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  1. Small Boat Crews: Tied to 0 key in battle Launches a small boat that can be sent to a designated target on the combat map. Selecting a defeated ship will loot. Selecting your own ship will pull you off a beach Takes 2% crew 5 minute timer with a 5 minute cooldown. If cancelled within the 5 minute timer (by pressing 0), then action is cancelled (looting/towing)
  2. This BS about loki into a battle then escaping is griefing, pure and simple. Report NAB-100120. I attack an elite 4th rate AI, for loot and a mission, and loki come in, chains, and then escapes, denying me both goals and taking 45 minutes of my time up in the process. I don't mind lokis, but they should be forced to fight it out. The point of my post is that using a loki rune to join a battle, then to try to escape from the battle, even if it involves firing chain, is griefing by default, as there is zero risk to the loki player for staying in the fight. They intentionally joined a
  3. why does it need to work graphically? (I don't disagree with your statement, I just think it's a dumb reason). Click "launch boat" and your crew drops by 20, click the target ship in the map, select loot, and off it goes doing it's thing put it on a cooldown timer of 5 min, and if you deselect loot before the timer is up, it aborts the looting attempt, otherwise, you get the loop.
  4. Looking at the loot tables for Gold Chests, the permits have a lower chance of dropping than almost any other possible loot except for the rare books for the 3 encylopedias. So it would make sense to get a string without receiving any. For 3-4th rate OW fleets, it seems the most likely loot is repairs, loki, logbook, or 381-1797 doubloons (3rd rates are the higher part of this, 4th the lower). Middle of the roads upgrades have a much smaller chance of dropping (by middle of the road, I mean one step above the "basic" upgrades), with good upgrades being rarer still. Rare books and upgrade
  5. Stuff would float up to the surface that could be retrieved, sure. Also, ships were sunk far less irl than in the game, so there's that.
  6. The would still need to use resources to upgrade the ships, so they would still need to move supplies to the crafting ports.....
  7. You realise there is another half of the world that plays outside those time zones, right?
  8. make that 4 kills 5 minutes apart
  9. Time stamps look suspicious, evenly spaced at 5 minutes. 3 kills right in a row.
  10. Do you have the correct rank ship for the mission (for example, are you trying to take a 6th rate into a 7th rate kill mission)?
  11. Congreve's have increased splinter damage (more crew damage) and are lighter than the mediums, at the expense of DPS and pen. Up to you if you think they are worth it. Other guns have similar trade-offs, as well.
  12. This was answered on another thread (I think in Q&A) by one of the other devs. Yard power is the force generated by the sails hung on the yards for turning. (i.e. when turning using manual sails, a given ship will turn faster if it has a buff to yard power than the same ship turns without the buff).
  13. That is also a fair statement. But, there is no incentive for a player not to sink a ship.
  14. it's due to being a county capital, most likely.
  15. Getting stern raked was feared because it killed a lot of crew, not because it sunk the ship.
  16. who said anything about a snow? I didn't. The game used to be coded so that you couldn't reduce center structure below 50% by stern camping. Not sure why this was ever changed. Sterncamping also doesn't require skill. All it required is a broadside of chain through someone's sails, and that you have a ship with a higher turning rate.
  17. Stern camping in this game is ridiculous.it isn't enjoyable, it isn't historical, and it is a borderline exploit of poorly coded battle mechanics. @admin , it needs to be fixed. At least go back to the days where you couldn't damage more than 50% of the center structure by stern or bow shots. That at least forced people to actually fight.
  18. yea, seems to be since the extended maintenance on Wed.
  19. That is a common issue after crashing.
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