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  1. Totally agree with the point of cargo teleport - get rid of it. There is a delivery system in place already.
  2. Guys.... the teleport cooldown is nonsensically long. It is, in effect, being detrimental to enjoyment of the game because 1) It reduces people's ability to group up and sail together 2) One ill timed teleport can wreck your entire evening of gaming The outcome of this is reduced enjoyment for everyone, and it contributes to people leaving the game. The suggestion: Reduce the cooldown to 15 minutes Now, there are a few considerations to make so let's deal with them: An entire nation will now be able to teleport close to a port battle and help defend Yes and no - firstly th
  3. Yeah, so we have gone Pirate - the US nation is weak and disorganised and stubbornly refused to see the superiority of our strategic planning. A fragmented nation indeed - one which we can now prey upon at will, harassing their shipping lanes and stealing their l00tz0rz.
  4. The fight for Muegueres - February 19th 2016 British vs. US - 2:1 advantage. US defends the port successfully. The odious Brits had their eyes set on Mugueres for a while, it being the perfect staging port for further attacks on their North-Westernmost holdings. Adding to the complications, it is a shallow harbour allowing only small vessels to maneuver effectively. On February 19th in the year 2016 of our Lord Invisible Friend, the treacherous Brits assembled a fleet at nearby Conttoy and without warning set off on a surprise attack on Mugueres with a full fleet of 25 vessels. The fle
  5. This thread is for writing up post-Port Battle after action reports. No embellishments please (yeah right)!
  6. Turns out that if you stir the hornets nest, you get stung. Mess with the bull and you get the horn.... 3 of us were messing about near Ben Salem, but must have somehow annoyed the Brits there because suddenly all hell broke loose!!!
  7. Massive PvP engagement vs. the Spanish!
  8. Back in PotBS we had this long running thread of good battles - some just a write-up, some with videos. Wouldn't it be great to have such a thread again? The first contribution is from us at CSY - tongue-in-cheek!
  9. One has to be aware of where the Victory is actually placed physically. The surrounding drydock and the multiple buildings nearby will throw the sound back and forth distorting it, not to mention that the microphone with which this was captured sounds pretty weak - all that makes the sound a lot tinnier (more treble) than what it would be on the open sea.
  10. Just in case it's not been said clearly enough: PvP versus PvE players is a fallacy, the two live in a symbiotic relationship, especially in potbs. Every time a pvp player sinks he's doing a PvE player a favour, making him money and keeping him occupied. Whenever a pvp player keeps a port open, he enables the PvE player to run his economy, enabling the point above. Symbiotic Relationship, which also means that one needs to cater for both and service suggestions from both. Lose one and the other is in trouble. No PvE players? Inflation skyrockets No pvp players? Rampant deflation
  11. Please do stop at the 1820 mark. Reason being that beyond this point, the newer generations of warships made prior warships entirely obsolete because of the advent of explosive shells and steam engines. The gap between a 1750 vs an 1800 manufacture frigate (of similar tonnage) was a LOT smaller than the gap between an 1800 and 1850 frigate (using state of the art technology in either case). In the latter case, the older vessel would be completely outclassed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paixhans_gun
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