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  1. Small Boat Crews: Tied to 0 key in battle Launches a small boat that can be sent to a designated target on the combat map. Selecting a defeated ship will loot. Selecting your own ship will pull you off a beach Takes 2% crew 5 minute timer with a 5 minute cooldown. If cancelled within the 5 minute timer (by pressing 0), then action is cancelled (looting/towing)
  2. Maybe because the rear of a ship's gun decks is made up mostly of windows?
  3. Vas, what shallow water ship can take 24 pdr longs?
  4. This BS about loki into a battle then escaping is griefing, pure and simple. Report NAB-100120. I attack an elite 4th rate AI, for loot and a mission, and loki come in, chains, and then escapes, denying me both goals and taking 45 minutes of my time up in the process. I don't mind lokis, but they should be forced to fight it out. The point of my post is that using a loki rune to join a battle, then to try to escape from the battle, even if it involves firing chain, is griefing by default, as there is zero risk to the loki player for staying in the fight. They intentionally joined a battle in which they know they may be damaged or outmatched, no repairs, and cannot gain or keep any loot or rewards. So if they then, in turn, use that mechanic to deny a fight to the other players in the battle, it necessarily should be considered griefing. in a larger sense, the ultimate goal with this post is to drive a change to the rules or mechanics related to using a loki rune, specifically with regards to escaping the battle.
  5. One major pain point with the list is that they are rather limited in terms of numbers of clans that can be included. The cap needs to be doubled, imo.
  6. The AI are predictable and can be downright boring, that's why players solo AI fleets, to at least provide some consequence for screwing up. I don't expect a new player to go out and kill an AI 1st rate on day 1, but that doesn't mean the AI is OP, it just means the player chose poorly.
  7. if a clan invests in a port, why shouldn't they get to decide who reaps that benefit? As for not building PB ships in Nuevitas, whose fault is that? Plenty of clans build PB ships there.
  8. Oh give it a rest, already.
  9. you need a permit to build the shed, and then a blueprint for each (s) wood type. No permit is needed to make the actual woods.
  10. so? Dubs aren't that hard to come by. kill some NPC fleets, take some missions, etc. Heck, you can take a 5th rate seek and destroy mission and still get CM's and a gold chest for killing the fleet indiaman.
  11. The problem was they allowed both clans and nations, with no real link between the two. IMO, they should have done clans + an alliance system between clans and that is what defines a "nation".
  12. I know. Admin stated they needed to axe screening ahead of the 1st rate DLC because the DLC would break it. I am saying it will break more than just screening.
  13. Do you are proceeding with a 1st rate DLC? Do you see how this will be harmful to Port Battles, not just screening? Please do not do this.
  14. You need to be at least a level 2 crafter with a level 2 shipyard, and have the admiralty connections DLC to be able to do this. Even then, you will only be able to craft fir and oak ships unless you purchase the other woods.
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