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  1. More realistic near term to do: Implement a Raid mechanic Fix Trading - bring back old weights for trade goods combined with reduction in reals reward for cargo delivery is best way IMO.
  2. This is very good news for me since I am about to start a build with a RX580 (8gb)! This will be with a Ryzen 5 2600 like the OP. My current potato rig is lucky to get 25 FPS in small battles lol.
  3. I just checked - No permit for Prince. There have been a number of suggestions like this back to Steel Sandwich's multiple depth ports. Frankly implementation of ship drafts and actual depths would go a long way to making the smaller ships more relevant and balance a lot of port battles. Maybe NA2.
  4. Have you searched You Tube? I think you may find some video guides including guides on how to beat the tutorial exams that have been recently posted.
  5. Not sure that Essex vs. Endymion should be a fair fight given equal captains (Certainly not IRL anyway). IMO ship balance should be lower priority than everything else. Frankly mods and the port bonuses still need balancing before the rest. In particular taking a look at stacking and hard caps. Gunnery: Agree with the reduction of carros but just to note: LeRequin never had carros IRL there is balance for you. They won't take away the option so yeah should be reduced at least. Niagara should carry 32 carros because that is how she was armed. When armed with carros Surprise I think had 32s. Trade: Get rid of the 100 wt per unit blanket weight. IMO that is one reason it is not profitable unless you have an Indiaman fleet.
  6. But GL front page still says Early Access. 🤔
  7. Very tempting to leave early - trying not to bolt for the door too early...….
  8. The KS does say "punch board" terrain so I would imagine the island will be thicker cardboard. The sea mat is going to be more paper like from what I understand. I would get a proper mat anyway, either mouse pad style or cloth.
  9. While the skirmishers are too close together. Having skirmishers as a separate unit type does also raise doctrinal issues given the changes during the time span of the game. Plus you have light infantry acting as skirmishers like jaegers and later you have skirmishers drawn from the light companies of line regiments. (For that you could have a button to detach them like UGCW).
  10. Thanks for posting. Now I can see the craziness of having ports able to produce multiple level 4 bonuses! Just having one level 4 combined with other mods certainly calls for a cap in addition to a nerf.
  11. I understood the release wipe to be everything but book knowledge. It is what triggered the recent forum "troubles" after all. I agree though it would be nice to have a final answer with details such as character recreation. There was at least one previous wipe where everything including characters was wiped.
  12. +1 They did say that the port specialization will be limited, less points per port, but I agree the highest levels should be nerfed.
  13. Ah but weather effects played a big role in the age of sail. It is a shame not to have it in game.
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