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    Quarantine Stories

    it's pretty quiet so far in germany where i am atm . tense but quiet. they are shutting down the schools , universities , kindergartens on monday. ppl are quiet but it feels like a silence before a storm. seems kinda weird. my job i can't do from home , so that's not an option which isn't too bad cause i'm not too scared anyway , so that's not a big thing but my collegues do have a family so i understand if they want to stay home atm . the company i work for is going a little crazy though because like evey minute there's a new mail with new info , work issues etc. which is not helpful for a lot of ppl just scareing them .
  2. awesome read man . thanks for posting the link . 🤣👍 was a very fun read
  3. well tbh not too sure if the hardcore sim part is for me but to say it openly @admin , if you're in the team , i'll sign up . I like your open style man , if something is shitty , you say it's shitty. I respect the work you have done and i sure as hell will keep doing that .
  4. no need to get everything right away , especially not on pve. i think it's good the way it is. you play when you have the time and get your stuff one after the other on pve .
  5. congrats man . always tell yourself it will get better
  6. would everyone just stop pulling the god damn "i am a paying " customer card. we're all god damn cutsomers. and the game is gamelabs baby . i've been here a while seen good thing taken out because of crying without giving the god damn chnages any time . so just suck it up . if admin says there is a way , there is . i have never seen the dude lyeing so far , ni all the years i've been here but i keep seeing ppl calling bs and then being all stuck up if the guy defends himself. if the dude says there is a way to beat it , there is . we'll find it eventually and then it'll be easy .
  7. this is not personal but i can't hear the dumb jibberish russion dev poop anymore. to be flat out , where the hell have the devs ever only listened top the russian player base ? the russian nation is the zerge atm , so what. if you look in the past there have been other zerge nation. for example sweden etc. plus as stated above they are ukrainian and not russian. if you look at the sales stat , that were psoted the other day , you'll see if they wanted to cater to anyone they'd have to with the americans because those are the top buyers so far.
  8. i liek the update, i only play on pve but so far i'm pretty impressed. I don't agree with most players dislike of the loki rune . it might needed some tweaking , so you can't abuse it but the thought behind it was awesome. i'm soory tha alot of us (pve players) went totally overboard with the criticism. sorry to see the feature being removed again on the pve server. the port battles awesome and the wind also . you can do a lot more things and fatser and that means more fun for me . good job devs keep it up 👍
  9. thanks for the fast and awesome answer. never saw it from that perspective 👍 I agree
  10. if i might ask , would it make that much of a difference on peace server ? i mean sure everyone could build what they want once the vm's are invested but since there is no competition on peace server i don't think it would hurt to implement the port improvement. might put a steep exchange rate for the vms on the pve server.
  11. don't get me wrong i know pvp server has priority and the pve server is a nice thing to have but i'm guessig here . if you change books bonus on the pve server , you can't customize your ship that much , which means a little less fun for us on pve . as stated in the other thread port improvements will take a while to get to pve server , if at all .
  12. just a quick question for pve - since we can't own a port on peace server , we're blocked out when it comes to improving port/resources? is that correct or am i missing something ?
  13. Hey guys , I fell asleep again last night and sailed off of the map. the game didn't log off that was my fault. I've done it before but that was before EA and i know someone sailed around south america into the pacific (sorry forgot the name who did it ) . I don't need a reset , i'll just sail back.Might take me a few days but that's no problem . But since it still can happen might be cool to have that old nifty tp back. Keep up the good work
  14. yep i'm all for it , wipe it all . lets have a clean fresh eco restart. pretty sure it'll show if the new eco system is working correctly or not. BUT i've learned one thing . The normal NA Player is a mad ugly ...uhm dedicated player with hundreds of playing hours. so change might slow the pack down a little but it won't take long and the change will be mastered . and while i am at it. i think you should use the pve server to test eco and ai stuff. why? because there are a lot of hardcore traders on there . it'll show ya if a system can work or not plus most ppl on there won't care too much if you change things . my perosnal opinion and experience. it's jolly small bunch of ppl , who just play the game , helping each other and laughing at each other if u get sunk against the ai cause ya thought it's JUST the ai .
  15. from a pve players stand point , love the new patch . good work guys 👍
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