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  1. What is the the historical time frame or range for this game? Will the Developers include the early period of the Age of Sail and Cannon? The 1500s? The 1600s? The 1700s? Is the Napoleonic Age the end time or the only time? I'd like some clarification here. This is a period of 300+ years and a lot of developments occurred during this time. Note: I observe that almost all illustrations and references appear to be 'Napoleonic', however, where exactly, timewise, will this game begin?
  2. I suggest the Developers (if they haven't already done so) refer to real world nautical charts (American, British, Russian are probably the largest main sources) which provide scale, water depth (for coastal areas), reefs and locations (ports, anchorages, etc). Simply remove modern navigational markers and include whatever historical navigation aides there might have been present. There must be myriad real locations that can be incorporated into this game (whether historical or not). I note that some submissions include maps of various kinds - these appear to be free form ideas.
  3. I specifically chose 3 small gun/ small vessel choices (Pickle amongst them) since I'd like to see all classes of sailing vessels represented in the game. Single deckers to the rare four decker type(s). I sure hope all the sailing vessels that were at Trafalgar are included in this game and that this Battle will be offered as a multi-player online scenario. (Polishing my Spy Glass -searching the Horizon)
  4. Correct me if I am mistaken but from the above commentary I see there will be PvE players who likely will concentrate on playing versus AI Game generated scenarios? and then the PvP players who will want player vs player scenarios? I figure I probably will play both styles - the PvP side being the real challenge I am sure. Here the Developers might attempt two PvP options: 1) a loose skill matching system so opposing sides are relatively balanced and 2) a wide open system where its 'luck of the draw' (as in historical life where some naval engagements were very one sided for a variety of reas
  5. Customization opens a whole 'can of worms' as I see it. Sure, it would be great to play with sail area, hull designs, cannon numbers and types plus crew training, naming of vessels (a chrome idea), etc. Players will want this so that they aren't confined to just 'historical' vessels. However, most ship types and/or classes that this game will eventually incorporate will be based on historical precendents simply because, through 'historical trial and error' only certain design parameters worked and/or were found to be cost effective. So, let us have our cake (historical vessels and battles) and
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