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  1. If the port owner can't be online to defend them during your time, why should they sacrifice their game play to accommodate yours?
  2. Looking at the loot tables for Gold Chests, the permits have a lower chance of dropping than almost any other possible loot except for the rare books for the 3 encylopedias. So it would make sense to get a string without receiving any. For 3-4th rate OW fleets, it seems the most likely loot is repairs, loki, logbook, or 381-1797 doubloons (3rd rates are the higher part of this, 4th the lower). Middle of the roads upgrades have a much smaller chance of dropping (by middle of the road, I mean one step above the "basic" upgrades), with good upgrades being rarer still. Rare books and upgrades have almost no chance of dropping (same as the 5th rate fleets), which, given my anecdotal experience, means one ship in a 6-8 ship fleet, every 3rd or 4th fleet, should contain one of these types of items. That said, I did not make a note of the loot tables before and after the loot tweaks a few weeks back to see what all changed, but there was a change when they increased the rate at which blueprints dropped in the wooden chests (their chance value went from 20 to 60). (BTW, it was a hotfix in Feb).
  3. Stuff would float up to the surface that could be retrieved, sure. Also, ships were sunk far less irl than in the game, so there's that.
  4. The would still need to use resources to upgrade the ships, so they would still need to move supplies to the crafting ports.....
  5. You realise there is another half of the world that plays outside those time zones, right?
  6. Salty much? There are no "Chinese ships" in the game. So having a Chinese flag flying from the stern of a Russian ship is no more or less appropriate than having a Pirate flag flying from a SOL or a British flag flying on a Spanish SOL. So get over the butt hurt, if it increases sales, so be it.
  7. make that 4 kills 5 minutes apart
  8. Time stamps look suspicious, evenly spaced at 5 minutes. 3 kills right in a row.
  9. Do you have the correct rank ship for the mission (for example, are you trying to take a 6th rate into a 7th rate kill mission)?
  10. @admin then make the Aggie the 3rd rate it was irl. It's wierd to have an Ardent 2 decker rated the same as a razeed Ardent in the game.
  11. You can't know what you don't know (i.e. what the loss is or even if there is one). It could be lost virtual revenue for crafters (there is likely some), or it could just mean people would play less to begin with (which is also likely happening). There isn't any way of knowing, thus your assertion is far from "proven" (you can't prove a negative, after all). You miss the point that it an apples and oranges comparison. Selling a DLC ship doesn't negatively impact Game Labs' ability to sell future DLC nor the game itself. In fact, it may increase the marketability of the game for some users. In theory, sure. But more realistically, it takes time to use and lose those ships, so they aren't being spawned every day. Also worth mentioning, again, is that the current DLC offerings are generally quite different from each other in features and capabilities.
  12. Congreve's have increased splinter damage (more crew damage) and are lighter than the mediums, at the expense of DPS and pen. Up to you if you think they are worth it. Other guns have similar trade-offs, as well.
  13. Apparently you misunderstood what I said. I stated that the majority of customers did NOT purchase the passes, thus the airlines were still profitable. The implication of such a statement being that the passes themselves were NOT profitable.
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