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  1. Obviously we are not allied to Pirates. This picture is taken not far from Fort Baai. Notice what Kaupmann Styrbord says in Nation chat as well. And Kaupmann Styrbord is: Excatly. A screening fleet is a way to intercept the flag without having to risk a port battle. The Screening Fleet is often considered to be "calculated casualties". In this case the DANVE clan did a remarkable job, stayed on target and managed to eliminate the primary objective!! KUDOS to the guys in DANVE
  2. ROLLO turned out to be a traitor that killed alot of his fellow countrymen was he not? Funny that you guys compare yourself with him
  3. How many of those were from Denmark-Norway?
  4. Don't ever say I did not bring all I could!
  5. Just to fill in something that everyone seems to be missing out on. Instead of focusing on the person/character Herminator, keep in mind that he is not the leader of a Denmark-Norway nation, nor the clan RDNN. The leader of RDNN is Helgur. I do however as a representative of RDNN have a seat in our council consisting of most major clans. A seat was also offered to RNoN, but they refused since we did not want to support their attacks on Sweden. My role in this council is spokesperson/foreign minister. Not in any case am I a souvereign leader, and I have never even said I were. There seems to
  6. Good! Atleast they are enabled to enforce it! Good some nations actually can enforce diplomacy.
  7. Noone is telling anyone else to obey. When RNoN moved here, we offered them a seat at the table. They refused with the motion that they wanted to their own stuff. Clans are optional yes, but when all clans that were here, and had been here for a long time, agreed on the diplomatic stance, we fell we get screwed by a small random clan consisting of 40members. Now we feel they are ruining the game for us. Is that not fair? Now they expect us to show them respect when they have given none, nor have they in our eyes deserved it. One of the things now beeing discussed is if we shall join Pira
  8. Hugo, your previous post is the most sensible and reasonable post I've ever seen in this entire community. Hats of for you sir, and I'll even wash your feet.
  9. Tnx for providing proof that I was there.... Even bringing my biggest ship and my entire fleet;)And still, RNoN says that I won't help them
  10. If you want to quote me atleast tell the truth. you came to me claiming the Swedes had attacked you outside Aves while you were sailing 13 traderships from Fort Baai to do business with the Dutch. And because of that you would attack them and start a war. You went to different clans seeking support but everyone turned you down.I then said and I quote myself: "if you want to behave like idiots, I won't spend my time on you". I am not sure wheter I ment you were idiots for sailing 13 traders thru hostile waters without escort, or if it was for you wanting to start a war everyone was against. M
  11. Actually not a bad idea.. The rest I don't agree with
  12. Short version of my idea of diplomatic tools. Clans should have a rating system based on the rank of it's members. This rating system was then a leverage for a voting system for the nation to change diplomacy standing to other nations. For a nation to declare war on another nation you would need a certain amount of votes. And every clan can have a vote, and the value of that vote depends of the clans rating system. In this way it would be benefitial for players to be affiliated in clans. Clans would benefit from being large in their national diplomacy. And also a large clan inspire
  13. as I said in the other thread as well..... Common sense goes a long way
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