminate teleporting entirely to/from free ports. I think this will eradicate these "teleporting gank fleets" as well as some "revenge fleets". It would also give a bit more meaning to the term "territory". 2. Bring back the teleport cool down! I think that bringing back the cool down would encourage more teamwork and coordination between players. What's the point of being able to take a fast ship around the heavily populated areas to raid commerce, only to find a giant fleet waiting outside a battle?? Players know that since teleports are free, the chances of a "revenge fleet" waiting for them is almost a guarantee. We already have unrealistic communication(chat boxes) and navigation(exact coordinates on the map) in game(which I think is good for faster paced pvp), but those COMBINED with free teleports is a bit too much. Although I know the new port battle mechanics will help a lot, I think it should be supplemented with these two ideas. Thoughts?
  6. Hello there gentlemen, Teleporting with cargo can be easily exploited : your capital is out of stock of iron/oak etc ? Teleport to your outpost the evening. The morning, buy everything, teleport back to capital. Sell. I believe it will be detrimental for gameplay, as owning ports and securing trade routes would mean nothing. So here we go, what do you think about it ? Should devs do something against it ? Some suggestions : - impose a tax on cargo on teleport, which make it far less lucrative. - increase teleport cooldown, which makes it less spammable. For example, once a day. - make it impossible to teleport with cargo, losing the cargo in the process - deleting teleport altogether (which raises issues of how travelling around that big map)
  7. At the moment, if you surrender or die, you get teleported to nearest friendly port. I think we can extend that to teleport to nearest friendly port, any outpost or capital. At the choice of the player who lost his dura. The goal is to minimize wasting a player's time after he lost his ship. Please comment if you see potential exploits or any other issues.
  8. In teleporting to capital, from other side of World NAB-42614 Server crashes and teleport reset A new waiting time of 4 hours to next teleport: Seriously? Third time this happens in buggs or during server crash It is getting pretty tiresum now with these severe buggs I lost a pave:l complete with all set of golden upgrades when the game "sold" it in harbour! NAS-279733 Was full guns, all, still the game "sold it" Poof, like that. it will take me months to get thoose upgrades back Lost a 3rd rate when another bugg locked all Controls and ability to sail away, being attacked (and sunk) One of my clanmembers Lost EVERYTHING, Ships, Gold, Mats, resourses outposts, upgrades. He only got to keep his rank and his crafting level. I will now stop to report buggs when they accure, if there isnt some kind of "reward"(at least get back lost stuff and the teleport) for doing so.
  9. Problem: Four hours cooldown for many of us –those who can “only” play 2-3 hours daily most days- this means one teleport a day. This is limiting our ability to play socially quite more than a bit Proposed solution: As teleport between outpost –with no ship- does not confer so definitive advantage game-wisely .. other than to react to port attacks and as that creates more play opportunities… I propose making a hard limit on the teleports (5-6 a day?) but with a very reduced CD (15 min?) Teleport to the capital - with ship- should remain limited as is now or even to once a day, to avoid abuse of “teleport trade” (bringing full loads of materials via the teleport regularly)
  10. Guys.... the teleport cooldown is nonsensically long. It is, in effect, being detrimental to enjoyment of the game because 1) It reduces people's ability to group up and sail together 2) One ill timed teleport can wreck your entire evening of gaming The outcome of this is reduced enjoyment for everyone, and it contributes to people leaving the game. The suggestion: Reduce the cooldown to 15 minutes Now, there are a few considerations to make so let's deal with them: An entire nation will now be able to teleport close to a port battle and help defend Yes and no - firstly they would have to have an outpost nearby. Secondly, I recommend a 'lock-out' mechanic is implemented whereby individuals are prohibited from entering port battles up to 30 minutes after a teleport has been effected. Reinforcing nation members in trouble becomes a lot easier Yes, but as above - not everyone has outposts everywhere - the exponential cost increase of permit purchases effectively limits this. If necessary, put a lock-out timer on entering battles of 5 minutes to ensure battles will be locked upon arrival. This ruins my immersion / this is not realistic Be quiet you. Go sit in your rowboat-come-pretend-Santisima and contemplate your choices in life. Crafters will be able to teleport ships full of cargo to capitol really quickly Correct. Remove teleporting with cargo (or limit it to, say, 100 tons).
  11. I will admit that I came up with this idea a while ago and I can't really think of any cons to this idea, but I'm sure that some of you can argue against anything so let's get a discussion going. I like this idea because mainly I feel that it is a pretty easy addition to the game for the developers. This will also help nations that have a main capitol too far away from where they want to fight and also helps different nations fight against each other who normally would not be able to. It allows for more use of the map where currently half of it is never used. It also makes regional capitols more valuable than they currently are. The way a system like this would work would just have the player go to friendly owned regional capitol and on the home screen would be a button "Bind here" and it would take away the main capitol as a teleport and replace it with this town. If it gets captured then it would reset back to a main capitol teleport. Gotta keep it simple and obvious. Those are just a few reasons I can come up with as to why this would be a good idea, I would love to hear about other pros/cons or exploits that would need to be considered with a system like this.
  12. I feel traders can exloit teleportation to their advantage, because I did it. I've sailed to the fartmost place and buy resources really cheap, its abundant and the store sells low and I filled my NavyBrig to the brim. I then use the teleport function and then sold the resources 2x in the capital port on contract. This is a nice way to avoid the risk of being encountered by enemy ships, but I feel it is exploitative and make the game less interesting when traders can teleport back to the capitol without have to face the risk of being captured by enemy ships. I suggest cargo must be lost if teleportation is used and thus it has to prompt the user that cargo will be lost when using teleportation. Teleportation is designed to help players getting lost on the seas, not to trade quickly and safely. I like to intercept some enemy PvP traders ships, but chances are zero, because everyone teleport with their cargo back to the capitol.
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