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  1. Thank you. For reply. I think I will test it. If it doesn't work than I'll have to wait to the end of my journey next June.
  2. Hello, Short question. Does a Intel iris 550 could run the game at least? Would be great Thanks in advance!
  3. Works fine since 2016. But recently I have somtimes problems with a black screen after start. Only solution so far multiple attempts to start. Trial an error
  4. That's not enough. I would like to get the doubloons. For me I play mostly with privateer, alone as pirate. Can't load the missions barrel. Can't play with big ships - too slow
  5. Make Cargo Missions worth to attack. Maybe half of the doubloons reward is lootable or sth like this
  6. Flag dlc should allow to adjust the size of the flag, want them bigger Trading +1 Unrealistic wish. But I would love to have more pirate mechanics for single player
  7. Add mini game battleship (sea battle) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battleship_(game)
  8. Luc

    Wrong Speed Data?

    Ah i see. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Luc

    Wrong Speed Data?

    Hey, maybe its a mistake by myself but i cannot understand the stats. when im not in my surprise she is 12.39 kn fast and when she is mounted the speed is 11.49kn. with the cerb its the same.
  10. +1 or please - tell us it won't happen - so I can stop waiting desperately
  11. Don't know if it's mentioned before - no time to read all posts. So, is this the perfect timing to make pirates as we know disappear or split them as mentioned often before. True Pirates should not be able to form war company's only clans. They should be able to enter every port of course with danger. And so on - will not rephrase all the good ideas that are make in all the posts before - admin surely had keep them in mind. I think it's a good timing to implement pirates rework in this whole thing!
  12. Admin is right. The attacker is also often a victim of fleets in hostile waters. When u hunt alone and Tag a ship there's no chance to escape afterwards most of the time. Because of time compression in the ow it's mostly unfair without the speed boost.
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