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  1. nope i had wrong info , i got 30 too . more than enough But funny how all hell brakes lose cause everyone wants to buy poods
  2. think it's a bug , check again , think there are more thanks for the gift and merry xmas
  3. bug . took hunt mission 11x5th rate and got 12x7th rate . tried it in 2 different cities , same thing happened. f11'd it. BUT i'm really starting to like it so far. good work
  4. i enjoy both servers , although i decided to stick to the pve , had to make a decision , limited time atm . war&peace are great names for the servers
  5. i liked it a lot . i must admit . you started out as a smal fight and ai kept joing both sides . was awesome. i do understand why they removed it but there's the difference between pvp and pve server. i think everyaone on the pve server would love it to death , including myself. also it was cool that you coud join ongoign battles where it was onyl ai against ai . it was an awesome feature.
  6. i think there is a remake out there , think it's called "Cold Waters". Haven't played it yet , don't have that much time and NA is still fun .
  7. i admit first i played the game and then i read the book and i was so blown after finishing it . it was a great read. i read as a teenager , i even remebered it when i was in the german army. by that time the wall had fallen and there were a few old east german soldiers with which you could talk and since i was stationed near the old "fulda Gap" , they showed me a few areas and talked a lot. I learned a lot back then and tom clancy's "red storm rising" kept coming back into my memory.
  8. yeah i remember those keyboard overlays. they were quite helpful at the beginning. on othe gem they had was "red storm rising" , was a great game.
  9. M1 Tank Platoon , i loved that game as kid .i kept trying different tactics . was an awesome piece of software. back in those days if it had micropose on it , it was a masterpiece.
  10. update hier hat ohne probleme funktioniert. vielleicht sind server bei steam noch etwas durch den summer sale ├╝berlastetet?
  11. we had that discussion already once and the players from the pve server did not want that.
  12. also bought the dlc's . keep up the good work .
  13. i'm in , time to move back to the pvp server. sounds great to me . get ur npc ship , sail to parol are , get into a fight , sink , have fun , repeat , have more fun and learn and get more gold . sounds liek an easy way for a pve player to get into pvp for me nad i'm down with it. you know guys , it's extremly difficult to get into pvp. Afteer playin NAL i finally found out it ain't that hard as i thought. (jodgi still sunk me in like 3 minutes , i was liek wtf). First instinct if u see one of the NA superstar (thats is Liq , Jodgi , Hachi etc. the list is pretty long ) is RUN , 2nd round it's more like screw it, 3rd round it's like cursing like shit when you lose and ya find out even though you sink it's fun and now u can keep goin out and just fight. That's what driving me back to pvp server , i actually liked pvping. Shame on me . I think the more ppl you get involved that start to get into pvp , start sinking and getting back into the zone , the more ppl you'll have getting hooked to pvp. So good change. TipHat , see you on the pvp server
  14. what i find quite funny is that some ppl write a negative review and have like 800 ,900 , 1000 hours playing. i mean come on ,i don't have nothing against your opinion but jesus 1000 hours playin a game and you didnt like it. just makes me say wtf!? btw reading admins answer . i missed that original sig up in steam , yeah was busy playin potbs back then . But once i saw the game , i was like wow. i wrote a mial and i swear for the very first time i prayed to be able to play a computer game , was still closed testing back then. thanks to admin and the hwole gamelabs team for letting me in. BTW after getting the email back then , i build myselgf a whole new rig just so i could play NA. I tried to quit once , i gace up , i knew i was hooked. Let's face it a lot of us who criticise the game , are pretty picky. I don't have those ideas most of you guys have , a lot of time i'm like wow good idea. back ot, really cool suggestion don't think a few can be put into this NA version , hint to admin . lol edit: and a lot of ppl in the review say it's a lot of ganks going on , toxic community , after a long time i played on the pvp server the other day and i gotta say , i liked it very much and most likely will just move back from the pve server.
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