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  1. Getting a very Bomber Crew vibe from it. Looks interesting enough.
  2. I would like to bring to the attention of the developers an interesting incident that has recently occurred in the video game world and which is pertinent to the subject matter of This land is my land. Recently, Civilization VI announced that the Cree Nation would be introduced in its upcoming expansion Rise and Fall and led by Pîhtokahanapiwiyin, more commonly known as Chief Poundmaker. Personally, I was excited to see the first Native American leader and civilization coming to the most recent Civ iteration, and to join the likes of other Native American tribes that have been a part of th
  3. So in-game L'Hermione does not have figurehead or nameplate, any reason for this?
  4. Clearly looking like it takes place in the American Frontier west, so we will be playing as [one of?] the various plains tribes. One of the first things that came into mind I'm rather excited for is the soundtrack and voice acting. i hope you plan for a lot of on-the-ground support for these, as authentic sounds and music would go a long way. (see Kisima Innitchuna) As a single player game, will it be more of an open sandbox? Or story driven (or both?) If sandbox, will we have a selection of tribes to choose from (apache, navajo, Lakota/Dakota, etc)
  5. The current status of the pirate faction with these new mechanics
  6. These images are absolutely beautiful. Being a pirate, I am steeling them only so others may bask in their glory
  7. I found the band "Gaelic Storm to have a nice selection:
  8. Magnifique I am in love, and her name is Hermione. Without a doubt she is my biggest ship crush. Of all the ships in the world she is the one I want in-game the most. I consider myself blessed that I was able to walk her decks in person
  9. We have a stable base pirate population to work with. Remove Pirate as a starting option; make players "Go" pirate.

  10. It appears that Crafting XP does NOT carry over from server to server.
  11. Unfortunately no, there is no current way to revert from piracy. Embrace the black flag.
  12. The benefits of manual sails are utilized best when sailing square-rigged vessels (brig and up), as opposed Fore-and-aft rigs. As I understand it, Auto skipper simply positions your yards to catch the most wind as possible and thus garner the best possible speed; not necessarily best for maneuvering. Yes, aiming below the water-line produces more dangerous leaks, thus resulting in the ship taking on water faster. The is true when firing at a ship that still has armor. If the ship has low armor, then you should be able to damage crew with grape fairly easily when firing
  13. The Open world is a condensed, large scale map of the Caribbean. You can attack or 'tag" someone here. When you tag someone, it will bring you into a battle instance, which is a real-scale map separate from the open world. For a brief amount of time after the battle begins, others can enter your battle. After some time passes, the battle will be closed and no others will be allowed to enter. Invasion of enemy ports happens the same way; Port Battles happen in the real-scale instances.
  14. In the PvP servers, you are allowed to tag and engage other players. In PvE, you are allowed to tag and engage only NPCs
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