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  1. The POTBS map was much closer to right sized. About 30-40 minute sail max from one end to the other. A map that size or even slightly larger would help.
  2. Hell, there are 137 players on right now. Odds of encountering one... slim.
  3. This game would be much better with a much smaller map. Lose some ports, shrink the map, profit. You need a huge population to fill this map and you ain't got it.
  4. Please explain how people getting AI reinforcements in a battle near their ports that stays open "helps" gankers. And for the record, my biggest complaint about green zones is that I usually sail solo and can't tag anything since anything worth tagging solo is in the green zone.
  5. Make very lucrative trade items in free towns. Make more free towns. That would set up trade routes outside reinforcement zones.
  6. Please. This game was released and marketed as open world pvp. It has changed to something between PvE and arena combat.
  7. This map is too large for what this game is trying to accomplish. I'm guessing, but I bet at least 80% of the ports see very little to zero traffic. Reducing the size of the map and the number of ports by half might help. In the meantime, of course PvPers go to capitals. To PvP you have to go where players are. But now those areas are off limits leaving PvPers nowhere to go unless they have a large group or disposable ship (Patrol Zone). This game was founded on the premise of unrestricted open-world PvP. And this game was far better two years ago when it was just that. All of the
  8. Here is the problem; we have an OW and the devs keep putting mechanics in place to encourage "arena" fair fights. One or the other, please.
  9. Real pirates have no use for you, or ports, or econ. We steal stuff. El Loco kindly donated twelve high grade notes to us. Our econ is great!
  10. US and Great Britain are at war thanks to some open sea provocation by Tattered Flags. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!
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