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  1. So I crunched the numbers to this battle the best I could, and once we forget about the fact this was simply a screen which was completely successful, we see your fleet outguns us by an insane amount. SORRY----------- v -----------Britain Cannons: 2410 1116:Cannons Men: 18650 8950: Men BR: 16100 6190: BR ------------------------------------------ Had you lost a battle with these odds, I would have been literally shocked. Either way it was pretty fun and I enjoyed the battle.
  2. Now up to 14+ active members and 36 in total, in need of level 35 crafters and flaggkaptens.
  3. Would have been better had I not sunk from running into a friendly ship
  4. If this was the fleet you sent to avenge him, you should send more Was a good fight.
  5. Victory At Sea After a very long time searching a Victory was finally within our grasp.
  6. I find it interesting that every time I offer to have a chat in TeamSpeak with KF they never show up, but sure enough I check forums and sweden chat and more negative posts are made. You know they say insults are the last resort of the ignorant.
  7. Keep it going gentlemen, I'll just sit back and enjoy. For those of you actually here for the roleplay and not these conspiracy theories I'll be making a new post shortly.
  8. Well I'm kind of struggling to find a single thing we're doing wrong, using national news for national news and valid combat tactics, as well as not abusing game mechanics. Perhaps we're not the problem?
  9. Please keep these kinds of comments off of this post, this thread isn't a place to post unfounded accusations, it's a place for roleplay and reporting victories, please keep it that way. If this is how the majority treats people I'm glad I'm not part of it..
  10. This is always refreshing to see on the forums, enjoying the history and the game as it should be. I will be doing my own captains log a couple days a week. Looking forward to more from you.
  11. "Noobish" god I needed that laugh..One minute you say we're losing to AI and Noobish, and the next you say we harassed the French so well they recaptured basse-Terre? This constant change of story indicates one thing, an invalid argument..
  12. We mostly discuss the game and swearing is completely acceptable. Other than that we're a fun group to play with and constant PvP keeps us busy.
  13. Encouraging all sailors in Gustavia and elsewhere in the Caribbean to join us as we Privateer the enemies of the Swedish crown, from the high seas off Ile-A-Vache to the bay of Gustavia, you shall see our ships and cannons roar when duty calls.
  14. Posted 01 April 2016 - 08:56 PM Today the combined forces of DRUNK, DSB and YSFLJ sailed a flag towards Fort Baai, we were intercepted just off the coast of Fort Baai and dragged into battle against 16 Danish ships with our 15 ships assault fleet, the Danes focused on our flag carrier and exposed themselves to our cannon fire, resulting in a decisive Victory for the Swedish forces. Even though the battle was a strategic victory for the Danish due to them successfully defending their fort today, it was a very fun day.
  15. This thread will contain all current and upcoming letters, captains logs and news from Gustavia. I respectfully ask that we stay on the subject of these posts which are intended for roleplay.
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