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  1. Daniel Sharktooth

    Avcom and Customization

    Prater, first of all I am a fan of your videos, just wanted to point out that you are doing a great job. It was that, indeed, what I based all my hopes on years ago. From what you and the others said, from the fact that the devs have not answered me neither now nor back at the time when I first posted this topic, I have come to the conclusion that it is better for me to drop the idea now once and for all. Thanks everyone for the participation, fair winds.
  2. Daniel Sharktooth

    Avcom and Customization

    I don't think that's fair to tell me sir. I was here during Sea Trials, I also was here in the first days of the Open World up until now. I know the game is called Naval Action and I also know the devs have said that avcom, if there was to be any, it would have been the last to come. All of this, I know already. What I'm asking is how much longer should I wait to see such things? As I've told you, I read all about the flora and fauna of the Gulf of Mexico on this exact forum. The pictures of Tarantulas being cataloged were here. If you go up to the first Open World discussions you might still find it. To me it's like going to a McDonald's, taking a full menu and ending up eating just the chips with the coke, without the burger. Do you feel what I'm saying? It's not like I don't enjoy the ship experience, I just prefer the avcom aspect.
  3. Daniel Sharktooth

    Avcom and Customization

    It's been another year now but there is still nothing. Devs, can you please tell me when do you plan to release avcom? Once again, I'd like to point out that this is not a rant, just a reminder. I'm truly waiting and hoping it'll come out but I'm starting to lose faith. I bought this game mostly on the promises of having the chance to explore places, catalog flora and fauna around the isles and make maps for others (be they officers or pirates) to buy. Now the open world has been out for a long time and I see no places to explore, no chance to choose such a profession for my avatar and I can't even make the character to begin with. I don't want to say that I got scammed because there's still much beauty to the naval system but I feel tricked. Am I the only one feeling this way?
  4. Daniel Sharktooth

    Open World Promises.

  5. Daniel Sharktooth

    Open World Promises.

    Devs? What's your take on this? Please respond
  6. Daniel Sharktooth

    Open World Promises.

    Hello everyone, my name is Daniel. This topic is not meant to be a complaint of any kind, it's just something I've been keeping for myself so far and now, looking at the beautiful world that the devs have created I cannot really hold it back. Therefore try to remain positive and please do not start flaming all around you. I love this game, I've been here since Day 1 with the sea trials, I've watched most of ramjb videos to improve in pvp, I've craved for the Open World back when it was not released yet watching A Prater videos and I've had my share of sailing so far. I reckon most of you can relate to that. Sailing is not everything for me though. I know this game is called NAVAL Action and I know most of you are just satisfied about how things are now. However I remember, back when I decided I wanted to invest in this game, that I used to read so many posts about "Professions", "Exploring", "Fauna and Flora". I don't know if you guys remember or if you even cared about them but I do recall pictures of tarantulas and birds being cataloged, just like in a Charles Darwin diary. I fell in love with those promises. I dreamt of myself being an explorer, not an officer nor a soldier of fortune. I hoped I could explore the land, make maps and sell them to players just like it was meant to be. Soon after I bought the game and started playing it I began to read posts about the OW coming out. I was really hyped for that. Unfortunately then the devs said that AVCOM would have been only the last part of the project, so, what I really wanted this game to be, ended up disappearing. Now everyone's got the whole map exposed when needed. I ended up being a poor scurvy pirate sailing around with nothing but my rum and broken dreams. I've looked at the patch updates yet to come in the devs post. I didn't see a thing about player customization nor about its job vocations. My question is devs, I'm so happy for what you've given us, I love sometimes to just sail around and look at the waves and the day/night cycle, but when am I going to see what I really paid for, the avcom part of this great world?
  7. Daniel Sharktooth

    Open world build - opened for everyone.

    Oh Prater, I love your videos, especially the kamikaze one and the double barrel roll. By the way I got ganked by my own "people" right when I found Matthew Town for no reason at all: Thinking about chaning nation..
  8. Daniel Sharktooth

    Open world build - opened for everyone.

    Made my first character. I'm a pirate even if I'm an honest one because no nation matches mine and neutral sounded too crappy to me (I'm an Italian). Started out in Matthew Town, ended up in Baracoa for no reason at all. Now I'm trying to get back home using google maps. I love this game.
  9. Daniel Sharktooth

    Good work developers!

    I'd like to say that I'm impressed too. I haven't seen the OW yet personally but I've watched some videos made by "A Prater". Everything is as I tought it'd be. Can't wait to join the community and also to have my own personal captain avatar. Cheers
  10. Daniel Sharktooth

    Notoriety, Infamy, "Heat" and Bounties

    Of course the bounty would be paid to the city or the Nation if you're in the Navy. Navy officers didn't take the bounties they collected for themselves because they still worked for the Navy, on the other hand privateers did take them and that is for the already quoted Letter of Marque. So I reckon we can't force self-made captains to refuse a bounty they've been risking their lives on, just for the city's sake which they might don't even consider. Don't get me wrong, I'll probably join the Navy myself but I'm afraid if we do force the bounty-thing, nobody except the Navy will go hunting these pirates down.
  11. They didn't say you could pay for 40 cannons per side each of them 80 lbs, on your boat. They just said the only premium ship you have with the pre-order can not be lost, even if it becomes, due to the numerous losses, more useless than a floating barrel.
  12. Daniel Sharktooth

    Open world prototype - resources

    It'll come eventually in the far future, when everything else is done.
  13. Daniel Sharktooth

    Battle availability: Gank, Post, Fleet duty.

    Ships of Line were not used as an escort. To build a SoL such as the HMS Victory it took 7 years, there's no way it would've been used as an escort. SoLs were too weak unless they had a pack of frigates as support that one single merchant could've never afford to hire. We're talking here about Cutters or Brigs, any other higher ship would've been too complicated to handle in shallow waters, as you said, and in any other occasion different from ocean sailing. If you read "A General History of Pirates" written by Daniel Defoe, you can see that even Edward Teach had to use his "Queen Annes Revenge" for no more than one year, then he had to switch back to a smaller ship because of the costs and the attention the first one drew. Some ships are only meant to be for war, nothing else. It's all about the weather mate, if it's sunny, you'll see them coming.
  14. Daniel Sharktooth

    Non combat open sea Fishing.

    I reckon it's a great idea. It'd be nice also to occasionally sail with your own ship near a bunch of guys trying to catch some fishes, even better to see a whale capture. Giving more realisim to the game never hurts and this is an appropriate way to do so.
  15. Daniel Sharktooth

    Open world - Beautiful places

    And then I wonder: What's below the turtle?