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  1. Oak and Iron is delayed until December. Not unusual for a Kickstarter project of course. 😕
  2. Welcome to the game and good luck! FYI - You can repair your rudder in battle. Key 5 then 4. I would also recommend trying some of the tutorial exams. The second to last one will give you some rewards. Check the forum and on You Tube for videos on how to pass the final exam as well.
  3. Actually a square rigged ship won't be sailing closer than 60 degrees because you can't brace up the yards any further. So it is the inherent design of the rigging that causes the limitation, a hard limit, more practically 65-70 degrees. In general I agree with your point that certain SOLs usually 74s could run down frigates "in their best conditions" and there were certainly recorded instances of this happening. But @Wyy makes a valid point that those conditions were not always present. Frankly in the wind state represented in NA no SOL would get near hull speed and a frigate should easily be able to escape. One point he made was about windage which was a factor on large ships with high freeboard, ie; multiple guns decks. I disagree with the point that they were better in every way though even setting aside cost issues. Logistically it was more efficient to send a frigate on patrol or commerce raiding than a line ship. Frigates were more maneuverable and could go places a line ship could not. 5th and 6th rates were used for every duty except fighting in the line of battle, and they even did that on occasion. They were just more versatile. At the end of the time period the trend was to build more larger spar decked frigates. For example the British did not send 74s to hunt down the big US frigates, rather they razee'd several 64s and 74s and built a new class of single gun deck 50 gun ship (HMS Leander, Newcastle) in response. I do agree with your suggestion since we won't be getting variable wind strengths (something I have been posting about since 2016 along with actual ship drafts).
  4. Fascinating. Looks like one of Leonardo's inventions!
  5. I understand, but it still should render as you see how close he got during the battle.
  6. It should have rendered at the distance in the screenshot. At least I hope it would have that looks to be in range of the forts guns.
  7. Fluffy I don't disagree with your assessment amazingly enough, but to be fair she did have some unique, or unusual if you prefer, design elements. Diagonal riders, framing spaced more closely than normal which gave her hull additional strength and prevented hogging for example. The mission she was designed for was also different than those earlier ships you mention in particular in the first half of the 18th century. Frankly at one time there were two decked "frigates". The US 44s were designed to fight anything equal or smaller and run from anything larger which primarily meant British 64s and 74s. So here we have her in game classed with 74s a ship class that she was never meant to fight. People have mentioned the disadvantages already, also the modules category shifts to 1-3 the most expensive. In the end I agree - 4th rate is best fit.
  8. Inquiring minds on the OW want to know the answers to these questions! Knowing this would be a great time saver!
  9. @Sir "The Lorax" John So who won? Beautiful drone pics - looks like some video game I know.....
  10. Awesome shots! I always wanted to sail on the Niagara. I have been onboard and years ago took some photos from our maintop (Kalmar Nyckel) in a parade of sail though NY harbor.
  11. Some nice photos of the yards braced close hauled.
  12. Or the later version: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Leopard_(1790) More famous because of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chesapeake–Leopard_affair
  13. Steering back on course; the issue is not the cost but the stacking, bonuses + mods + books of the same type. Ports should not be building ships with every bonus anyway. The port owner should have to choose which ones to invest in but all the big ports have too many points.
  14. DeRuyter

    Fire question

    You can compare the fire resistance of different wood on the NA Map. https://na-map.netlify.com/
  15. @admin As many others have said the delivery missions are working. The only tweak I would suggest would be to have them contribute to port tax. But do work on other trade and give a us a reason to trade goods again.
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