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  1. The IKEA clan were in the pre days of steam Naval Action one of very few clans that were in Sweden. We fought like heroes against mainly the clan RUS which we today and then celebrate for very fine battles! I shall not forget to mention Havelock and Ygritte that were there in the very early days, not in IKEA but we all were part of Sweden. Then also Sveno that became the leader of HRE after Naval Action were put out on Steam Today it's not much, I don't think I even stand as the owner anymore as I joined The Oceanic Privaters [OCEAN] and then I have been flimsing around on my own accord now and then. I will go online and check if I still stands as the owner and see if I can do anything about it then
  2. Captain, that is not the same team as the one that work on Naval Action. Captain @IceBurg as earlier post has said, follow the user admin here on forum for updates and etc.
  3. Unlocked and merged the thread with a new post. So @jaygummers what is the due date on the promo code?
  4. How can you not be interested really ? Congrats to the team to enter testing phase!
  5. Captains, this is a thread to post memes. These memes are still forced to follow the rules, some of those which have breached these rules have been hidden and discussions around these "memes" have also been hidden. Now go back to the good memes. I also encourage you to read this
  6. Several posts have been hidden due to offtopic posting, any further offtopic posting will be dealt with 2 days in the stockade. That was all.
  7. Captains, get back on track of the topic. Any further movements away from the topic will be dealt with 5 days in the brig.
  8. Captain, what is your ingame name?
  9. What? No, this has been debated tons and tons of times. This doesn't even work with land in battles, why does it not work? I will tell you, If land in battles shall remain (which it will, you got a bigger chance to be the first man on Pluto than GL removing land in battles) you can't put an offset on the spawn as this can and will cause spawns inside the land. If you now think "Hey just make it impossible to spawn inside land then" well here is the crux with that, the most normal way to do this in the game industry is to put a hitbox which lets the engine know "I cant put stuff here". This drains power which you want to be focused on the battle aspect to calculate trajectories etc. Now you might say "Just calculate it from x,y,z,c,v,b,n positions of the land", well that will once again drain the power from other key aspects which are needed for the battle. And this short argumentation that you don't want battle instances and put in fights on the OW won't work with the current engine and the idea to put the calculations on the client side opens up a road to a bunch of more problems like cheating which you don't want and that is why you put calculations on a server which is then private for the code and cant be changed by the players communication. Summary of this is that the short answer is no, longer answer is it wont work.
  10. Captains, go back to the topics intended purpose and not accusations which shouldn't even be in this part of the forum. Follow the following link on how to properly proceed with those statements, any more discussion on that matter will result in a warning.
  11. People stay on topic. Can someone please show this thread to Aria so Aria got a chance to reply?
  12. Please read, 10 of the ships presented in this poll were voted by the community. So it's those which voted which brought the ships in this poll.
  13. Pilatus70, between 23:51 and 23:54 there is a gap which from the screenshots we cant say if there is more said. But as you have repeated now this is not about a game mechanic issue but that someone have accused someone of cheating/exploiting. This is not to be reported by tribunal but to (if in-game chat) right click on the players name on that chatline and then press on the button "report" (if on forum) press the button report on that post. Rule on this is to be viewed here Closed
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