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  1. Have to amend my initial assessment too. Next major battle, enemies seemed to surrender at the same rate as previous. Must have been something about the way I fought the first that made it different. Just putting this out there so nobody gets any wrong assumptions.
  2. This only based on the first battle in the British campaign after the latest patch, so subject to change deeper in. It does, however, seem that I won't really need the "kill prisoners" command anymore since they rarely surrender now. They still fight as you would expect untrained militia to fight, which is to say not very well, but their courage seems to have gone up quite a bit. They're almost all French Foreign Legionnaires now (minus the skill), fighting until the last man, then shattering. Not much of an issue in the British campaign where you can buy all your stuff with the pile
  3. Something I find confusing is the timing of the point of interest missions, meaning when do they finish so I get my ships and troops back? Quite important as it helps me determine which ships I can afford to send on these missions without ending up missing a key ship or two when a major battle has to be fought.
  4. I agree. I'm even willing to swear that there is more than one example of exactly that happening. They strike, and suddenly the ship they struck to gets dismasted, distracted, sails off in an entirely different direction. Makes sense for them to say "hey, this is different, how about we rejoin the fight?" Even more so because they're still in possession of a ship and whatever weapons were left on her, unlike the case of the surrendered prisoners suddenly plucking muskets off a nearby tree to rejoin. Or perhaps they got them from the rescuing unit. Everybody knows that infantry carried three sp
  5. It's not whether or not it's doable, so much as it is my innate hatred of all things RNG 😉 On a serious note, though, it feels like a bad roll forces me into a play style that I can't escape because no available ship turned up for purchase. I mean, it's not like it being available comes without a cost. I still have to spend resources on buying and equipping her that I could spend otherwise. And, as was mentioned earlier, I can't even get "around" it by voluntarily stripping one of my ships of cannon and refitting her for a transport. So it's not that I don't like new and unplann
  6. That was the whole thing, really. I still won and got the appropriate rewards, it's just the summary screen was a bit confusing. No huge deal, just a bit of cosmetics. 🙂
  7. I'd like to second that. A bit of RNG is OK, but when it creates a situation like the one I'm in right now where I should optimally use two troop ships but can't because one has never shown up in the pool, it makes me grumble at least a bit.
  8. Sorry I forgot to F11 this one, I'll be better about it in the future. I just finished Dinner for the Admiral and ended up rescuing the Walpole, capturing the Santa Rita and, well, the San Juan Bautista struck her colours, the coward thus making it impossible to sink her as required. Here's where it gets confusing, though. In the post battle screen the result was listed as a victory, but the goals were marked with red crosses as if they failed (due to the San Juan not being sunk, I assume). Near as I can tell, I was rewarded as if it was a victory, and I now have San Juan Bautista as a pr
  9. I did. Talked me into it, thanks a million. My family may never see me again 😉 Yes, I'm having a blast on the PvE server right now while learning how to fight my ship properly. Only beef is I wish the AI would react to me in some way, much like the AI does in, say, E:D. It feels a bit surreal for me to go snatch a Spanish NPC trader, only to pass by a Spanish NPC fleet minutes later without as much as a frown in my general direction. Or sailing straight through pirate territory with two trade ships full of goods without worries. Enough OT from me. Also still loving UA:AoS. As I said,
  10. After a mere hour with the game, once it had finished downloading, I can say with quite some confidence that you're right. I had a blast! (So did the Spaniards, but not in a good way). I was slightly dismayed, however, when I learned that apparently there is no mid battle save function as I was called away for other duties. Oh well, I get to beat the Spaniards again!
  11. I've been sorely tempted. However, I'm not really interested in MP, too many squeakers, griefers, casuals and assorted other dregs of humanity there, and I wasn't quite sure how much fun a game designed for MP would be in SP. But the temptation has been great, since it's one of my favorite periods in history.
  12. ...with my sad addiction, that is. Addiction to all things Game-Labs. So I watch this YouTuber playing a new game along the lines of UG:CW, mainly because it mentioned the Royal Navy and the Age of Sail in the teaser, which means I'm automatically interested. Then I spend a few hours cursing YouTubers and their access to all of the coolest stuff earlier than everybody else while praying that I may not be struck dead before release and then, finally, my elation knows no bounds as I learn that I can actually get in on the fun early on too! So yes, have my money, you're welcome to it. N
  13. I did. Looks like my information was a bit outdated, must have been from a previous version of the mod. In that version, there was pretty much no apparent reason for not swapping all of the 3inchers out with 6lb pea shooters (what I used to call them in vanilla), which is both cheap and easy to do as they're lying around in piles in the armory. In 1.25, however, they're quite a bit better compared to the 6lb'ers. Not up close, they're about equal there, but that's both right and proper.
  14. If it wasn't for the fact that Artillery has been nerfed into the ground now. Granted, it was way op in vanilla, but as the CSA, the only guns that made sense in the past (that you could actually get), the Napoleons and the 3inchers,are now next to useless compared to the Union guns which you can't get. Question : I absolutely love the fact that you can capture enemy batteries now, but it seems like you're not actually getting the guns after the battle if you do, as opposed to just shattering them. Thanks for the tips, though. I restarted and bought a brigadier general right off th
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