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  1. Hopefully there will still be content and campaigns starting in the 1890s through WW1.
  2. Have you read the UAD forum? Many posts want carriers, subs and late WWII tech. I was first excited to see a true Dreadnought focus like you said, but theme creep is occurring and now we have Yamamoto and Bismark, battleships essentially sunk by aircraft well past the age of dreadnoughts. So back to the WWII theme, another sure seller, that ppl still want.
  3. The double forestay gave it away. 🙂
  4. The type of wood didn't effect speed nearly as much as it does in game. Also keep in mind that Endymion was armed with an 18 lb main battery when she logged this speed.
  5. Exactly. That's why I put it in my original reply to Mr. McBoatface. Historically a vessel the size of the Snow (Ontario) would not fight a frigate like the Hermione for example with any hope of winning.
  6. You said that historically small ships took on and beat larger ships all the time in your previous post. I was asking for historical examples of that, especially in a straight up brawl as you note, between warships of course traders don't count.
  7. Do you have examples of this in a straight up battle? I am curious because small unrated ships the size of a Snow would generally not engage larger ships. If they did the weight of metal would mostly decide the battle not maneuver unless the smaller ship was very lucky. Yes there are rare instances like Speedy vs. Gamo which was trickery and a boarding action mostly. The problem with the Snow is the change to allow 32lb carros. The HMS Ontario was armed with 6 lb guns and 4 lb guns period. For game play they original choice of 18 lb carros was a good compromise. The Snow is too small for a whole broadside battery of 32 lb carros. https://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=5617
  8. Answer is in the title: UA: Dreadnoughts. Can't really have a game about the development and superiority of the battleship after its' demise as a weapon system.
  9. That's because she was a cut down or "razee'd" 64, essentially a 4th rate.
  10. @van Veen Admin beat me to the issue with the jibs. You simply release the jib sheet. The command might be something like "ease the sheet or let fly jib sheets" Stays'l a bit harder but the same thing basically. It is an animation issue. Close hauled speeds are not necessarily off, some frigates could make 10 knts close hauled (13 knts sailing large or off the wind). The biggest issue related to that is the angle to the wind, meaning that no square rigged ship could sail closer than 65-70 degrees to the wind while a fore and aft ship can sail about 45 degrees. In game we have ships making headway at 20 degrees and keeping good speed at 35 degrees. One reason that ships seem too maneuverable and makes it easy to stern camp is this point. But the angles are relaxed for game play so other factors need to be adjusted to compensate. I can hear the cursing if players ships slowed to a stop and started drifting backwards at 40-50 degrees off the wind.
  11. @Gimpy117 The Snow was much closer to her IRL version and better balanced when the carros were limited to 18 lb.
  12. I agree. Looks like draft may be added in the Sea Legends game though.
  13. May not be unrealistic if your ship is pounding upwind through a gale!
  14. I was never really an RPG player until KCD. A historical RPG based on realism where you start unskilled, ok I will try it. Now it is taking most of my playing time! So a single player RPG like experience set in the age of sail and bringing in realism elements left out of NA because of MMO element, count me in!
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