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  1. Thanks, DeRuyter! Doublebuck, I have little historical knowledge on this aspect, but I can comment from a physics perspective. You are likely correct about the risk with doubling charge/powder. Having extra balls/shot in the cannon could also increase risk by increasing reflected pressure. (For every action, there is equal and opposite reaction.) So having more to push out of the cannon, means that the cannon's integrity at the back end needs to be able to resist that added pressure. Additionally, I can imagine that the interaction of two propelled balls within the cannon's bore may
  2. Thanks, and good tip. I'll try it. Was thinking someone may know or hint at the quantitative parameters of how these shots are programmed/calculated to behave in the game. In a custom battle, it may take several trials and potentially inconclusive, but a fun test either way.
  3. With respect to destroying the enemy faster at close range, are either (or both) of Double Shot and Double Charge upgrades worth their cost and weight? The description of Double Charge suggests benefit of longer range, but does it penetrate better at short range, in a way that gets the enemy to sink sooner? Does the Double Shot deal sufficiently more damage to be worth the expense? (I'm planning to put these on a Victory 1st rate and use it against a Victory or Satisima.)
  4. Yup, that's what I meant. Ok, I had a suspicion that would be the explanation. Thanks for clarifying.
  5. Are you sure about weapons affecting the boarding success? The boarding score on my ship's characteristics does not change whether I choose a musket with a bayonet/sword or without.
  6. P.S. This seems to have been fixed, whether intentionally or otherwise. I switched to launching from steam when early access came out but still had to ensure Citrix was closed etc to play. Now, it doesn't matter anymore. I can have a citrix virtual desktop running and also open an instance of the game simultaneously.
  7. Excellent, switching to beta going forward. Thanks!
  8. I am playing off Steam, so I assume I have the latest build. However, the properties->details tab on build.exe launcher does not have version numbers corresponding to the version you mentioned. Not sure how to tell then which version I am running. In Steam, the current content buildID is 4776420. Thanks for clarifying about the decks, and thanks for the tips and answers.
  9. I would imagine this has been suggested before, but I cannot find a post about it. If you can sell a trophy ship for reputation, then it would be great to be able to sell a used ship for reputation as well, albeit (perhaps) fewer reputation points. I would imagine that the admiralty would still appreciate receiving a ship for free, even if you had used it. A captured ship is a used ship anyway. So, with any ship, you could have the option to sell for money or "donate" for reputation. I would even say that donating weapons for reputation instead of money would be a nice option, too, if
  10. Very helpful, thanks! Had no idea that the slots in the transport correspond to decks. Which slot is the upper deck--the leftmost or the rightmost? I assume higher deck has more effect on boarding, per your input? Regarding free to upgrade permanent upgrades..I have not seen this. I have the 1st light hull upgrade (to hold more crew for boarding). I researched the 2nd light hull, but cannot put it on any ships that already have 1st light hull. I just cannot select that upgrade slot anymore. Am I doing it wrong?
  11. I have the following questions about boarding. I am thinking that this will not only be helpful for many others, but perhaps these topics can somehow be addressed in a future tooltip or tutorial feature. (1) Do sailor's weapons affect boarding success? For example, does choosing gun vs. gun+bayonet for my sailors make any difference when boarding. The chosen weapon is their weapon in a land battle, but during boarding? (2) When using my transport ship to board an enemy ship with my soldiers, does my type of soldier, their guns, bayonet or not, and rank, affect boarding success?
  12. Thanks for the suggestion. Haven't had a chance to play yet since then so haven't tried but I'll update you soon. Either way, is this expected to be a permanent or temporary thing? Thanks.
  13. ...In fact, in the past (not now), I was able to have open and play the game while simultaneously having a Citrix workspace open. So it appears to be a new problem.
  14. Ink, indeed! I do have Citrix software installed for work. I will note, however, that I have had and had been using Citrix software since before installing the game. However, my problem only started January 19th and it continues to now. Prior to that, I last played successfully on January 17th. What else might you want to know? I'm happy to send you detailed system summary, such as one generated by Speccy but I would probably better do that by email than here. But I can post here a general one. (I'm also happy to send the bug report the launcher generated but can't find where the fold
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