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  1. Good point on the group issue. Limiting the amount of BR joining after equalizing the sides could also exclude a group. Using your example of a Herc attacking a Frigate if you put a limit on the amount of BR joining then a Vic or a Bellona couldn't join, but a another Frigate could. Although the counter point might be again that we don't want complex rules to force completely equal fights on the OW.
  2. DeRuyter

    French Frigate L'Hermione

    In English we say "2-6 Heave!" or of course for raising sail singing a chanty!
  3. Ganking is not discouraged by battles open for the weaker side for the following reasons. 1) 2 min free entry for all still exists 2) Once 2 mins passes the system checks the BR in battle and keeps it open for the weaker side. 3) Battle closes when BR of the weaker side exceeds the attacking side. FYI This is @admin quote. My reply was just about possible dynamic BR based on installed mods, etc. I see your point though maybe there should be a BR range at which the battle is considered 1:1 BR and then closed?
  4. This system leads to the BR balance discussion. Here is a question - Should a 5/5 ship fully equipped with the best mods have a higher BR than the same ship with none? Would it make sense modify BR for installed mods? May lead to a fairer calculation for either side.
  5. Problem 1: Would doing away with distanced based ROE increase pvp? Many players want to enjoy an advantage in a battle, would the uncertainty of an always open battle encourage pvp? Maybe only for the larger nation/clan? Would a balancer for the weaker side help possibly but still you have uncertainty. COD in the OW? What about a trader who is trying to run away but gets tagged with no chance to escape. I think representational distance is a solution if it can be coded (maybe there is a way around the land in battle issue). The initial pull is version of the WYSIWYG circle or maybe with the 2 minute timer. Ships arriving after that click on the swords and join a side and are placed in the battle at a distance away based on the time they clicked in. So someone arriving at 2:01 isn't shut out and someone arriving 30 minutes later has a long sail. A bonus effect of this might be secondary battles if late joiners arrive from either side. This encourages sailing in a group and not the gamey waiting in port for a battle to happen. Just leaving a battle open encourages waiting in port until the call is put out. Problem 2 & 3: Really these go together. A fast ship controlling the engagement is simply what happened in the age of sail. Maybe the burden should not be on the lineship to not make a single mistake but on the frigates? A weight system sounds very interesting 🤔. Might be a solution here for small ship stern camping/ hugging (plus musket/swivel fire). A historic example of a lineship, well 4th rate in game, our famous HMS Agamemnon fighting a number of frigates: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Action_of_22_October_1793 I am not sure any of these ROE issues really address @Banished Privateer original issue with the griefing but it may make it harder for one small ship to kite and delay a number of lineships.
  6. DeRuyter

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    I agree. As I noted in my post, the time period covered creates issues and not just for frigates. I should say the interaction with game elements, missions, modules, etc and the historical classifications conflicts. While you did have older ships taken out of front line service and used in various ways historically, that doesn't work well in game in a mission for example. The French used a similar classification system correct?
  7. DeRuyter

    On reclassing certain ships

    Beautiful ship that highlights the problem of having ships spread across a long time line. Used to be that the Reno was the fast downwind tagger. I thought I saw @rediii sailing a Reno in a recent stream though. I just posted in the other thread: For 5th rate missions you can vary the difficulty with larger or smaller AI opponents so the lighter 5th rates can do them. Ultimately reclassing heavy 5th rates (and the one "super frigate") as ships of the line would be a mistake IMO. Now getting rid of the 7th rate class has merit. 🤔
  8. DeRuyter

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    Please don't do this. The Constitution has already been moved up to a 4th rate. Part of the issue is that we have ships built 100 years apart in game, so you have the development of larger frigates with heavier guns ultimately leading to the 24 pdr armed "super frigates" which were still 5th rate ships according to the RN and the USN. The Constitution is really a 5th rate but sure for game purposes equivalent to 4th rate. Ok she was bigger then most frigates and had some unique design considerations for the time, but she was not a SoL or meant to stand up to a 3rd rate 74 gun ship. So in game we have the 4 rates as a mixed bag of ships - one of the newest ships Constitution, with one of the oldest, Ingermanland, an one that arguably could be a 3rd rate, Agamemnon. If you wanted to re-class one of the 5th rates it should be Indefatigable as a razeed 64 gun ship she was larger than the others. IRL 4th rates normally had 2 gun decks, really smaller SoLs. A late 4th rate would be the HMS Leander a 50 gun ship for example. As for 5th rate frigates there was also the development of heavy frigates which in the RN were mostly the 38 gun 18 pdr ships Leda class like the Trincomalee. The few ships fitted with 24 pdr batteries like Endymion were also considered heavy 5th rates. They were really of similar size to the other 38s anyway. But you still had the light frigates like Surprise in service and classed as 5th rates. Wasn't the Cerberus a 6th rate anyway? I forget which one we have in game the 1757 ship was a 6th rate. Perhaps an easier game solution would be to vary the 5th rate missions so that they could be done with all sizes of 5th rate frigates. A more difficult 5th rate mission may mean a larger opponent rather than just more opponents. Exactly. You may be thinking of the term "Post ship" referring to a larger 6th rate cruiser requiring a post captain as its' commander.
  9. DeRuyter

    Good job killing off solo players.

    AI ships sail through land all the time no problems there. 😏
  10. DeRuyter

    Good job killing off solo players.

    Sad that we can't have this feature it would once and for all put to rest all the time compression/timer arguments that have been going on since 2016! It would in effect give us "Sailaway with guns" without the RT OW sailing @Vernon Merrill Although I am sure someone, sailing 3 minutes behind his friends, would complain that the join circle put him so far away that the battle was over before he got in range!
  11. DeRuyter

    French Frigate L'Hermione

    Nice! There is always work to do on a wooden ship.
  12. DeRuyter

    French Frigate L'Hermione

    Brilliant photographs! Thanks for posting @Surcouf Have you been onboard recently?
  13. DeRuyter

    Changing Sails (0-20-40-60-80-100%)

    When you increase the % one is "setting sail" as in the command: "set top'sls and courses". You could also say "hoist". When you decrease the sail % you are dousing or furling sail. Another term would be to "take in" sail. Some sails are set by raising the yard rather than loosing the sail, which I don't believe the NA graphics show.
  14. Terrain looks good - like UG:CW but with sharper resolution and more details.
  15. Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year to all Captains. Thanks for the gifts @admin Looking forward to more Naval Action and soon Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail in 2019!
  16. In the UG series you give orders to units to move to a certain location or to fire on a specific target, so my sense would be that ships are units and you can give orders to individual ships. However not like in NA where you are in continuous control of an individual ship. You as the player are managing a squadron or fleet of ships.
  17. They would only underperform if the ship was lightened to make it into the shallows as @maturin suggested. Ships designed for the shallows, like Niagara, may underperform in the open sea against a deep draught ship in heavy weather though.
  18. DeRuyter

    Christmas books list ?

    Just finished this one: Highly recommended. Also just started this one. Before NA timeline but hey it is about the "West Indies", boucaniers and sea battles: My wish list includes Mark Adkins "Trafalgar Companion" which I am ashamed to admit I do not own. 😔 I do have his Waterloo book though! @Hethwill the Red Duke I like George Daughan and would recommend the book below which he wrote about the strategic effects of New York and the Hudson river valley in the Revolutionary War. Lastly here is a book that covers the building and entire career of the USS Essex rather than the Pacific cruise:
  19. When does the closed beta start - sign me up! 😊 Of course one can hope for "Ultimate General: Napoleon" as well...….someday!
  20. DeRuyter

    Improvement in Flags DLC in battle

    +1 Much better value for Flags DLC then. Even better if flags showed in OW but I understand there are technical issues with that.
  21. DeRuyter

    Testing hardcore players devotion!

    The popularity of tanks in the arena has come to miniatures now too. I have a game called "What a Tanker" from a UK games company (Too Fat Lardies). All tanks no infantry or artillery, but it is meant for a fun beer and pretzels game. Of course unlike WoT all the tanks in the game have seen combat action. 😉
  22. DeRuyter

    Testing hardcore players devotion!

    My first army was English HYW using 15mm Essex minis. Painted it for a bit earlier than Agincourt though - Edward III.
  23. DeRuyter

    Testing hardcore players devotion!

    @Hethwill the Red Duke Oh man that brings back memories! I think I still have that game loaded on an old PC somewhere! Then again table top DBA was one of the first games I painted miniatures for! (1990s). Only thing for me I never made the Wargaming.net connection until you posted the screen shot! 😲
  24. DeRuyter

    Naval Action asset (ship) viewer

    I would add stats - like a mini Wiki page.