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  1. Please see the OP. A poll has been added for ease of access to cast your votes and share your opinion. https://www.opinionstage.com/fenrirfurrien/uss-constitution-rating
  2. The main Reason for the debate is as I just previously mentioned. Mechanically speaking Putting her in 4th Rate will have no effect on actual gameplay. It's simply a numerical representation. You keep the Battle rating the same, just Change her Rate to more accurately represent her. It has nothing to do with he ability to fight different rates. A Pirate Frigate can Fight and Sink a 1st rate, however that doesnt make the Pirate Frigate a 1st rate. Simply Put the Connie is a Heavy Frigate, 4th rate. Not a Ship of the Line 3rd rate.
  3. Another small addition that I forgot to mention in the OP. Mechanically speaking the only *real* effect this will have in game, is the missions stating '4th rate or lower' will now let you use the constitution, and the USS united States. I feel that this won't stop people playing the Constitution in the way that she's currently played, or cause the Constitution's position in the game to change drastically (or even that noticably). Having her in the 4th rate slot is simply more historical accurate, and more accurate of her current play style, as that of a heavy frigate. (Sink what you
  4. The Napoleonic era Ship rating that I quoted lasted until after the war of 1812 (lasted until about 1815 I believe). The constitution is only able to Rival 3rd rates due to her speed, and is outgunned by every (to my knowledge) 3rd rate aside from her sister the USS United States. That said there are many 4th rates that have a heavier broadside than her as well, I believe only the Indefatigable has a smaller broadside than her in the 4th rates.
  5. I will start this off by saying that I don't claim to know everything, as such I will do my best to include as many references as possible. The depth that Naval action allows players to field is phenomenal, and it encourages experimentation with ships/builds/playstyles and the like. One thing I would love to see is a more accurate implementation of some of the ships. This time I'm going to focus on the USS Constitution. Put Simply, the USS Constitution belongs in a 4th Rate slot, as opposed to a 3rd rate position. During the time of her service (and for a while before) Ships
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