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  1. wow man , excellent work . nice video , really gets you into the grove and mood to play the game. 2 things to the alt discussion 1. all the same nation is cool and no harm done 2. if those are all alts then sir , i got to bow and tip my hat to you sir for supporting NA in a generous way. and again awesome video man 👍
  2. i had no problem witrh thold system also hade no problem with even older system with just live oak , oak , fir etc... i like it simple and i'm in NA for the action (that's why i do like the dlc ships) but i do think it's cool for the crafters and i know there are a lot of ppl who like that portion of the game so thumbs up from me 👍
  3. butt wasn't that the one where you blueprints were rng ? i loved that system but i know a lot of ppl hated it. Plus there werde a lot of ppl on the forums yelling that crafting was too much clicking and complex
  4. oh there was complaining about the dub system when it was first put in to the game. To have more than one currency is not really needed. the killing of the de reuyter and the following demand for good reviews was communication which was unfortunate BUT i gotta say i like the direct way admin communcates , i'd rather have someone saying what he thinks instead of hideing it behind empty phrases. i know i am alone with that. to be honest , all changes have mostely been discussed in the past and it didnt work. we all , me included , wine about changes , in the past that lead to things not being implamented which would've really done the game good. so basically i say good job admin , go on the game is a niche game . expensive as it is and time consuming. i don't think the player base just dropped because of the patch . one other thing . they're going to release a cheaper version of the game . all for that , i had my 300 $ of fun over 3-4 years , game , alts , dlc's , most likely spent much more. all they're doing now is simplifying the game , which is not bad and rigging it for a broader spectrum of players . also not bad. the game has come a far way , crafting , open world , eco , was not plan at the beginnign , if i remeber the forums right. it's a battle game , with a little eco and crafting which is cool. i know everyone likes complex stuff but lets face it , no eco can be perfect in a game. just my opinion and no offense to Swedish Berserker
  5. you know guys we've been talking about player numbers since years now. i've been here for a few years for sure and i am pretty sure Liq and a few ohters who have been here even longer can tell the same story. I've seen only 30 players in the open world and i've seen queues of over an hour to even get on the server (and yeah the server was runing just the max of 2500 players was reached). there have been way worse ganks and way worse game mechanics. there were times were ganks were a lot easier and player numbers were sky high and times were money and ships were easy to get and player numbers were down. Na taught me 2 things. 1. no matter how good a change is , you always will have ppl yelling on the forums , that it was a bad change. crying rollback. admin and gamelabs had some great ideas , which just got trashed cause most of us including myself , didn't want to try something new. democracy definately doesn't work in game design and i am really not to sure if you really should listen to customers. 2. player numbers will always go up and go down , no matter what players do and no matter what devs do . there can be multiple reasons , a nishe game, priceing , too many dlc , a percentage of the player base is burned out etc. it's just a game and playing is suppose to be fun , not a job. sometimes i thin kthat is forgotten i know passion sweeps high when it comes to NA. why? because we all like and love the game . Hell i know , i quit a few times always came back cause basically Na is rare gem. there is no game out there like this. plus the devs are on the forums and just tell you the truth from their point of view. playercount will always go up and down in NA , it's just that kind of game. not a game everyone will like in the long run . Just chill and enjoy aslong as it lasts.
  6. he did not say that man , he said your sitting in the middle
  7. BoomBox

    Quarantine Stories

    it's pretty quiet so far in germany where i am atm . tense but quiet. they are shutting down the schools , universities , kindergartens on monday. ppl are quiet but it feels like a silence before a storm. seems kinda weird. my job i can't do from home , so that's not an option which isn't too bad cause i'm not too scared anyway , so that's not a big thing but my collegues do have a family so i understand if they want to stay home atm . the company i work for is going a little crazy though because like evey minute there's a new mail with new info , work issues etc. which is not helpful for a lot of ppl just scareing them .
  8. awesome read man . thanks for posting the link . 🤣👍 was a very fun read
  9. well tbh not too sure if the hardcore sim part is for me but to say it openly @admin , if you're in the team , i'll sign up . I like your open style man , if something is shitty , you say it's shitty. I respect the work you have done and i sure as hell will keep doing that .
  10. no need to get everything right away , especially not on pve. i think it's good the way it is. you play when you have the time and get your stuff one after the other on pve .
  11. congrats man . always tell yourself it will get better
  12. would everyone just stop pulling the god damn "i am a paying " customer card. we're all god damn cutsomers. and the game is gamelabs baby . i've been here a while seen good thing taken out because of crying without giving the god damn chnages any time . so just suck it up . if admin says there is a way , there is . i have never seen the dude lyeing so far , ni all the years i've been here but i keep seeing ppl calling bs and then being all stuck up if the guy defends himself. if the dude says there is a way to beat it , there is . we'll find it eventually and then it'll be easy .
  13. this is not personal but i can't hear the dumb jibberish russion dev poop anymore. to be flat out , where the hell have the devs ever only listened top the russian player base ? the russian nation is the zerge atm , so what. if you look in the past there have been other zerge nation. for example sweden etc. plus as stated above they are ukrainian and not russian. if you look at the sales stat , that were psoted the other day , you'll see if they wanted to cater to anyone they'd have to with the americans because those are the top buyers so far.
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