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  1. Why not just remove the port bonuses, RvR was working before they were introduced and there is too much ship customization anyways...
  2. We have had plenty of bigger battles with roughly balanced BR with the open world ROE: While with the new ROE you end up with stuff like this:
  3. In addition they learned how to sit in the wind and reverse back and forth.
  4. So the solution to people not doing RvR is, that NPCs are going to do the port battles instead...
  5. Das Tradertool scheint contracts allgemein nicht zu berücksichtigen.
  6. Ich sehe nicht ganz wie BR-Limit Abwechslung bringen soll, klar es werden dann keine homogenen 1st-/4th-Rate Flotten mehr rumfahren. Aber letztendlich wird es doch eh wieder eine Kombination geben, die die Beste ist und die dann jeder fährt. Zudem solange die Mehrheit der Schiffe SoLs sind, hat eine Fregatte oder gar etwas kleineres keine wirkliche Möglichkeit Einfluss zu nehmen und dann könnte man auch auf sie verzichten.
  7. Why not just make alliances, like on the real server, just need to get kind of an overview how many ppl are in each nation, so things can get somewhat balanced.
  8. First fix screening, make that only a force that is able to put up a fight against the PB fleet, can drag it.
  9. And then we are back to sit every evening in your ports and be ready for an attack that might come or not, if you want to keep them. Atleast for me the flag system was the reason to stop playing in july, because it was just taking too much time.
  10. When thinking about radical changes, can we maybe take out Bots completely for a week?
  11. thing is, hey we got completely destroyed by this nation, now were allied to them and we can join their PBs. Lets just enter all of their PBs with 25 of the smallest allowed ships and ruin everything.
  12. Surrendering should only be possible if the ship is not sinking. That would get rid of people surrendering just seconds before they sink. Maybe it could be added, that you can surrender when your ship is taking on water if you have a repair kit left. it would automatically repair the ship after surrendring then.
  13. Why do we constantly have to discuss events that happened weeks ( or months?) in the past? Its not gonna change anything nor is anyone changing his mind. So why discuss things over and over again?
  14. We as clan VIE would like to support this. We now that this not exactly against the game rules, but this case should maybe help showing how very needed diplomacy ingame. We feel a group of people is trying to undermine the things we have achieved between both nations and therefore ruin the game for the majority of the nation.
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