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  1. Really amusing to read this Thread: spain came in swinging and with the early game advantage. A lot of boasting. Declaring "total war", the gloves are off, threatening to one port britain. now they run, tails tugged tight between their buttocks. Falling apart with internal struggles and yet again: everybody is at fault, except themselves. Quiet enjoyable read, guys. Keep up the Drama ;-)
  2. Oh i thought the lack of Players from Different timezones were the reason for all the server Split tears. Sorry now im confused ?
  3. Monkey, that is pretty easy to explain. British habe been composed of Players from alot of timezones. Server Split has Split the British Player base while most other Nations just decided for one server. Players like myself cant really play with all the guys they liked. (ZERG for instance has basically dispanded) therefor the British have Not grown nur are weakend. Nothing that wasnt to be expected
  4. I dont think the Players that formerly build the active British RVR Crowd are in Global. They schattered or they quit :-/
  5. your assumption is wrong. i would rather play on a global server then on the EU server. Problem is the global server doesnt seem to have the population to accomodate for playing in EU primetime. therfore "forcing" me to play on EU if I want to play, which i dont really know yet. the server split has split the people i liked to play with in half and i am sure there are quite a few of the 900 ppl that feel like me.
  6. lolz.... your guys are already starting to piss each other off before your little own server is even established?? Remarkable how long that took ;-)
  7. dark nights and the abiltiy to turn down your lights. might help to make smuggling an option
  8. I want it to be diverse... demasting is (again) too efficient compared to other skills you could akquire
  9. I think that it is an understandable Notion that for a lot of players for the last half year the game hasn't really progressed. Some of the Major updates have been: - alliances: going to be turned off - crafting changes with fine wood: turned off - captain skills: will be turned off and replaced - hostility system: will be turned off and replaced I know there has been other stuff implemented like land in all battles that are working and helped the game but at this moment it feels like the game is going south fast. Features are being repealed, the community hates each other so much that the remaining 400 players at a time would rather split to different servers then play together anymore. If there ever is a time to worry it is now...
  10. the ZERG thing has been there ongoing mantra for the better part opf the last 6 months at least. they will be gone and logg out on each other as much as they want in their little 100 player habitat ;-) afterall the european server must be tiny if all the "small nation" BS is true, right?
  11. why dont we just stop discussing the same thing over and over... this is not going anywhere. you guys just leave, we will have two servers with 200 players tops in primetime. both servers either recover or the game just dies. plane and simple. lets just get on with it and be done with this fruitless discussion on multiple threads
  12. you dont need to worry ybout reinforcing you alliance. you can start thinking about how to split it up so you can actually play someone on your new exclusion server ;-)
  13. Half the players that fill the battles during EU prime time on the British/Dutch/us side of things are U.S. Or oceanic prime time players. Maybe you don't realize yet, but by splitting the servers you don't only get rid of "night flips" but of a large part of the people you play with and against during the time you want to play....(and th eu players that just quit because their friends aren't playing anymore) @plerrick: im afraid your hard solution is a shortsighted solution, most of all
  14. As a European prime time player, I enjoyed this Game as a global Game with People from all over the World... If Server Split is enforced By rules like this, NA will probably not my game anymore with people I enjoyed playing with being forced to split to different servers :-(
  15. Your level of self righteousness and double standards has reached 9000 yet again ;-)
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