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Found 16 results

  1. P.O.T.B.S. EST 2002 Naval Action EST 2016 SL.RN. G o d S a v e t h e K i n g ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the forum page of the Sea Lords Royal Navy [SLRN] and thank you for your interest in our illustrious group. We are the Oldest Serving Clan Fighting for Great Britain in Naval Action. Our roots are Embedded in the British Nation and are unfaltering in our dedication to His Majesties Royal Navy. We are a rapidly growing band of like minded individuals of varying experience and expertise, (age and in-game) who like to indulge in a little light role playing in a friendly, disciplined and co-operative environment and blowing the enemy to hell and back! A lack of experience is no barrier to joining! We are happy to assist you to become one of the many finest Captains on the Great and Narrow seas! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Take up the KINGS Shilling? Sail with us, and conduct yourself with Civility, Honour and Grace. Upon approval of a Sponsor, you will click the HERE and fill out an application! (Full recruitment guide is HERE) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Royal British OAK that Sail Under't;
  2. New delivery missions for letters and passengers are great. I sense there is even more potential to flesh them out and insert random effects and player decisions which will add much to both use of this type of missions and entertainment. And yes, some uncertainties and danger belongs into the picture, too. (A) First of all, there could be a bonus for earlier-than-expected delivery, which raises your income. Say, every delivery under 1/4 of the max time period is eligible for triggering a bonus. The bonus itself would have to be random, depending on the situation and moods of your customers. Could be more doubloons, could be reals, or a random skill book some other time. Or nothing at all. You will have to wait and see. (B) I notice aggressive NPC has been cancelled as planned feature for the future, but once it comes, there could be specialized NPC in fast boats such as Privateers, Lynxes and Pickles patrolling around ports which are destinations of letters or passengers, trying to lay ambush to incoming deliveries. You gotta fight to get through. Also can be imagined as a blockaderunner activity. (C) For the two types of missions, letters and passengers, we would know only the price we'd expect to be paid when delivering, as now. However, while about 60 % of missions happen without any special incident, 40 % may contain any of the following versions of a storyline, side effect, event. The decision which one will be applied once again is random. No predictability, not even with certain names of passengers. (C.1) Letter delivery complications: (1) letter proves to be compromising for the bearer: player is arrested upon arrival and check of his papers, for alleged support of a local uprising. The content of the letter proves him guilty. Nobody believes him he did not know what's inside the papers. Was it a trap? Random decision between: - player needs to pay a fine to get free - player looses ship as it is being confiscated - player is banned from entry into this port for x (random number) days (2) Letter proves to be so important to a local group, they decide to give him additional rewards. Random decision: - player gets free outpost here - player receives some free merchandise of the better sort - player enjoys discount for x days for any goods bought from that port (3) Letter helps in discovering a foreign agent being present, blowing his cover. Government is grateful to player and hands him a letter of marque. He will get now some reals for any ship belonging to another nation than the one this port belongs to he sinks, for a duration of x days. (4) Player gets an offer to change nation to that of the port owner, independingly of having prolific forger DLC. He choses to accept or decline. (5) Player receives upon delivery immediately an urgent letter to be send to another port, for an unusually high gratification. He can accept or decline. If he declines, there is a small chance local administration will ban him to enter this port again for x days. (6) The papers in the hands of player find much attention among locals. A band of thugs attack him to bring themselves into possession of that letter before he can deliver it. Random event will determine if they are lucky or player can defend himself and the letter. If he fails, he will not only not be paid for delivery, he will also lose one random perk because of injuries he suffered. (7) Player is offered a letter to his capital in return. Random event may bring him trouble when he arrives home, depending on how his local administration will think about this service done to another place. If they don't like it, one merchandise out of his warehouse is being confiscated for treason. (8) Player delivers letter but finds himself in an obligatory battle instance while setting sail from that port: some people (as NPC ships) have sworn to take revenge on him as the letter brought them disadvantages. They are using similar ships like his. He can fight or simply run away. Maybe they have special loot in case he defeats them, similar to gold chests etc. (9) Player befriends a person in this port while delivering the letter and all related affairs, who in the future will forward valuable information to him about what is going on in this place, like spawning of rare material or expensive merchandise (via mail system). (C.2) Passenger transport complications: (1) Passenger could intervene and prevent a crime because of early arrival, thanks to player's ship, in his gratitude he gives player some doubloons/reals (random variation) extra. (2) Passenger fails to counter a conspiracy or coup upon arrival, has to ask half or all of the fee he owes us back. Player decision: - agrees. Random event triggers (an hour) later a message that he gets reimbursed, with a little extra payment on top. Or nothing. - disagrees. Random event triggers trouble with friends and relatives of the passenger who come in a drunk and infuriated mood and mess up his ship, causing it urgent repairs. If there is something in the hold, they may dump it into the water. Or nothing happens at all, no mob, including no payment for player. (3) Passenger came to visit a secret lover in town and since he plans to do this on a regular basis, he is asking player to do this trip a number of times with related secure income. (4) When player lands his passenger in port, authorities show up and arrest the passenger for he is a wanted revolutionary who came her to create trouble. Player as his suspected helper also gets arrested. Player is now forced to stay five game-days in jail until a diplomat/advocate shows up negotiating his release. If he pays x (random determined) reals as bribe, the prison term is halved. (5) Player helps a wife to betray her husband by transporting her to her lover or him to her. Random events: - Raging husband arrives and puts player's ship on fire, which means it is lost and he needs to buy one to get out of here. - Wife escapes with her lover from marriage hell and they express their thanks to player by giving him a golden class ship of same type he is using for this mission. (6) Player helps with his transport to expose the criminal activities of a rogue governor in this colony, as the passengers are prosecutors of this nation's law enforcement with documentation of his deeds. Random events: - Governor acts fast and strikes at the new arrivals before they can do their work, player loses his ships in the course of the violence and half his reals from captain's chest are confiscated. - Governor is removed and the government of the nation owning this port expresses gratitude to player by granting him a free outpost in each port they control. (7) Player brings a competent famous physician to a disease-stricken colony, contributing to the salvation of the population. He earns himself a free shipyard here, connected with a local labor hours boost. (8) During the trip, a gifted passenger trains and instructs the captain (player) in some skills he is expert in, so until the end of the journey, player has gained a free 2 perk points to be spent with next perk reset (one time). (9) Passenger steals from captain's cabin and his chest when not being watched. This means, player will be informed, a few minutes after landing the passenger, that his doubloons or combat medals have been reduced, up to half the chest's content of that sort. -- For players this can be done just with text windows and a drawn scene matching the scenario, with choice buttons when a decision has to be done. Important is, you don't know what story will be generated behind missions in port when you chose them. Their character, and the depending events/decisions are only revealed as early as when you arrive at destination.
  3. J'ai ouvert un petit blog afin de publier mes aventures en jeu sous une forme rp, histoire de faire partager le plaisir que je prend sur ce jeu et lui donner éventuellement un peu plus de visibilité. https://french-naval-action.blogspot.com/ J'avais déjà commencé il y a plusieurs mois sur le forum NA-france et j'avais quelques brouillons non publiés même si je ne pense pas publier en rétroactif, mais mon rythme de connection actuel, plus espacé me laissera justement peut être plus de temps pour le rp. Voici la liste de mes navires actuels ainsi que leurs capitaines. - Basic Cutter / Cotre : Panis - Trader Lynx / Goélette de 8 cannons : Vuivre - Privateer / Goélette à hunier : L'Agile , Capitaine Germain Lacroix - Niagara / Brigantin-senau : L'Incisif - Hercule / Corvette : Diane , Capitaine Damien Vigouroux - Cerberus / Corvette / frégate légère de 26 cannons : L'Hermerillon - Le Requin / Chebec / Xebec : Vigoureux , Capitaine Auguste de Magnanville - Endymion / Frégate de 24lb / Frégate de 40 cannons : L'Epone , Capitaine Leopold Maillard de la Thine - Indefatigable / Frégate de 44 cannon : Aquilon - Agamemnon / vaisseau de 64 cannons : Roland , Capitaine De Gallouédec Cette liste sera complétée a mesure des récits et des pertes/acquisitions.
  4. So this is going to be a fun little thing I'm going to do to write a Grand Battle Walk-through. I'm going to roleplay it through my Union character, Richard Winters (See Band of Brothers for the reference). Focusing here is tactics and strategies and army composition for Grand Battles only, not general skills, or minor battles. It's kind of a fun little fanfiction if you want to think of it and will be updated regularly as I progress through my latest Union Playthrough (currently as I write this, just finished Stones River). I'll put photos if I can, but my earlier battles will lack em due to me well... playing for kicks rather than for a guide. It takes the form of an autobiographical history-memoir and I incorporate a lot of real-life Civil War history into this... well as much as possible. Note: This is inspired by Andre Bolkonsky's Landar's Road, which is an EXCELLENT read and guide to the earlier stage of the Union Campaign Edit... Looks like I"ve reached my attachment limit... goddamnit NO photos Prologue, the Beginning: For you readers, this I swear. In God's name, every word I write in this account is true to my best knowledge. I write, with the notes from my diary and notes from correspondence I received, this account of my service, in testament to the character of the men I fought with and against, to teach men of all colors, of the brutality of war, but also, so that if war does come again, how to conduct it. I, Richard Winters was born in Pennsylvania in 1824 to a Catholic family, rare in this great Union. Not much is to be said about my childhood, but that my father was a soldier, and my mother was a seamstress, but had took it herself to ensure that my father had me educated. I thus graduated from graduated from West Point in 1845, not particularly high up in my class, but I did well, particularly in military strategy, the organization of the army, and in Training men. I was immediately then dispatched as a major, where I fought in the Mexican-American war. There I commanded a section of an artillery brigade, where I honed my skills at managing Logistics and Medicine for my brigade. After the war, I dabbled in Politics. Which unfortunately, I was not very good at. Still, I learned to great importance in my later years, of the necessity of maintaining good relations with the civilian departments of this country, even if many Generals consider this annoying. 1st Bull Run: When the Civil War started in 1861. The choice was clear to me. Pennsylvania sided with the Union. My faith had always dictated to me of slavery's evils and having met freed men, I found that their intelligence, indeed, their nobility are no less than that of my fellow whites. I thus enlisted and due to my service in the Mexican-American War, I was made Brigadier General of the Volunteers. I was met with initial success at the Battle of Philipi with an easy victory over inexperienced Confederate Forces. Moreover, I and my small Corps also distinguished itself in the fighting around two Union supply depots, which we saved from a larger Confederate Force. It was in the 1st Bull Run though, where my star rose. Irwin McDowell had mustered my corps to lead his attack and I obeyed without question. In those early days, I had but 6100 men, with two brigades of artillery, one of five 10 pdr, or 3inch Ordinance rifles, and one of five 6 inch Smoothbores by Bobby Woods. He would serve me well in the days to come. I also had four brigades of 1,500 infantrymen. Two brigades of which were blooded, One Star men. One of these blooded brigades was armed with newer Lorenz rifled muskets. Hah, we loved those things back in those days. If only we knew. Anyway, the rest were with the old M1842 Springfields. Bloody good clubs, but not very good guns. Still better than the Farmers and Rebored Farmers the rebels had. Anyway, my division commanders were Colonel Leonard Blume and Pedro Kershaw, good men both of them. But to be honest, the day belonged to my blooded men. Good old Kelly Walton... and Adam Loomis. Then only Lieutenant colonels. Now, in a stroke of terrible luck, Irwin Mcdowell ate something that bloody disagreed with his stomach. He went down with a terrible fever, and as his second in command, the execution of the battleplan fell to me and well... I could do naught but carry it out. Besides, it was a pretty good plan. McDowell intended to divert the Confederate's attention with a probe on the Stone Bridge. To achieve this, he had given me command of the forces on the field, including the diversionary attack forces composed of 2 brigades of Ohio men and one of New York. Thankfully, he had also given me two brigades of six pounder guns. As these forces would make their attack, my corps was to lead the vanguard of the main Union attack on Matthews Hill and drive the rebels from the field. The instructions were unclear as to the extent of the diversionary attack and I had had scouts reconnoiter the ground the night before and realized that to have the Ohioans and New Yorkers engage the Rebels at range would be suicide. I thus ordered the artillery brigades to wheel up to fire near point blank explosive shot at the rebel positions, and for all three brigades to get over that damn stone bridge as fast as possible. This the three brigades did so with great gusto, and despite the green nature of their troops, they drove the lone rebel brigade and seized the bridge and the heights above it. They then, according to my earlier instructions, set up a semi-circle position facing west, across the riverbank, with artillery support. In the meantime, I, unclear about how successful the attack was, led my men through the woods, where Loomis, Walton and good old Jesse Pegram, the lt. colonel in charge of one of my green brigades, gave the limited rebel forces and skirmishers in the air such a rattling that they fled in short order. Oh the Rebels tried to resist, but with a good old bayonet charge from my greener troops, with my veterans pouring supporting fire over their heads and my artillery firing shell shot like mad, we drove them from Matthews Hill before McDowell's main forces caught up. The engagement did exhaust my troops though, so I allowed them to linger backward a bit while I pondered my next move. Damn Rebels had received reinforcements. I had but driven P.G.T Beauregard's men backward toward the Henry House. At the time, I wasn't aware that he was already meeting with Joseph E. Johnston, nor that I was going to face a hellufalot of more firepower. Still, once I realized I needed to seize Henry House, I wasted no time. Unfortunately, I was harassed by Bee's brigade as I moved my brigades quickly, and as I crossed the river, one of my artillery brigades got quite badly shot up. I thus had to send Pegram's brigade in the forest to keep Bee from bloody stabbing my back as my men and McDowell's brigades quickly crossed the nearest crossing took the damn forest and then pushed up into Henry House. Alas, the brave Ohioans and New Yorkers had paid a heavy cost. None of their artillery survived as concentrated Rebels nearly destroyed their brigades. I was but forced to merge them, while using more of my arriving men to save them. This was the point when I learned that Bill T. Sherman's brigade, which arrived far from the Confederate Right... had not been issued orders and was forced to run them down. That was when my scouts informed me of Johnston's advance. As such, I set up a defensive line, employing the forest and rivers on my flanks to protect my men as best they could, whilst I garrisoned my veterans in the best possible positions. As best I could, I ensured I had a supporting brigade behind my frontline brigades so that if the damn rebels charged, I could either counter-charge, or have my supporting brigades give suppressing fire. And so Johnston's men charged again and again, but to no avail, and alas, when he had but a few, I advanced my boys and sent em packing. Out of 18756 Rebel Infantry, 26 guns and 531 cavalry, we slaughtered 12866 infantry, 361 cavalry and disabled or captured 17 guns. Both my veteran brigades under Loomis and Walton killed over 1000 men each, losing more or less than a hundred for their trouble, whilst Jesse Pegram, though wounded, also killed 1100, despite commanding a green brigade. We also captured 2890 Rebels, which we would later ransom for 1000 extra recruits. In contrast, my army lost 4567 men, 7 guns and 120 cavalry, of which a good few percent were quickly brought back into action, thanks to my quick organization of a field hospital. All in all, it was a resounding victory. But alas, my celebration after the battle was short lived. I was sure to be promoted for such a feat. Men had been promoted for less, but it was not to be. Instead, the "Hero of Bull Run," while praised and celebrated by the press, seemed to have ruffled Mcdowell's feathers by taking charge. I was thus commended for my initiative, but sent Westwards under the command of a senior West Point Graduate, Ulysses S. Grant. This fateful decision by the bloody damn brass would bring me into the hellhole that was Shiloh, where it would serve as a baptism of fire for some of my best and most trustworthy commanders.
  5. Issue#2: July 15th (click the pictures and select fullscreen to enlarge) Issue#1: May 24th This is the inaugural issue of The St. Croix Royal Gazette. (click the pictures and select fullscreen to enlarge) It is my attempt at creating a role-play newspaper for the PvP EU server with help from @Cornelis Tromp. The newspaper will contain Naval Action news, role-play, advertisements, historical references and any other content that I deem fitting. I will try to keep this newspaper going for a long time, and to keep it regularly updated. I will not commit to a specific timetable for delivery of issues however. My goal is to keep the newspaper especially apprised of RvR developments. While the title of the paper suggest the Danish connection, I hope that it will be a worthwhile read for any captain of any nation in Naval Action. Anyone on the server are welcome to request the placement of advertisements in the Gazette. You can design your advertisement yourself, or I can do it to your specifications. Advertisements could be for selling items in-game, offering services, looking for a clan or a clan recruiting members. Anything you could think of that is game-related. The Newspaper title and design is strongly inspired by the historical Danish West Indies newspaper «The St. Croix Gazette», briefly named the «The Royal St. Croix Gazette». It was also published for a time under the name «Dansk Vestindisk regierings Avis». For a long time it was named the «Royal Danish-American Gazette». To avoid confusion with the same role-play newspaper by @Niels Terkildsen I chose a different name. You can find his great Newspaper here: It is what I try to emulate and aspire towards. I am attempting to mix historical accuracy, role-play and game-references. None of which will be fully accurate nor is that the intention. I will try to adopt a somewhat realistic language of the period, though this is a very tough challenge that hopefully I can aspire towards as I get more experience creating new issues. For my Newspaper I chose to use a 220 year date conversion. A bonus from this is that the weekdays in the year 1797 correspond exactly to the days of the week in 2017. This first issue is meant to play on the fact of today’s wipe. Therefore several references are made to it. I use the metaphor of a Hurrican hitting the Caribbean to this effect. To reinforce this I have printed a copy of a letter from the American statesman and Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. He grew up in the West-Indies, and he lived in St. Croix part of the Danish West Indies when a terrible hurricane hit the islands in 1772. He wrote a letter which was printed in the Royal Danish-American Gazette, and caused the merchants of Christianstæd to take up collection to send the young boy to the American colonies to get an education. There he became one of the most important figures in American history. I hope that you will enjoy reading my newspaper. I will keep this topic and OP updated with all the issues I produce. You are welcome to subscribe to the topic. Any contributions are also welcomed. Also feedback and tips on improvements.
  6. Have a seat. Get yourself drink of water from the scuttled butt. Here... add a bit of something stronger from this bottle. You only got a few minutes break so I'll be quick. I am your Harbor Master. I keep my eyes and ears open for scuttlebutt from the ports in these waters. I used to have agents everywhere and we'd share what we learned. Yep, back then... the right sources and the right customers... those odd bits of news used to earn us quite a tidy sum on the side. But alas, your ole Harbor Master ain't as young as he used to be and many of my agents are sailing different waters. The Admiralty is controlling information these days. Them in Europe want to keep us down... keep all the profits for themselves and their ilk. I need some new agents. So, lad, keep a weather eye not just to the clouds, but watch the ports and markets. Let your ole Harbor Master here know what you see and you may just find yourself drawing more than your Captain's pay and the miserly "rewards" that the King deems fit to give you. But one quick warning... You know how gossip is. Information grows old like those fish in your hold or maybe the agent who is sharing it has less than honorable intentions. So don't blame your friend the Harbor Master if it doesn't pan out or you get burned. I don't know if I can trust every one of my new agents. Har! I don't even know if I can trust YOU! ___________________________________________________ REAL LIFE: scuttlebutt: noun rumor; gossip English origin from the scuttled water butt (barrel) providing drinking water on the deck of a ship; Sailors would traditionally exchange gossip when they gathered at the scuttlebutt for a drink of water. I have created an online bulletin board called Scuttlebutt from the Harbor Master to make up for what I feel is currently a shortcoming in the tools at our disposal within the game. The developers just rescinded their decision to stop global chat. [Thank you, @admin] However, other than real-time chat we do not have any other in-game or centralized mechanism to share information or conduct global trade. The game's trading tool, updated just once a day at maintenance, is inadequate. The Game Labs forum or Steam forum could be set up to facilitate this, but they are currently not organized for that task and are preoccupied with discussions of development issues. Chat helps but it's not "sticky" and is often quite cluttered. I would love it if this new site becomes superfluous because of in-game tools but in the meantime, here you go. I hope we all find the scuttlebutt useful providing opportunities for roleplay. Basically, I envision this site to at least temporarily take the place of what one might see, hear, and read on the docks and in the taverns of our fictional Naval Action world. I am using the free bulletin board host ProBoards but have paid so none of us have to look at ads. Right now, you do not have to register to read or post but I highly suspect I will need to require registration in the future to add just a bit of accountability. I do encourage you to register anyway so that readers have a way to respond privately via PM to your posts. If you're making a commerce offer, you may also gain more trust being registered. I would encourage folks to use their primary in-game Captain's name and enter their game server and country in their member profile too. I can neither vouch for, nor would I if I could, the validity of other members posts. This will be a place for role-play. I can say that the Harbor Master character will never deliberately mislead you. I can't make the same promise for my in-game Captain Farrago. Please post feedback on the success or failures of deals or information. Without an in-game reputation system for players, your posted feedback will help others weigh the value of the scuttlebutt. Please be aware that by participating on this board you are agreeing to the Terms of Service of the site host ProBoards. I, as currently the sole moderator of the Scuttlebutt bulletin board, will be the judge of whether your participation violates these ToS. Otherwise, I'm no prude and don't want to play arbiter of good taste. Role-play is fine. If the player character is a scalawag, it's okay to say so. However, personal attacks on the real life person will be shut down. Any questions, problems, or suggestions... contact the Harbor Master on Scuttlebutt from the Harbor Master or me, Farrago, right here. If you find it useful, please share this site with other players of Naval Action.
  7. In light of the recent popping up of several Naval Action Newspapers for PvP Europe, I decided to make a special pre-wipe issue of The St. Croix Royal Gazette, which I've been working on since the wipe announcement:
  8. - - Candle Bay Letters a collection of letters, captain logs and other assorted manuscript material Disclaimer the events presented in the various entries cannot be verified for authenticity and therefore may or may nor represent the meta-gaming reality national events and intrigue shall always mark presence in the way I feel right for the story and I do not give a damn about how you play the game I play a character. I use the game as a way to tell a story. If you simply play the game without separating yourself from your character I suggest you keep your comments for yourself. - Foreword ​all events and occurrences take part on PVP1 Community Events will be planned according to the storyline and will require the participation of many in organizing these. As such when you see the hint for a community event and wish to help do message the author. Anyone wanting to cross-post their own stories that contain passages that overlap the storyline presented are free to do so. Keep it in-character, keep it clean. ​-
  9. Meeting for the first monthly public financial statement of -XIX- July 2nd, 1716, Willemstad, Curaçao - at the Colonial office of the Heeren XIX. - The prominent figure of the chairman rose from his chair. On the red curtain behind the large table an emblem was embroidered depicting the corporate signature of the Compaignie des heeren XIX. As he stood up, he saw the freshly baked cookies from Willemstad’s famous “Bakkerij Bussing” still went around in the audience that was already enjoying a hot cup of excellent English tea, acquired through some recent friendly and profitable contacts with British traders. Heer Jon ‘t Ven toe Raay, obviously of noble blood with a difficult name as such, was accompanied by the other members of the board and all sat behind that large table facing the audience. The board members were wearing their best set of clothes and wigs and were looking quite dandy. He started his speech. It was a pleasant voice to listen to. “Ladies, gentlemen, as heer der Heeren of the Compaignie des heeren XIX, I welcome you to our very first public financial presentation. As all of you are aware we are doing business under Octroy of the Republic and are therefore a public company obliged to make these public announcements. The first one we wanted to do in style.” He smiled and saw a satisfied audience chewing their cookies in anticipation of things to come. Heer Evertsen de Oude will probably be correct that investing in cookies can be profitable in the end. “As for the order of the meeting I’ll first say something about the focus of our company, then the esteemed Heer of the Rekenkamer, Pier Donia, will announce the financial results of the last month. Lastly we are happy to talk to you personally about some of our investment opportunities and shareholder options if you would be interested in that.” He took a sip of his own tea and almost burnt his tongue. “The recent agreed truce, the Treaty of the Antilles at Montserrat, saw to it that Willemstad prices plummeted as demand went down. Our company, despite those hostilities in the Eastern parts of our colonies, was earning quite well with spoils of war and the high prices. However, we are in agreement with the Dutch Consortium on the necessity of a truce. A change of focus and market is henceforth being taken care of. Our newly erected fishing squadron will see to it that profitability remains and new markets around Haiti and Cuba are currently explored. Our recently renewed defensive fleet to combat piracy around the northern parts of the Caribbean has been vigilant and profitable. In regard to trade and construction, our shipyards are continuously building new ships and our warehouses are filled abundantly with materials to trade. The focus in the coming months will be to establish trade agreements with other companies of all the nations active throughout the Caribbean. Furthermore, our company will be active in hiring more employees the coming months who will be offered a great working environment in professional surroundings, with an actual share in the company. Pier, can I hand the attention of the audience to you for the financial statements?” New cookies arrived quickly, as guiding audiences through financial statements would certainly not be an exciting part for most people in this meeting. Heer van de Rekenkamer, Pier Donia, started his oratory. “Yes, thank you Heer. I shall keep it as brief and quick as possible. We have provided copies of the statements, which clearly shows a profit of a little over 26 million Guilders last month. Some benefits are directly cash related and some were to build our assets. To strengthen the value of the company, our board has decided to assign 16 million guilders to the equity by adding it to the Capital Reserve giving our company a worth of just over 45 million Guilders. This increased the value of the shares two point three times, with …, .... blablablabla ..., …, and thus 50.000 Guilders per share in dividend is reserved to an amount of 9,5 million Guilders and to be payed out to shareholders. With the current activities deploying, profitability should rise further in the coming months.” There were no more cookies left and Heer Jon ‘t Ven toe Raay quickly took over. “Thank you heer van de Rekenkamer, the public statements looks excellent! Ladies, Gentlemen, thank you for your patience and attention. We now can take some of your questions and if you would like to discuss our investment and job opportunities, please feel free to do so. All of our Heeren are available to you.” You can find more information about the Octroy of our company here: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/14593-octroy-voors-compaignie-heeren-neegentien-xix/?p=270412 You can find more information about the Treaty of Montserrat here: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/14809-preliminary-treaty-of-the-antilles-commerce-and-free-navigation-valid-as-soon-as-the-four-nations-sign/?p=274607
  10. (English translation in second post) Octroy voors compaignie heeren neegentien (XIX). I. De Staten Generael der Vereenichde Nederlanden, allen den genen die dese jegenwoordige sullen sien ofte hooren lesen, Saluyt, Doen te weeten, dat wy bemerckende den welstant deser landen ende welvaeren van de ingesetenen van dien, principalyck te bestaen byde scheepvaert ende coophandel, die van allen ouden tijden vuyt deselve landen geluckelyck, ende met grooten zegen gedreven is geweest op alle landen ende coninckrycken, SOO IST dat wy, dan met gemeene vereenichde macht vande coopluyden, ende ingesetenen deser landen, ende dat tot dien eynde opgerecht sal werden eene generaele compaignie, ende daertoe te voorsien met behoorlyck octroy, ende met de privilegien ende exemptien ter eksploytasy vuyt dese vereenichde nederlanden, nochte oock van buyten deselve landen sal moegen vaeren, ofte negotieren opde custen ende landen van america, ofte westindien, ofte andere straten ende passagien, daerontrent gelegen, aan ten meest neegentien heeren uyt den gewesten gestaene voor de princen, welks bestuyr vorm geeve ende sal bestaen uyt ten minst tien hoofde ende voors limiten dese compaignie geaccordeert naer ten meest neegentien hoofde, ten aendele worde verpant één miljoen gulden per hoofde in ‘t bestuyr, ten kleinst aen participanten in grootte hondertduizent gulden denwelcke kapitael ten start tien toe neegentien miljoen gulden sal bedraagen. II Dat voorts de voors compagnie op onsen naeme ende authoriteyt, binnen …….. [Etc.etc.etc., the actual real historical octroi on which above text is based upon goes on for a good 11 pages and numerous articles!] link to the historical scans of the octroy: http://www.gahetna.nl/collectie/archief/inventaris/gahetnascan/eadid/ ---------------------------------- (loose translation into English) Octroi for the business endeavour for seventeen (XVII) merchants/lords. I. The State General of the United Provinces, to all who will see or are expected to read this, is greeted. In the importance of the welfare of our lands, that exists in principle because of shipping and trading, which since ancient times from the same lands are fortunate and blessed to be connected to other countries and kingdoms, IT IS DECIDED, that we, the united power of merchants and other citizens of these lands, are served that a general company shall be founded, backed up by a proper octroi, and with the privileges and exemptions to exploit from out of the united provinces, but also are allowed to sail beyond its borders, and may negotiate the coasts of the americas, named westindies, and other routes and passages in that area, and granted to at highest nineteen merchants/lords from the provinces, loyal to the prince of orange, who themselves shall form a board of at least ten persons, acting within accord of the limitations of the company towards a maximum of nineteen persons, who require to acquire shares of the amount of one million guilders, and are allowed to employ normal participants within the company with shares of one hundred thousand guilders, at the start of the company, generating starting capital between ten and nineteen million guilders. II. That furthermore the granted company in our name and authority, within …. [Etc.etc.etc., the actual real historical octroi on which above text is based upon goes on for a good 11 pages and numerous articles!] link to the scans of the octroy: http://www.gahetna.nl/collectie/archief/inventaris/gahetnascan/eadid/
  11. This thread will contain all current and upcoming letters, captains logs and news from Gustavia. I respectfully ask that we stay on the subject of these posts which are intended for roleplay.
  12. Here recorded are the humble thoughts of a loyal Spaniard to the Royal Spanish Navy. --- February 3rd Ave Maria! I finally find myself present within the walls of Habana off the coast of Cuba. The trip across the Atlantic still refuses to relinquish the smell of sea and salt from my nostrils, though I am thankful I did not succumb to the sickness that plagued half of the crew within transit. My station as a Capitán, albeit lowly, still has put me in position for the first time to lead men of my own and prove my worth as a marinero de España. I will pray at the local mission for the safe journeys of my crew around the extent of Habana's waters as I establish a lay of the land, and then begin enforcing Spain's Treaty de Tordesillas. It is God's will that Spain control these waters, as is my King's; truly a noble cause if there ever was one. February 11th It seems that the plague will not let the sea contain it, as I now find myself the head of a much larger ship known as the "Snow" with its previous Capitán laid to rest in Habana's cemetery. The ship is nimble, yet strong, and has aided me well in the pursuit of Spain's ambitions within these waters. I've also tried to establish myself amongst my peers, keeping in close contact with the post, letters, and even a trip to the tavern or two to accustom myself to their customs and activities. The Spaniards here are much different than those I knew at the ranches in Hispania. They are tougher, grittier, even cynical at times, though undoubtedly each of them still has a love for the Spain in their hearts so I cannot fault them. Perhaps their cynicism grows from the massive loss of colonies within the Caribbean, the entirety of Florida lost to the Americans with the British an ever winding serpent in the south, even piercing the veil of Cuba itself. I hear of as many victories as I do defeats, so I know that my brothers are not incompetent soldiers without a mind for strategy, but our numbers are spread very thin amongst Spain's massive claim to these waters. I will think on what to do. February 13th I have received word that my mother has passed. I grieve as deeply as I pray. February 19th A grand strategy of sorts has been made aware to me from la tenientes españoles. Many of my peers have been actively directing many of our Capitáns to the southern reaches of Panama, and even I have established a personal outpost within the region of Canalete to assist their plights when need be. Unfortunately, that is not enough for some of the more expressive tenientes of the Spanish fleet in this region, wanting a vast portion of our ships located in the Panama region to assist against the brigand threats and a possible Scottish incursion into the colonial scene. Others find themselves on the opposite spectrum, citing the former as cobardes and accusing them of treason as they abandon Cuba's defense. I find myself torn as the trip to Panama is not a quick one to make and with the loss of Mantua unsafe as vile Americans have begun to harry even Habana itself from the port of Key West. Many of the new Capitáns who are being sent from the homeland much as I was are targets for the larger and more organized hordes of ciudadanos de hamburguesa in the north. The divisiveness on this issue has lead to even personal insults amongst my peers, ingraining the divide as a personal vendetta in which only Spain herself suffers. I will try to be the voice of reason as much as I can. I've also been put in command of a larger ship on par with a frigate. February 22nd The Americans grow bolder with every passing day. I've resigned myself to defending the coast of Cuba whilst others try to enforce Spain's claims elsewhere. I find it a personal duty to protect and cultivate the newer Capitáns so that they will know our cause is not hopeless as the Anglos encroach closer to our capitol each day. It is my hope that they will grow emboldened under my display of stalwart vigil in the face of adversity, so that they will stay and fight instead of descending into degenerate piracy in face of a hopeless war. I sunk this one in particular lurking right off the coast of Cuba, whilst other prizes I've claimed have become so emboldened to hunt just outside the port of Montanzas and Mariel. My luck did not hold out forever, as a patrol deep into the Keys with a favorable comrade known as "olo" resulted in my defeat and near capture. To attack near Key West is to stir a hornet's nest, even as we muster up dozens of Spanish ships under "Bentguruissimo" and "NeoG's" leadership we were ultimately outgunned, though I am a firm believer that our skill at arms far surpassed their own. The Americans accuse me in particular of attacking those engaged against piratas or even at times the British, leading to the justification of their overwhelming numbers being brought down upon my ship. They would not be wrong, though I wonder if they would not feel threatened as I do were the situation reversed, and their home port of Charleston were under threat of the Spanish each passing day. It is my hope to instill fear and uncertainty amongst the Americans, so they know that they at least cannot sail these waters without harassment. Despite our best efforts however, two more major ports on the west coast of Cuba have fallen into American hands and I doubt their recapture will be any time soon. Their massive weekly raids are nearly unstoppable, and I pray that reinforcements from Hispania come soon or else we may share a dismal fate in the New World. If there is any good to be said about our situation, it is that we are not without a fight and any man who actively seeks such violence out would do well to join la flota española.
  13. Imperial fleet of Holy Roman Empire of German nation Flotte des Heiligen Römischen Reiches Deutscher Nation Stockholm am 23. Januar 1790, schwedischer Königspalast: „Sir, wir haben eine wichtige Nachricht aus Österreich!“ Der Kanzler übergab einen mehrfach versiegelten Brief an seine Majestät Gustav III, König von Schweden. Die Siegel mit geübtem Blick auf Unversehrtheit prüfend, öffnete er schnell das Pergament. „Sie ist von Joseph II daselbst, Kanzler!“. Er entfaltete den Brief und las: „An Seine Majestät, Gustav III, König von Schweden, liebster Vetter! Ich darf dir heute mitteilen, dass alle Reichsfürsten des Heiligen Römischen Reiches Deutscher Nation Unserem und deinem Ansinnen nachgekommen sind, dich, lieber Vetter, in deiner Karibikmission zu unterstützen. Im Gegenzug begrüßen Ich und die Reichsfürsten Meines Reiches die Entlassung Kurlands aus deinem Reich und die Einführung des kurländischen Herzogs Kettler und seiner Familie als Reichsfürsten Unseres Reiches. In schweren Zeiten, in denen du nur diese eine Insel besitzt, die Russen gemeinsame Sache mit den Dänen machen, Holland und England schon zu viel besitzen, Spanien noch immer seinen Anteil verteidigt und Frankreich und die neuen amerikanischen Provinzen sich erdreisten, Besitzansprüche zu stellen, rücken unsere Länder zusammen. Meine Reichsfürsten haben beschlossen, Dich mit einer imperialen Kaiserlichen Flotte zu unterstützen. Erwarte diese gegen Jahresende in deiner Insel-Stadt Gustavia. Als Zeichen der Verbindung unserer aller Länder wird Prinzessin Luisa von Kettler den Grafen von Stenborg heiraten und deine geliebte Schwester, Kronprinzessin Agnes die Frau Unseres Reichsfürsten von Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst werden. Wir werden gemeinsam deine Ansprüche, liebster Vetter, unterstützen und Unseren gerechten Anspruch auf Trinidad und Tobago für Unsere deutschen und den kurländischen Reichsfürsten geltend machen…“ Den Brief zu Ende lesend, blickt der König seinen Kanzler an: „Bereite Er alles für den Empfang unserer deutschen Verbündeten in Gustavia vor. Es soll ihnen an nichts fehlen! Sie werden unsere Wirtschaft ankurbeln und das Gros unserer schwedischen Marine stellen!“ Sich vor dem König verneigend, zieht sich der Kanzler mit einem gewöhnlichen „So sei es, Sir!“ zurück, um des Königs Befehle auszuführen. 10 Monate später ertönen 13 Salutschüsse der Festung Gustavia über Hafen und Kaimauern in Richtung des Meeres, auf dem ein Gewimmel von allerlei Fracht- und Kriegsschiffen zu erkennen ist. Alle tragen die schwedische Reichsflagge, doch in den Topmasten erkennt sogar der gewöhnlichste Hafenarbeiter Gustavias die fremdländischen, teils auch unbekannten Hoheitsabzeichen… hamburgische, österreichische, brandenburgische Wimpel sind genau so zu erkennen, wie auch exotisch anmutende pfälzische, bergische, thüringische, bambergische, sächsische … Die Deutschen sind in der Karibik angekommen. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Stockholm. January the 23rd 1790. The Royal Swedish Palace: "Sir, we have an important letter from Austria!" The chancellor gave a multiple sealed letter to his Majesty Gustav III, King of Sweden. Testing the seal's integrity with long practiced eyes, he quickly opens the letter. "Its from Joseph II, Chancellor!". He unfolded the letter and read: "To His Majesty, Gustav III, King of Sweden, dearest cousin! I am pleased to inform you today, that all sovereigns of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation agreed on our complied request which was to support you, my dear cousin, with your mission in the Caribbean. In return I and my fellow sovereigns will appreciate the release of Kurland from your government and introduce the duke of Kurland Kettler and his family as the new ruler of our proud nation. In hard times, where you only have this one island Gustavia, the Russians make common cause with the Danes, Holland and England have already too much colonies, Spain still defends his share and France and the new American provinces presume to make property claims, our countries will fight together. My princes have decided to support you with an Imperial fleet. Expect this next time in your island-city Gustavia. As a sign for our connection with all our countries Princess Luisa of Kettler will marry the Earl of STENBORG and your beloved sister, Crown Princess Agnes, will be the wife of our princes of Hohenlohe. We will work together your claims, dearest cousin support, and make our fair claim to Trinidad and Tobago for our German and Courland princes asserted ... " Finished the letter read, the king looks at his chancellor: "He prepares everything for the reception of our German allies in Gustavia. It should want for nothing! They will boost our economy and they will be the heart of our Swedish Navy!" Bowing before the king, the chancellor draws with a usual, "So it will be, sir!" Back to perform the king's commands. 10 months later, 13 gun salute sounded the fortress Gustavia on port and quay walls in the direction of the sea, on which a crowd can be seen all kinds of cargo and warships. All these ships carry the Swedish kingdom flag, but in the ship's masts the most ordinary dockers detect the foreign, partly unknown insignia ... Hamburg, Austria, Brandenburg and other exotic flags like Palatinate, Berg, Thuringia, Bamberg, Saxonia, Bremen ... The Germans have arrived in the Caribbean. --------------------------------------------------------------- Der Hintergrund: Die Deutschen haben mit großer Mehrheit (13 Spieler) für die Nation Schweden gestimmt. Erstmals befindet sich eine größere Anzahl deutscher Spieler in einer einzigen Nation! Wir hoffen, dass noch weitere Deutsche folgen. Wir laden auch Spieler aus anderen Ländern ein und helfen in unserem Teamspeak-Channel sehr gerne ! Auch Deutsche, die für andere Nationen spielen, dürfen Hilfe von uns erwarten. The background: During a recent vote within the german subforum, a vast majority voted for Sweden as flag registration state. As this is the first time for german players to unite under a single nation we encourage all active german players (and others as well) to join us in our efforts to show foreign nations, what swedish iron & german mates can do for you . All players can expect a helpful hand at our national & international TS channels, swedish communities will be offfered sepearate subchannels on demand. Jakob Kettler, Admiralty clerk of HRE
  14. A Postship from Gustvia arrived this morning, bringing exciting News from our swedish Colonies. After we lost Fort Baai in a coward Danish Nightattack on Sunday night, another assault on Marigot was launched by a Danish Fleet and their Russian Merc's. BUT this time, our great Fleet was prepared. In several Battles in and around Marigot the danish fleet got defeated. As far as we know now, several bigger Swedish Fleet-Groups (Clans) defended the Port of Marigot wihle many smaller Fleet-Groups and independent Captains attacked Danish Ships all around Fort Baai and Marigot. According to our sources, every Engagement has been won by our glorious Fleet. We believe over a 100 Danish ships and escorts have been sunk. The Fleets moral is high and the Man cry for War and to attack Fort Baai! This War has just begun, but we will send the Danes Home or to the bottom of the Sea. Our Source is a Captain from the WASP Fleet-Group wich has participated in 5 Engagement with 4 Ships.
  15. It would be cool if there could be coop crews where everyone had a role to play on the ship (1 captain, 1 helmsman, a few handling the sails, etc). This would probably attract role players and open up the game to a whole new clientele. Another feature that would play into my first suggestion, would be the ability to walk around your ship in first person. What do you think?
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