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  1. DeRuyter

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    I understand just a little joking on my part. I hope they are able to launch a complete game without the need for DLC. But yes if it can't be done that way then DLC like expansion for South American navies or something would be welcome.
  2. DeRuyter

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Are you lobbying for a base game limited to the Royal Navy and the Kaiserliche Marine? 😉 The prior games didn't go down the DLC route and I hope this one wouldn't either.
  3. DeRuyter

    Real-Life Sailors, Muster!

    Must be a short season! ❄️
  4. DeRuyter

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    There should be plenty that used their ships in action during the time period: US, Spain, Russia, Japan and more.
  5. DeRuyter

    Explosive shells for Mortar Brig

    All Bomb ships, the Mortar brig in game, fired explosive rounds. Put another way that is the ammo that mortars used - dropping exploding shells into the forts. What we don't have in the game are the graphic effects of these shells. As far as the HMS Terror there were several with the last built in 1813 and then lost on Franklin's Arctic expedition. An earlier Terror participated in the 1801 Battle of Copenhagen. Both ships were armed with 2 mortars a 13" and a 10". I believe we have the 13" in the game. They were larger than the brig in game but still only armed with a few 6 lb guns in addition to the mortars.
  6. DeRuyter

    Oak and Iron kickstarter

    I watched this demoed at a games convention this past weekend. I was at the Firelock games booth buying the Dutch faction box for Blood & Plunder at the time! Sadly no time to play myself as I had my own games to run. I talked to Mike, the gent with the beard that has captivated everyone's attention. They are well read on the period - 17th century mostly prior to the NA time line and into the beginning, think Ingermanland and Wappen as the newest ships in the time line. They do have a tie in to B&P for a campaign type game as well. Unlike most KS they have set a realistic time frame to get the game out to backers which is welcome (next October). I am in on this one. They have a nice gameplay video on the Beasts of War channel. Of course all this painting miniatures and playing live does limit my NA time......
  7. Count me in! Love the Pre-dreadnought/dreadnought era. "You may fire when you are ready Gridley" Pics taken on a visit to the USS Olympia to help my application:
  8. Thanks for the heads up and detailed explanation. If the books are balanced so their effects are not OP (skill not gear), then new players aren't going to suffer as much and quit because they got sunk by a vet with all the right gear.
  9. DeRuyter

    No Christian

    @Captiva Did you delete your character or re-roll on the test server? Seems that might be a reason - like OP and @EliteDelta ? I got one but I stuck with same character and grinded to the 10k.
  10. DeRuyter

    Closing ports

    Exactly. Not a bug or scheme to get you out sailing, but a feature to keep people from accidentally deleting their ships. You could sink some Tbrigs on your way down to close it and score some doubloons so you won't be wasting your time.
  11. DeRuyter

    Cost of Teleporting

    You can get a large amount of doubloons from AI traders - yesterday I got 600 from an AI Tbrig! I did that whilst sailing between outposts instead of using a TP.
  12. This could be a case of familiarity. Didn't take long crafting on the test server to learn the icons.
  13. Looking forward to testing the patch after work. @admin Thanks for the hard work and the quick hotfixes for bugs that early testing has found! 😎