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  1. DeRuyter

    Map Wipe

    Mine also - KPR being a capitol (uncapturable) will remain British.
  2. No reason any shallow water ship should not be able to go into deep water PB - the choice should be up to PB commanders to put what they want/need on the line up. (DLC/permit issues aside).
  3. Only if it is wrong to test the vanilla ship and guns. Notice I said mediums with no mods which means that you have to get within 100m to have a chance at penning an LGV main mast. Just testing different load outs really. Took a Surprise out with long 9s and dismasted it with less hits.
  4. I beg to differ. You focus too much on the large US 24 pdr frigates, but let's stay with that for a moment. Ironically you have just used some British propaganda by using the total gun count for the US ship and the long gun count for the British ship! HMS Java was rated as a 38 but carried 46 guns. Having said that we all can agree that the US 44s were bigger and heavier ships that the standard 18 pdr frigate and that was by design. I would hardly call it "preying" on smaller ships, which gave battle willingly and with full knowledge of the power of the US frigates. The propaganda war goes both ways. During the war a number of difficulties worried Whitehall and afterwards the embarrassment of defeats by this small upstart former colony was whitewashed by William James. The victories certainly had an incalculable effect on American morale, which may have been worth the cost. Now, answer me this question; Why is it that British 18 pdr frigates were most always able to defeat larger French 40s and 24 pdr armed frigates? The equal frigate engagement that is always referred to ofc was Chesapeake v Shannon. No excuses there the US ship was outfought, however by probably one of the best frigate captains in the RN who had a very well drilled crew. Still the rather green US crew put up a good fight. By stating that it was all down to the larger vs smaller trope you are missing out on where the real concern lay. There were after all a number of fleet engagements and actions or duels between smaller ships, of equal size. Let's see there is the small matter of the lake battles, which had great strategic import in the war. The Battle of Lake Erie and the Battle of Plattsburgh resulted in the capture of entire British fleets. Nothing minor about that I would venture to say. Then there were a number of duels between sloops and brigs, but you are right, still minor and having no effect on the mighty RN. But what were all those small US ships, ship-sloops, brigs and schooners doing out at sea anyway? Commerce raiding. That indeed had a big effect on the British war effort and insurance rates. The USN being only a small part of it with the privateers ofc. One of these privateers the Chasseur fought and beat an equally armed RN warship. We have one example in game the Prince which withstood a cutting out attack by another ship in game HMS Endymion whilst heavily outnumbered. So again I certainly disagree with your premise here and I think the British media at the time reflects a level of concern that you are trying to dismiss. Circling back to the big frigates they did cause a shift in RN strategy and ship building to counter them. Building a whole new class of 50 gun ships to fight them and diverting more fleet resources to catch them. BTW the answer to my question is one of the prime reasons why the USN and US privateers were indeed a thorn in the side of the RN in 1812.
  5. @Fluffy Fishy @LeBoiteux Your ideas would make perfect DLC if the base game is going to be just RN&USN. I like the idea of taking command of the French navy in the AWI. Even the Venetians could get in on the action with a campaign in the Adriatic and Med (Lissa 1811, etc.).
  6. I agree with other posts about the swivels - ran an all medium set up and also found the swivels cause all decks to fire high. Even turning them off it seemed the other decks still fired high. @van der DeckenRunning with mediums and no mods poses a problem though. Landed 49 mast hit on an LGV and nothing fell b/c no pens. Even using charge and some within 100m. Also found the ship is not a brawler T/WO/Very sturdy and melting from LGV broadsides. Gonna switch to longs/carros/no swivels and see what happens to the firing arc. Great looking model.
  7. This is what I was wondering about. Does the join timer not work in the PZ?
  8. If you go to the web site it shows the player can choose either the RN or the USN.
  9. I seem to remember being able to do this as well. Although that was some time ago, maybe before the OW UI patch.
  10. Sadly the last part does not matter in NA since we don't have real weather.
  11. Maybe I missed the Prater you are talking about, although I have been around since 2015 and talked with him on TS about join timers at the time. The long close timers certainly don't favor a solo hunter which is what he did more often than not (in a Lynx). That post about the 10 minute join timers and travel times was made fairly early on in the OW development after all. Despite what you may think about TDA most of us were on the realism/history end of the spectrum and favored a shorter join timer. Argument about TDA aside, my point is that we when through a long join timer test and now we have one that is double the open time. I realize you have been against this from the beginning and I agree. The ROE we have now favors the clan zerg over solo players or small groups. Factor in an increase in population on release and battles in some areas of the map will be uncertain and chaotic affairs. Here we have gameplay trumping a hardcore realism approach in a major way, while also having hardcore ship replacement and economy, unless you buy DLC ships. One does not go with the other. At least we now have the duel room except that you have to sail through a gank zone to get to it. Better if it was in a separate area, seems that would be simple to implement.
  12. No TDA was with few exceptions always in favor of a more WYSIWYG ROE. That mentality didn't start or change because of bigger clans. We always had solo and small group players, many of which left because of the revenge gank fleets. Prater felt your 30 second ROE was too short but remember his diagram which has been since quoted a number of times? That when everyone thought 10 minutes was too long. Now we have 20 minutes. That said I think I think we are on the same page here.
  13. How do you collect missions along the way? You can't pick up missions in enemy ports. Are you sailing only to friendly ports?
  14. I think @Snoopy posted the advantage/disadvantage in fleet combat nicely. In general the British preferred to be the aggressors and control the engagement, as Nelson later said that a captain cannot go wrong by placing his ship alongside the enemy (paraphrase). Since the French preferred to disable the enemy and fire high the leeward position was fine for their tactic, of course it also allowed disabled ships to drop out of the formation, or for the formation to retreat. As @Henry d'Esterre Darby noted there were exceptions depending on the fleet positions or strategic situation.
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