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  1. Now THIS I know for sure. I've opened 7 in a row, not a single permit, and all of the mods have been low-level. I'm tracking the data now though to make sure it's not just confirmation bias (always a legitimate idea when it comes to looting).
  2. It's possible, but it's not just me. Myself, my brother, a few I've talked to in Global. I don't know, would be nice to know either way though, I have killed close to 30 ships and have seen a marked decline in quality and quantity..
  3. I don't know, something is up. Just sank a pair of elites, one was a Wasa.. No notes, no bloomfields or anything except 36 rig repairs and 500 doubloons.
  4. Less than a week ago, I could kill 4th rates and 3rd rates, looting decent mods, books, and doubloons. For the past 3 days, most of the ships drop low-level books that I was getting when hunting 6th rates, and some drop little loot at all (the 3rd rate that I just sank dropped 73 rum and that's it). Has something changed?
  5. Only fix that I’ve had since the ping issue started, was to start using a VPN and point my VPN connection to London (I live in northern Virginia). That completely eliminated the issue. It may be a problem with one of the service providers in between east coast US and Europe. I’m still seeing the problem if I don’t use a VPN. Update: pointing to another VPN connection just 14ms away from me also fixed the issue. It must be a problem somewhere close by to me, perhaps one of the Ashburn, Va datacenters (we have a lot of em)..
  6. It's ok though. Im doing another re-attempt now. Already won the first fight, just gotta play the long game against the second ship
  7. I would've grabbed a screenshot, but it kicked me out within a few moments of the event. I'm not sure how the AI would've won that boarding attempt, the strength difference was just 20 (170 for them vs. 150 for me), and my morale was around the 40's if I remember correctly. That is interesting though, Tom, about not being able to sink at 0 structure. I didn't know that one. At time of boarding, I still had around 30min on the clock.
  8. Hello! I ran into an issue about an hour ago with my Final Exam on the PvE server. I should've completed it, but I did not receive rewards, notifications or anything. Here's roughly what happened: - I boarded the first ship successfully and stole it (mine was almost sunk). - I ran for a while with the captured Cerberus before finally gunning down the second boat to sinking. - While sinking, the second Cerb managed to pull me into a board. - While awaiting the first action for the board, it kicked me out and said battle complete. Hit leave to exit. No
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