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  1. Keep up the fight to them, fellow patriot. Dont take any lip from the traitorous VCO as they went back to King George instead of defending the President and the young Republic. NB// trying to roleplaying here.
  2. A very sad option. A lower level Captian can and would get into a "Shallow water" PB cause he can Crew the ship that is eligible. What is required, for a healthy RvR is to fix the game play by. 1/ OW Map to be scaled back so it only takes a player 2.5 hrs to sail from one side to the other. 2/ Sovereign Nation only have "Lineships" PB, on Region Capitals. 3/ Pirates can plunder all other Nation Ports as they will be 4th Rates or lower battles. It reverts back after 48-72 Hrs. 4/ Make Ports close to the Capital an PvE ZONE to help new players. 5/ Make it Pirates plus only x Sovereign Nations; US, GB, Spain and France. NB// This is due to help have adequate numbers of Ports around the Capital to supply basic resources and an extra trading resource. 6/ Bring back the conquest flag, but make it that in the case of Lineships PB it needs to be carried by a 1st Rate.
  3. Wow, hardware, things are looking up at that end, does that mean you are going to at least have a painting of a "period town" in the Port UI with your Nation Faction flag showing??? That might help with the lack of serious MMO basics not being implemented into the Game.
  4. Again someone is trying to offer some sound reason to stop Starter Capitals from being blockaded. The thing is it is a game, the only problem is that it's still in Alpha/Beta Phase. There is a playing style of reporting a bug or exploit to the Devs to fix it. We have found in the past that an exploit used by one faction it's not punished to the other. This creates an "us and them"attitude. When really we are all in the same boat (pun intended) We are not this Group or this nation or even this clan. We are still all TESTERS. We lose player everyday for people see it as let's play the game and win. Others are still trying it out, then there is the guys the will look at playing this in X weeks time. How would you be starting to play the game now with being "one ported" or having your capital blockaded? Time for the Devs to get serious. 1/ close down the PvE server. 2/ have a good strong PvE area around the Starter Capital. 3/ separate and define the playing styles of Sovereign Nations & Pirate Faction. 4/ get rid of Victory/Conquest Marks. 5/ make the advantage of capturing certain areas is for different goods 6/ Pirates should not be allowed to capture Regional capitals as that's for Sovereign Nations(Lineship Battles) 7/ Allow Pirate to Plunder other Ports eg Cyo but not is regional Capital (4 Rates or lower) 8/ the plundered port is the Pirates for 48 hrs, then reverts back. By implementing some of these basic game play ideas that I have heard from experience MMO players the Pirates will continue to be focused on OW PVP but still give them PB. Going to play a Sovereign Nation then Gets them to do a PB with Lineships. Pirates can still capture Lineships but miss out in Lineships PB. NB// you have to make some differences in the game, if not then get rid of Nation change the look of the Sandbox Map and call us Zogs, blogs and xocks or what ever. But of you are going to try to keep it where it is, plus try to have some resemblance of realism. Then make a clear and defined distinction between Nations and the Pirates. If not you will never cultivate a RvR game and you can just make NA Legends so it Red v Blue.
  5. Your point are valid p, but miss the main point. lets give you the Occum's razor version. It's about getting 2 different playing styles. if you want SOL and big PB, go a Sovereign Nation. if you want OW PVP go Pirate.
  6. I started playing the Brits in Nov 15, then played with the Dutch around March 16. Like I said I would play the Rats if it was centered on hardcore OW PVP in Frigates with the above mentioned imporment. I played PotBS as a Naval Officer, but then went Privateer for I enjoyed the OW PVP more. So please stop ASSUMING this is a reaction to what ever is happening now, Pre Steam Release guys know that I have ALWAYS had the concern about the game mechanics around Nations and Pirates. Plus your passive aggressive comment about "Such sin" is uncalled for. But staying with that undertone......I forgive you!!!
  7. Yes very helpful, in the topic. I would go Pirate in a heartbeat, if they became a faction, with the above restrictions and bonuses. But the mechanics of the game has always treated them as a Nation that can do PB and sail SOLs. So you want to call it "nerf" I call it liberating!
  8. True for only one problem, there Inate ability to psychological and morale values made them extremely paranoid. Also when numbers got to high they took on there on Prize as their own. So as the saying goes it was like herding feral cats when the numbers grew high.
  9. So freind, what then separates Pirates from Sovereign Nations of the can have more Crew? Ok then, follow your premise, the Pirate player that can only build up to 4th rate as the original post say due to the restricted shipyard at level 2, gets his Alt to buy or somehow gets a Bellona or Bucc. Why then would you want to be a Sovereign Nation? Lets all play Pirates for its better than the restriction on the Nations. We got to have pluses and minuses for what you play. Pirates, it's all about the plunder. Sovereign Nations is all about the expansion of Ports, so SOL PBs are then only. If no variation at all, well lets go full Arcade Style NA Legends.
  10. Sorry, but no, if a Pirate did get their hand on a SOL it would be ganked by every Privateer, Pirate and Nations out there, even his own crew would sell out their own Captian for Gold, Girls and Grog. So in game, it would be unsailable due to only having 500 max crew. But they could sell it or scrap it for parts.....with bonuses of course.
  11. +1 But I would add that they are limited to the amount of Crew, to only 500. But saying that they can have an automatic crew boost to all their sailing ships. Also, they should be allowed to "sack' non regional capitals. That would be 4th Rates and bellow. Each port then will be out of bounds for the defending nation for 1 week. This would be like taking Flatts in Bermuda instead of St George's. Plus while it's in their control, they can get EVERYTHING at 25% the cost. But Remember, the other 2 Ports are still owned by the Home Nation, so they can still attack the Pirate plunder fleets. I would also bring in a LOM, a "letter of Marquee" into the game for the Rats as a slight compensation for not having to play with SOLs. Thats just a start. i
  13. You leave the game for 16months and go play ARMA 3. Then you come back with the hope it is better because the hype of a Wipe plus a Steam Summer Sale. Only to find the population is less than 20% than the start of the month and sinking faster than the Titanic. All the while the Staff say, It's ok we are on the most advanced ship ever! Look how that turned out!
  14. You can't talk about EVE online here, as it's a taboo subject. No one here wants to see the positives from Eve or any other MMO that has more than a 10yrs life. For we just like our less than "Life is Feudal" player population and don't talk about M&B or For Honor either. NB// Satirical post.
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