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  1. Aggressive AI was in the game at one point and is again to a limited extent on the War server. Previously the aggressive AI would interfere with pvp port battles on the War server and it was removed. Lots of people on the PVE (Peace server) have voiced concerns about aggressive AI because they would rather only engage when they want to and other reasons. Lots of stuff on the NA forum about aggressive AI.
  2. Cutting out expeditions using small boats to capture anchored ships would be great as well. Very prevalent along the US coast when a smaller ships hid up a river where larger ships of the line or even frigates could not go.
  3. This ^^. Here are your answers. Not sure if the OP was aware that the Connie was originally in game as a 4th rate. Technically IRL a heavy frigate or 5th rate as built. Lots of unintended consequences by the changing to 3rd rate in game.
  4. Have you played since they added the wind gusts?
  5. One of the last remaining survivors of the USS Arizona sinking passed away earlier this year. A diver will take his remains down to the ship to be with his crewmates in a ceremony tomorrow, December 7th at sunset. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/navy-vets-ashes-destined-for-sunken-pearl-harbor-battleship/ar-BBXPQKJ?ocid=spartandhp RIP o7
  6. Link to an article with some photos of the SMS Scharnhorst wreck. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-50670743
  7. She should have 50 nominal guns - 22/22/6 https://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=636 @admin Also no carronades on main deck at all IRL. But I would suggest that 32 lb carronades would be correct for the upper gun deck . The RN experimented with 68 lb carronades on the main gundeck of the 4th rate HMS Glatton but quickly changed to 18 lb long guns with 32 carronades on the upper gun deck. That ship was ultimately cut down to a 44 and armed like a 5th rate with upper deck 32s. That size seemed to be the carronade of choice for upper deck or spar deck armament. (IMO heavy carronades on the main gun deck - like the 42s on the Indy or 32s on a Trinc should be removed anyway.)
  8. You need to start a new hobby - painting miniature ships!
  9. Man you must be a "Red Leg". I am not necessarily disagreeing with you, but I'll just leave my earlier quote for context. Maybe instead of just repeating the same line over and over you can show me some reference from the AWI supporting your point for the game's time period. I am well aware that a unit of guns was often referred to as a battery in particular in a fortification or field works. So the question is in the 18th century was the term battery used colloquially when referring to an artillery company in the field. One could also include horse artillery which I have seen in numerous sources referred to as a troop.
  10. Exactly. In the English release it was titled: "Admiral". Great movie BTW!
  11. Maybe I am missing something because this thread is about stopping and reversing engines. Kedging is using your anchors and windlass to move the ship generally forward. Was it done if you still had engine power? In the age of sail it was used to maneuver in a tight space like a harbor or river, or as in the case of the Constitution move forward while there was no wind. Keeping in mind this was done whilst attempting to escape and not in the middle of battle.
  12. Sorry about that. I play War Thunder - so my first thought was to non-historical BR matching. As you have said the solution for the early frigates vs. the later more heavily armed ships is not easy. Nor should it be about artificially balancing so every 5th rate has a chance against another 5th rate. Allowing carronades to the earliest ships even if they did not carry them - the 9 pdr frigates is plausible. Had they been active later they would have been upgunned etc. This did happen with 6th rates. Taken together with removal of main deck carronades on the 18/24 lb frigates this would certainly help diversify the fleet. As to different zones I agree it may work to an extent, but it puts the sandbox element at risk. Maybe just increasing the areas of shallows allowing more area for the 9/12 lb frigates to fight each other. Proper ship drafts and bathymetry would be great, but alas we don't have that.
  13. That looks suspiciously like some kind of arena game with matches determined by BR 😉 Actually I like your earlier thought that giving main deck carronades to smaller ships helps. I would go a step further: Remove main deck carronades from the larger ships like Trinc/Endy and Indy. Realism bonus none of them carried main deck carronades IRL! Trinc - 18lb battery on main deck.
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