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  1. The POTBS map was much closer to right sized. About 30-40 minute sail max from one end to the other. A map that size or even slightly larger would help.
  2. Hell, there are 137 players on right now. Odds of encountering one... slim.
  3. This game would be much better with a much smaller map. Lose some ports, shrink the map, profit. You need a huge population to fill this map and you ain't got it.
  4. A sandbox game is what we want. If players can’t handle sandbox mechanics because they have victim mentalities they should not play open world pvp games.
  5. Why would the upper decks have priority? I would have thought it was the reverse?
  6. Why? It is a skill shot that involves risk. The captain risks dumping his broadside in the water. If they can pull it off, good for them.
  7. Why do players want to remove tactics and player skills? What next? Get rid of aiming? I suppose we should make the game so we can get alongside each other and mash space bar with our foreheads.
  8. It is limited by weight and cost... and your mechanic never works against real pvpers Muhahahahahahaha.
  9. Lol, as soon as I could sail a snow I was hanging out at KPR. This was way before safe zones. I levelled up almost entirely through PvP. It would be very hard to do that these days.
  10. How wrong you are. The biggest attraction for many players that came to this game (especially from POTBS) was unrestricted PvP. PvP BR restrictions ushered in the biggest population drop that I saw in this game. They have an entire server dedicated to players like you, what more do you want????? And Sid Meier's Pirates is still pretty good.
  11. Please explain how people getting AI reinforcements in a battle near their ports that stays open "helps" gankers. And for the record, my biggest complaint about green zones is that I usually sail solo and can't tag anything since anything worth tagging solo is in the green zone.
  12. The big server drop from 1000 plus players came when battle ratings were introduced, resulting in split groups. PvP restrictions are killing the game.
  13. Make very lucrative trade items in free towns. Make more free towns. That would set up trade routes outside reinforcement zones.
  14. It's too damn bad, this game was exciting when it came out with the promise of open world pvp. Not so much anymore. All the mechanics favor carebears.
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