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  1. Totally agree with the point of cargo teleport - get rid of it. There is a delivery system in place already.
  2. Guys.... the teleport cooldown is nonsensically long. It is, in effect, being detrimental to enjoyment of the game because 1) It reduces people's ability to group up and sail together 2) One ill timed teleport can wreck your entire evening of gaming The outcome of this is reduced enjoyment for everyone, and it contributes to people leaving the game. The suggestion: Reduce the cooldown to 15 minutes Now, there are a few considerations to make so let's deal with them: An entire nation will now be able to teleport close to a port battle and help defend Yes and no - firstly they would have to have an outpost nearby. Secondly, I recommend a 'lock-out' mechanic is implemented whereby individuals are prohibited from entering port battles up to 30 minutes after a teleport has been effected. Reinforcing nation members in trouble becomes a lot easier Yes, but as above - not everyone has outposts everywhere - the exponential cost increase of permit purchases effectively limits this. If necessary, put a lock-out timer on entering battles of 5 minutes to ensure battles will be locked upon arrival. This ruins my immersion / this is not realistic Be quiet you. Go sit in your rowboat-come-pretend-Santisima and contemplate your choices in life. Crafters will be able to teleport ships full of cargo to capitol really quickly Correct. Remove teleporting with cargo (or limit it to, say, 100 tons).
  3. Yeah, so we have gone Pirate - the US nation is weak and disorganised and stubbornly refused to see the superiority of our strategic planning. A fragmented nation indeed - one which we can now prey upon at will, harassing their shipping lanes and stealing their l00tz0rz.
  4. The fight for Muegueres - February 19th 2016 British vs. US - 2:1 advantage. US defends the port successfully. The odious Brits had their eyes set on Mugueres for a while, it being the perfect staging port for further attacks on their North-Westernmost holdings. Adding to the complications, it is a shallow harbour allowing only small vessels to maneuver effectively. On February 19th in the year 2016 of our Lord Invisible Friend, the treacherous Brits assembled a fleet at nearby Conttoy and without warning set off on a surprise attack on Mugueres with a full fleet of 25 vessels. The fledgling American nation was taken by complete surprise, but a small number of valiant captains from the stalwart group known as Colonial Shipyards [CSY] sent out the call to rapidly assemble a defensive flotilla to counter the British armada, well knowing that they would be vastly outnumbered and outgunned. As American ships were slowly arriving at Mugueres harbour to participate in the defence, the British fleet was already fully formed and heading for the first of the defensive towers. The brave Commodore Noir Blackheart took command of the fleet and issued orders to prepare an elastic defense around the first tower: Highlights: Beagleplease gets blown up by a fireship Noir Blackheart gets dismasted and decimated - Iceman Raleigh takes command of the battle fleet Batman43 also loses masts and is surrounded and boarded US wins
  5. This thread is for writing up post-Port Battle after action reports. No embellishments please (yeah right)!
  6. Turns out that if you stir the hornets nest, you get stung. Mess with the bull and you get the horn.... 3 of us were messing about near Ben Salem, but must have somehow annoyed the Brits there because suddenly all hell broke loose!!!
  7. Massive PvP engagement vs. the Spanish!
  8. Back in PotBS we had this long running thread of good battles - some just a write-up, some with videos. Wouldn't it be great to have such a thread again? The first contribution is from us at CSY - tongue-in-cheek!
  9. Methinks SOMEONE just didn't read ANYTHING that was written in the ENTIRE thread.... I hope its a lack of reading, not comprehension because that would be bad. I call TROLL!
  10. The underdog point is an important one, one idea I had towards that was that NPC nations would have a greater affinity towards nations who are getting steamrollered and ally with them, such that a war with an underdog nation would also result in a war with one or more NPC nations. /Ice
  11. The Europa Universalis series springs to mind - end the war within reasonable time or civil unrest and ultimately civil war will occur.
  12. Just one addition to the above. 3rd and in particular 4th rate ships of the line were regularly employed on convoy escort duty, alongside frigates.] 1st and 2nd rate were rarely deployed on anything but matters of national importance as correctly stated above.
  13. What he said. Mix in the Admiralty Reputation you would need to assemble, which degrades automatically over time, forcing constant PvP pro-nation action. Everything else in the OP I agree with.
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